The 2024 Season is Revving Up!

By our last count 22 drivers from New England/NHKA will be at the Charlotte Motor Speedway kart track for the Cup Karts North America Spring Nationals March 2-5. This is a huge national race for Briggs 206 powered karts. Let’s cheer them on!!!!!

Back at the office we are working to be ready for opening day on May 4th. Will you be ready??? By now you should have started to prep your kart and renewed your NHKA membership. If not, get yourself over to and sign up now. While we do not intend to cap membership rolls this season, but we will consider it if numbers start getting crazy again.

We will be welcoming at least 10 new members/drivers in 2024. They’ll all be participating in the required Karting Safety Course on May 4. (We will have additional safety courses throughout the season.) There’s room for more if you’re interested in unlocking your inner racer. Click here to learn how.

Also, if you have requested an annual minor release package, please return it ASAP.

Lastly, please keep long-time racer and member Rich Blanchard’s family in your thoughts. His wife Kristy was involved in a very serious car accident in Miami and is now home recovering.