NHKA/IKS 2015 Rules Updates

BrettLiftingHeavyKartTaG Weights: We have updated several of the weights in the TaG classes to keep them in line with most sanctioning bodies and the F1 Outdoors Club Series:

Rotax: 365 lbs/370 lbs with any EVO component

Rotax: 405 lbs/410 lbs with any EVO component
IAME X30: 410 lbs
Parilla Leopard: 405 lbs
PRD Fireball: 390 lbs
Sonik Sport: 415 lbs
Sonik TX1: 415 lbs

Rotax EVO Engines and Upgrades: We’re gradually seeing more EVO upgrades and complete EVO packages at the track. And gradually competitors are figuring out how to unlock the potential gains. Changes to weights will also be gradual and based upon on-track performance. For now, any Rotax in any class with any EVO component is required to run 5 lbs more than Rotax engines with no EVO components.

Rok Engines: Vortex Roks are typically run in standalone classes, which doesn’t fit the format of either NHKA or IKS. So we are working on weights that will allow Rok owners, particularly those with the 34-36hp Rok GP to compete fairly in our multi-engine tag classes. Stay tuned.

Stock Moto: To remain in line with the Northeast Shifter Kart Series, karts with a stock Honda or another moto engine should be 405* 395 lbs. All KZ powered karts remain at 385 lbs. Both are required to run an air box. (*We were informed that NESKS changed this last season but has yet to update their website. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

Drop Rule Clarification: Your lowest finish of the season will be dropped in calculating the final championship points. This may be a race you do not attend, but will not be a race you were suspended or disqualified. If a race is cancelled, that race will be everybody’s drop.

Points: We have tweaked the points payout:

10th Place: 50 points
11th Place: 45 points,
12th-Last Place: 40 points

DNS Clarification: If for whatever reason you are unable to start the Final, so long as the day’s entry fee has been paid and you personally present the kart when the Final is called to the grid, you will receive points for the position after the last kart scored on the track. If more than one kart is to receive DNS points, they will be sorted by finishing position in the Pre-Final, then by Qualifying result, then by least annoying. Special circumstances may apply at the discretion of the race director.