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May 13, 2023
Canaan Motor Club

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June 3, 2023
Canaan Motor Club

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June 17-18, 2023
Canaan Motor Club

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NHKA Racing Series is how real people get to race high-performance karts wheel to wheel at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Canaan Motor Club.
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Do You Have Tires????

Race day is just a few weeks away!!!!!

Our first order of LeCont race tires is on the way with another order shortly after that. We will take pre-orders and have them ready for you when you get to the track. You can also pick them up ahead of time at the office or we can ship directly to you.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Pre-orders will guarantee you have some nice, fresh and fast tires. Order yours today!

Tighter Tech for Briggs Engines in 2023

Over the winter months, NHKA and Archie’s Kart Shop have been working on tightening tech for Briggs 206 and World Formula engines. This is in response to the discovery of modified and non-stock internal parts. One action we are taking is the establishment of a parts database with reference measurements from known stock engines and parts. Done in accordance with the Briggs rule set, it is a tool we will be utilizing and expanding in 2023.

NHKA Racing Series follows the latest Briggs technical rules for the 206, and its own box stock rules for the World Formula. Any and all infractions will be subject to disqualification from that event’s results, and exclusion of the engine from competition until it is able to pass inspection by Archie (at the owner’s expense.) Additionally, the driver may be subject to suspension for the remainder of the season.

It is the responsibility of engine owners and drivers to make sure their engines comply with the rules. We will not hear any “I didn’t know” excuses. We strongly recommend that you contact your engine supplier/builder/tuner to make sure your engine is legal. Do it now while there’s plenty of time to find and correct any issues before the season starts.

The NHKA works hard to provide the fairest competition possible. Deliberate rules violations are not only detrimental to our sport but disrespectful to other drivers and event organizers. Cheating will not be tolerated.

A Few Updates and Reminders

Thank you to all of our loyal racers who have reserved their 2023 memberships. We are at capacity!!!!! If you registered on before January 20 you are in. If you mailed or emailed your form you are in (unless you have been told otherwise.) A confirmation will be sent to all accepted members. Any requests for memberships from this point forward will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

We also are at capacity for our May 13th Karting Safety Course for new drivers and potential new members. We are now booking for the June 3rd session.

Kart number requests will be reviewed and issued accordingly. Members have priority. We will release available two-digit numbers within the next few weeks in case anyone wants to change their number.

We have mailed out a number of minor release forms, but have received very few back. Please return signed and notarized minor waivers to KEI, 7 Renker Drive, South Easton, MA 02375 as soon as possible. No minor waiver – no racing.

Finally, a good number of NHKA regulars will be heading to the CKNA Spring Nationals in Charlotte, NC March 3-5. Let’s all wish them good luck!

Time to Celebrate the 2022 NHKA Champions
and All Our Racers!

Everything is in place for the 2022 awards banquet at the beautiful Alpine Grove Events Center in Hollis, NH. There’s no threat of a major storm to throw a curve into our plans like last year. So we’re looking forward to having fun with 162 of our best racing buddies. Please remember that only registered guests may attend.

1:00pm Members Meeting We will be discussing rules and procedure changes for the upcoming season, as well as plans and ideas for the future.

1:00pm Raffle Tickets on Sale Once again we have some cool prizes ranging from tools, race day supplies, camping equipment, etc.

2:00pm Luncheon Begins

3:00pm Awards Ceremony Trophy presentations to our 2022 champions and top points finishers, as well as the picking of the winning raffle tickets.

Finally, and as always, be sure to join us in thanking Kenneth Repke for the photos of our champions and the great action shots of everyone all season long.

Wesley Clark – Briggs 206 Cadet

Caleb Jarvis-Comi – Briggs 206 Junior

Cruise Labrie – Briggs 206 Senior

Marcelo DeCampos – Briggs 206 Masters

Caleb Jarvis-Comi – TaG Junior

Mark Donato – TaG Senior

Rich Blanchard – TaG Masters

Mark Donato – KZ Shifter

Ryan Archambault – World Formula Light

Brett Repke – World Formula Heavy

Right Now is the Time to
Renew Your NHKA Membership for 2023

2022 NHKA Racing Series members are invited to visit to renew their memberships for the 2023 season. There are a limited number of memberships, so we are giving our current members the first opportunity to secure theirs. After January 20, 2023 we’ll be making any remaining memberships available to the public.

Membership includes eligibility for championship points, year-end awards, free admission for you and a guest to the annual banquet, reserved kart number and the NHKA rulebook. Most importantly, an annual membership is required to race. So definitely put renewing yours near the top of your to-do list!

Trophies, Prizes, Food and Fun!
NHKA Banquet and Members Meeting

Saturday, January 21, 2023 1-6pm
Alpine Grove Function Hall, Hollis, NH

Luncheon buffet
Cash bar
Trophies and special awards for the 2022 season
The always-fun raffle!

Current NHKA Members with one guest are free. Additional guests and non-members are $25 each. Attendance will be limited to 200 guests, so get your RSVP in today!

RSVP by January 7, 2023
[email protected]
Please include:
• Names of 2022 NHKA members
• Names of free member guests (one per member)
• Names of additional guests/non-members ($25 each)
• Payment method: check or credit card (no payment at the door)
• Phone number
We will confirm your reservation by either replying with the address to send the check, or we will call you for the credit card information.

The Annual Members Meeting starts at 1pm sharp. Hear firsthand about planned updates to rules and procedures for the coming season. This is the perfect time to ask questions and offer your input.

We’re looking forward to celebrating all our champions and friends!

2023 Schedule Announced!

The 2023 NHKA Racing Series schedule has been announced. A huge change is that we will not be racing at NHMS for the 2023 season. We feel that the condition of the Hill Course is too bumpy and dangerous. Especially the two straights leading to and from the chicane. Several drivers have broken parts and chains through that section, plus swerving drivers have created too many near misses. At this point, getting those areas repaired for next season isn’t feasible due to cost and timing, however discussions are ongoing.

We have been talking NHMS about other potential opportunities to race in the future. Race Director Mike has been to the speedway to test several configurations using the speedway oval with parts of the road course. There are lots of factors that need to be considered, but dates and arrangements are being negotiated with track management.

All of our 2023 events will be held at Canaan Motor Club. We will utilize a minimum of six different configurations of the Canaan track.

May 13 Race 1
June 3 Race 2
June 17/18 Race 3/4
July 15/16 Race 5 Kart Mania
Aug 19/20 Race 6/7
Sept 16 Race 8
Oct 7 Enduro

This is the earliest that we have been able to release a schedule, so we want to thank Canaan Motor Club for their efforts, as well as the New England Karting Challenge for their cooperation and patience. It’s never too soon to get excited about the start of the racing season!


With deep sincerity, thank you to everyone who participated in making 2022 such a great season for the NHKA Racing Series. Whether you’re a driver or the supportive family of one, whether you attended every race or were only able to make a few, we appreciate all of you who make this possible. We saw intense racing along with tight points battles that came down to the last race day. Our first double-header championship weekend brought triumphs and heartbreaks and a lot of inspiring sportsmanship. Our 4-hour, 2,345-lap endurance race (not counting practice!) turned rivals into teammates and was the first of what will be a new NHKA tradition with some improvements for the future.

Of course, a huge thanks to all our workers, volunteers, corner marshals, ambulance EMTs and host facilities – as well as to the weather gods for a dry season.

Save the date Saturday, January 21, 2023 for the Championship Banquet. We will announce the venue and details soon. This will also be our annual rules meeting. For the coming season you should expect us to continue making minor adjustments to our membership requirements, procedures, class structure and rules. We will be issuing updates throughout the off season.

We are also working on a 2023 schedule. Some dates have already been booked while others are pending confirmation. As soon as we’re fully locked in with the venues we will let you know.

Final Updates for 2022 Enduro!

We are ready to host our 1st annual 4 Hour Endurance Race at Canaan Motor Club this Saturday. Thank you to all who entered for understanding that this is a members only event. We will take the lessons learned from this first-time event to make all future editions bigger and better in the coming years.

Here are the timeline and special rules for the weekend.

Friday night entry and trailer drop-off will be 4-8pm. Pre-race safety inspections will be available, as will camping for a $25 fee.

• Saturday morning the gate will be open 7-11am. All drivers, crew and spectators must be in by 11am. No exceptions.
• No race engines may be started before 8:05am.
• The mandatory drivers meeting will be at 8:30am.
• Practice will be 9-10:30am. This will be a continuous open practice. There will be a hot pit lane, so you may exit and enter the pits as many times as you need.
• There will be no spectating along the Armco barrier. We will make other accommodations for watching.
• During the race and practice refueling will be restricted to a designated area near the pit exit. As always, there will be absolutely no refueling allowed on any paved surface.
• Pump gas will be allowed for this event, along with VP MS93 or MS98 race fuel. No Additives. No mixing of fuels.
• There will be a pit stop box. EVERY driver must weigh in after their driving stint.
• Custom weight systems must be approved in pre-race safety inspection.
• No driver may switch teams after the race starts.
• No radio communications to drivers is allowed.
• There will be a complete supplemental rules sheet in your packet when you sign in.

The shipment of new LeCont tires has arrived, so we are well stocked for both classes.

Starting around 11am, Lee will be cooking burgers for lunch. There will also be some sides and chips. No charge. He will keep cooking as needed throughout the day until we run out.

It looks like the thermometer will only reach the mid-50s. Please bring warm clothes. Ski or snowmobile gloves are recommended. Latex gloves under normal driving gloves work well too. Don’t forget extra socks if you wear lightweight driving shoes.

Also, after we are done for the day, we will be storing the crash barriers in the barn for the winter. We can always use some extra muscle to complete that chore.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the track one last time in 2022!

This Is the Latest Info for the
Team Endurance Race

[UPDATED OCT 1] NHKA Racing Series will be holding a special event for current club members on October 8: non-points endurance event on Half-Track 1 at Canaan Motor Club. Details are still in the works, but here’s everything that has been decided so far…

This is an exclusive event for 2022 NHKA members only. (We will not accept any membership forms or “extra” membership fees for this event.) Senior and masters age drivers are welcome to form/join teams. The number of teams will be limited. Registration is on and is open until 5pm Tuesday Oct 4. One driver will register the team and send an email to [email protected] listing all team members, kart number and class.

Briggs 206 Junior Solo Endurance Race
This portion of the event has been canceled.

Briggs 206/World Formula Team Endurance Race
• 2–3 drivers per team (no solo drivers)
• UPDATED 4-hour timed race
• UPDATED 2 mandatory monitored pit stop
• World Formula karts at 390lbs
• Briggs 206 karts at 360lbs
• All weights and mounts will be inspected for safety.
• Seat-weight inserts must be securely attached to seat.
• Kart must cross scales after each stint.
• $200 per team plus pit passes for each driver (+100 for third driver)

All NHKA rules will apply (engine, exhaust, fuel, tires, etc.) There will be event-specific rules for pitting, refueling, driver changes, breakdowns, etc. which will be announced at the Double-Race Championship Weekend.

With the cancellation of the Junior race, we are re-working the race day schedule and releasing it before the event. However, we can tell you that the day will begin with practice, and the race will run from 12-4pm.

This will NOT be an open tire race – NHKA tire rules will be in effect. Our inventory of LeCont Red 7.10 rears and 4.50 fronts is low and will be sold on a first come first serve basis at the track. We CANNOT guarantee there will be tires for you the day of the race – unless you have already ordered yours. If you haven’t yet, we strongly recommend that you make arrangements with your usual supplier right now.

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