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October 7, 2023
Canaan Motor Club

Awards Banquet
November 4, 2023
White Birch
Banquet Facility
Hudson, NH

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Be Sure to RSVP for the Banquet by October 11th!

2023 Awards Banquet
1-5:30pm November 4, 2023
White Birch Function Hall in Hudson, NH

It’s time to celebrate the 2023 season!!! We will serve some delicious food and pass out the championship trophies for our top drivers along with a few special awards. There will also be a quick discussion about a few rules changes we are considering for the 2024 season. There’ll also be a prize raffle and a cash bar.

2023 NHKA members may attend with one non-member guest at no charge. Otherwise non-members will be $20 per person prepaid. All attendees must RSVP via [email protected] Please list the member’s name with the name of their accompanying non-member guest. Please also list additional non-member guests and include a phone number for us to call you to arrange payment.

We know everyone is focused on preparing for the Enduro, but please remember that banquet RSVP’s must be submitted no later than Wednesday, October 11 for us to provide the hall with a final headcount. Thank you!

UPDATE: Complete Rules for 2nd Annual NHKA Enduro

Thank you once again for a great 2023 season. The racing was intense and fun to watch from the sidelines. Some of the points battles were tight and went down to the last race. We also had many great showings from rookie drivers who we hope to see next season and beyond. Thank you to everyone who took the time to show them the way – it’s that generous helpfulness that makes this club so great.

Now let’s get out there and have some fun one last time in 2023!!!! It’s time to prepare for the 2nd Annual NHKA Enduro on October 7th. It’s a completely different kind of racing on a different track configuration with teammates and driver changes, as well as pit stops and arm-burning stints behind the wheel. It’s a mighty fun way to squeeze the rest bits of racing value out of your stuff before the winter rebuild.

Register Now!
Registration is now open for NHKA members on Non-members are welcome to race, but must complete a registration form with a description of karting experience and send to [email protected] for approval. The deadline for member registrations, non-member approvals and the submission of team rosters is October 3 at Midnight.

While the classes are limited to Briggs 206 Junior and Senior and World Formula Heavy, any NHKA member old enough for these classes is welcome to participate. If you don’t have one of these karts there are drivers that do who are looking for teammates. So find a buddy or two and join in the fun. Make a post on our Facebook page or send us an email at [email protected] and we will let as many people as we can know you are looking for a team.

Know the Rules!
We now have a complete set of Enduro rules posted to the website We strongly suggest that participants bookmark this link or download and print the pdf available on the page. In short, all NHKA kart, engine, tire, and fuel rules apply. But there’s a lot more you need to know, so make sure you read it all or the race director will make you wish you had!

Stay tunes over the next few weeks for event updates and race day details.

The Race 8 Championship Finale is a Go!

The latest forecasts have Hurricane Lee moving out to sea with the rain and winds diminishing throughout the region, especially inland. The weather at the track looks good. Maybe some winds but nothing scary. (Nonetheless, please be careful if you have a sizable trailer.) Of course this is as of now. We will keep a close eye on everything: travel advisories, state restrictions, changes to the forecast. If we need to change our plans we will announce it via Facebook and here on the website.

We will be racing on Half Track 2, which is to the right of the paddock and utilizes the infield kart track to the right side of the garage. We’ll be going counterclockwise and using the chicane. If we do get some rain we will make a race day decision on whether to change the track configuration, or wait it out.

Friday Night Schedule
Gate opens at 4pm.
Pit pass sales, kart safety tech, trailer drop off and camping entrance.
Gate closes at 9pm. No Entrance after 9pm. This is a little later than usual to give a little more time to anyone delayed by weather or winds.

Saturday Schedule
Gate opens at 6:30am.
Drivers meeting at 8:15am.
Kid Karts at 8:45am on the infield Kart Track.
Two rounds of practice by groups.
One qualifying session.
Lunch break
18-lap finals.

Saturday Race Groups
1 Kid Kart
2 206 Cadet
3 206 Senior
4 World Formula Heavy
5 TaG Senior
6 TaG Junior
7 TaG Masters/Shifters
8 206 Junior
9 206 Masters
10 World Formula Light

Kid Karts will run their final at the lunch break. Kid Karts will not race on a wet track. World Formula Light and Heavy will practice and qualify together in Group 4.

Once again thank you all for your patience and advice. See you at the track!!!!!!

2024 NHKA Racing Series Schedule Announced

We have secured race dates for our 2024 season. The schedule will be almost identical to the 2023 season.

2024 NHKA Racing Series
Race 1 May 4
Race 2 June 8
Race 3 July 13-14
Race 4 & 5 August 3-4
Race 6 & 7 August 24-25
Race 8 September 14
Enduro October 5
All Events at Canaan Motor Club

Once again, all of our racing will be at Canaan Motor Club. CMC has been good to us over the years and we have enjoyed a lot of great racing on their high-quality surface. That said, we are also always looking into other venues and new track projects. There have been lots of possibilities over the years (and surely there will be more) but so far none compare in terms of access, paddock parking, multiple track configurations, safety and reasonable travel time for most of our racers. We believe CMC is a great fit for the NHKA and will always be part of our schedule. We thank the CMC staff for their assistance with locking in next year’s dates so early.

We also have the date for our 2023 Awards Banquet: November 4th. We’ve been fairly lucky with the weather in January, but we figure why risk it? Exact timing and other details will be announced soon but you can plan on it being in the afternoon.

Races to Watch at the NHKA Championship Finale

An entire season of wrenching, racing and a whole lotta raining all comes down to this: Race 8, the NHKA Championship Finale, September 16 at Canaan Motor Club. One look at the latest point standings (big thanks, as always, to point meister Jim Slade!) and it is plain to see that while most of the championships are settled, the other two steps on the podium are very much up for grabs in most classes. Let’s take a look at the races to watch.

Briggs 206 Cadet
Speaking of podiums, third-generation racer Jackson Blanchard certainly knows his way around those. He was on the 206 Cadet podium for all but one race this season – including two visits to the top step. It’s a season to be proud of by any measure. The same can be said of Jake Maloney’s season given that after seven races he’s only 12.5 points out of the lead. He finished third last season, and the championship is again within reach. But he’ll need to get to the checkers ahead of Jackson in the last race to win the season. Spoiler alert: Wesley Clark. He only made it to four races this season but won all of them. If he attends, clearly he’ll be a factor in the outcome of the championship.

We’re not done with 206 Cadet yet. Evan Folsom sits in third a good ways back, but he has plenty of company: Samson and Levi Plourde as well as Ethan Jarvis-Comi are all within 30 points of the third step. That means 206 Cadet will actually be two races to watch.

Briggs 206 Junior
With a win and five podiums, William Tyler has a solid grasp on the 206 Junior championship. However, the rest of the podium is completely up in the air. Austin O’Hara is only 15 points ahead of Shamus Dobbins and Caleb Jarvis-Comi who are tied a mere 7.5 points ahead of Brian Wilkinson. This promises to be fitting finale to a season of fantastic races.

Briggs 206 Senior
Win five races, finish second in another and just like Cooper Rettich you too can cruise into the last event like it’s a victory lap. That said second and third place honors are very much up for grabs. Shaun Dobbins has a 17 point edge over Gregory Santos who can always be counted on to keep things interesting. And don’t count out last year’s 206 Senior runner up Christian Flagg who is only 10.5 points off the podium.

Briggs 206 Masters
Tom Rosenfeld is the runaway champion, which will happen when you win every race but one, leaving a second-place finish as your drop race. Alan Archembault ran up front all season, and was the only other racer in the class to score a win. Doug Hutchison also had a solid season which gives him a firm hold on the third-place trophy going into the last race.

TaG Junior
With two wins and four second-place finishes, Brayden Hatch has a commanding 45-point lead. The always upfront Caleb Jarvis-Comi is solidly in second. Brian Wilkinson has shown the speed to hold on to third but would do well to remember Alex Bragga is lurking a scant 7.5 points behind him should he trip.

TaG Senior
Alex Gomes’ five wins gives him a big 40-point lead over long-time rival, friend and fellow podcaster Christian Abbate, who scored two wins and typically finished one step down the podium from Alex. Which brings up an important factor: Alex missed the first race, which means he has no drop race to fall back on. Not to jinx him, but Alex needs to get through the day without trouble because Christian will surely be right there to snatch up the race win and the TaG Senior championship. And if that’s not enough drama for you, Adam Campbell, Wyatt Jarvis-Comi, Nathan Barns and Nicholas Robinson are all within 30 points of finishing third for the season. This is definitely a race to watch!

TaG Masters
When a very busy person who lives in Florida commutes all the way to the middle of New Hampshire to race and doesn’t miss a single event, you know he’s not messing around. Tom Prioli, with dad Ron turning the wrenches, won five races which gives him a comfortable lead going into the championship finale. That’s not to say it was easy. Race after race was a slugfest between many of the NHKA’s most experienced drivers. So shoutouts to Robert Bain in second, whose consistency got him two wins. And Alan Pope, whose speed made him a frequent front runner.

World Formula Light
Ryan Archambault kept the pedal down to earn four wins and a lock on the championship going into Race 8. Currently in second sits Nikolas Georgantis, who has put together his best season yet, but his work isn’t done. Just 10 points back is William Dziuba, who is followed closely by Kyle Callahan and Christian Abbate. Best of all, every racer I’ve mentioned here could easily win.

World Formula Heavy
For some racers, like Tom Rosenfeld, dominating one class isn’t challenge enough. The truth is dominating two classes is more than twice as hard. Think about it, a race day has the same amount of time for wrenching, but now split between two karts. Plus, because it’s not really practical to work on one kart while out on track with another; so you actually have less time to fine tune or chase problems. Which means you gotta go, go, go all day long. Plus you need to be faster than seasoned veterans like Jim Slade and Jeff Gutterson race after race. And maybe you’re not the youngest racer in the paddock. When you think about it, dominating both 206 Masters and World Formula Heavy is a big accomplishment. One deserving of a tip of the hat next time you see Mr. 47.

Huge Thanks to Photographer/Racer Ken Repke
Year after year Ken comes up with new ways to make interesting new images out of the same people doing the same thing in the same place. It’s really quite remarkable, but easy to take for granted. The promotional value of the generous access he gives the club is best measured by the number of smiling faces you see at the track. Plus we’re all so fortunate to have pictures of ourselves looking fast and cool – exactly as we imagine ourselves looking! We all appreciate Ken and his work, but the best way to show it is to visit and purchase hi-res downloads or high-quality prints. He does a lot for the club and deserves our thanks.

Registration Open for the Championship Finale –
Last Call for Tires!

Registration for the Race 8 Championship Finale is open until September 12 at midnight.

We will race on Half Track 2 clockwise using the chicane. We ran the same configuration Race 1 in the opposite direction. This is the track on the right side of the paddock.

Last call for tires. If you think you will need tires for Race 8 or the Enduro in October, please get your order in no later than Tuesday September 5. This will help us place our final tire order for 2023. Of course we will have tires in stock at the office and at the track, but only while supplies last. Pre-ordering before next Tuesday will guarantee that you will have the fresh LeConts you need waiting for you at the track on race day.

The Season Finale is Soon!
Register for Race 8 Now!

Our final regular season race – Race 8 – is September 16th, and will be here before we know it! Registration is now open at until Tuesday, September, 12 at midnight. Whether you’re battling for a championship, a step on the podium or just looking to pull together everything you’ve learned this year for a solid result, this is the event to get it done.

Here are some new details about our 2nd Annual Enduro on October 7. We will run two practice sessions total starting at 9am. The first session will be for Briggs 206 Junior. The second will be for Briggs 206 Senior and World Formula Heavy. These will be extended length practice sessions with live pitting allowed to practice stops and driver changes. Following practice there will be the two-hour 206 Junior race for two-driver teams. The day will end with the four-hour 206 Senior/World Formula Heavy race for two to three driver teams. We’ll be announced more details at Race 8.

Race 6 & 7 Recap: What a Great Weekend of Racing!!!!!

We very much enjoyed watching the fantastic racing from everyone. The competition was very tight but mostly clean. There were very few on track issues to contend with, and it didn’t hurt that the weather cooperated for a change!!!

It was a smooth, stress-free event on all fronts. All drivers were on the grid on time and ready to go. There were very few on-track pick ups to make. Plus we were able to end a little early both days giving everyone extra time to relax. We want to thank everyone for the fantastic job!!!!!

Up next is the last points race of the season on September 16th. Some championships are settled already while others are close and will come down to the wire. The points will be updated and registration will open very soon.

Stay tuned also for further details to be announced for the 2nd Annual Endro October 7th. As discussed at the drivers meeting, there will be a 2-hour Junior 206 race in the morning. (2-driver teams only. No solo racers.) Then in the afternoon we will then run a 4-hour race for Senior 206 and World Formula Heavy. drivers in each class. No solo’s. (2-3 driver teams. No solo racers.) Morning practice will be limited, but there will be enough sessions for all driver combinations as well as pit stop practice. We will also share base gearing so everyone can be in the ballpark.

Everything You Need to Know for
This Weekend’s Doubleheader at Canaan

I am not sure we shouldn’t even dare say it… but the weather looks like it will cooperate for a great weekend of racing. We’ll find out!

We will be on Half Track 1. Clockwise on Saturday. Counterclockwise Sunday.

The pit pass booth will close at 12pm on both days. That means no entry or pit pass sales after noon. NO ONE is allowed on the property without a pit pass wristband purchased and secured at the gate. Anyone found without the correct wristband will be removed from the property along with the associated driver. Make sure your guests are wearing theirs at all times.

Guests under 18 yrs of age must be with a parent. If you are bringing a friend who is under 18 a temporary guardian letter must accompany the minor guest. Form can be found HERE and must be filled out and signed before arrival.

We will follow the usual timing and entry procedures:

Friday Night
4-8pm Entry, camping, pit pass sales, kart safety tech. No body will be allowed to enter the property after 8pm.

Saturday Morning
6:30am-12pm Gate open for entry and pit pass sales. No entry or pit pass sales after noon.
8:15am Mandatory drivers meeting
8:45am Kid Karts should be ready to go
9:00am Practice by groups

Sunday Morning
6:30am-12pm Gate open for entry and pit pass sales. No entry or pit pass sales after noon.
8:15am Mandatory drivers meeting
9:00am Practice by groups

Race Order
1 Kid Karts 4 sessions finishing during lunch break. (Saturday Only)
2 206 Cadet
3 206 Senior
4 World Formula Heavy
5 TaG Junior
6 TaG Senior
7 TaG Masters / Shifters
8 206 Junior
9 206 Masters
10 World Formula Light

Race Day Format
2 practice sessions per group. 6-7 minutes each.
1 Five-minute qualifying session
Lunch Break
20-lap Finals

We may adjust the schedule as needed due to delays… rain, excessive breakdowns, on-track issues, etc.

We also have a preliminary format for the 2nd Annual Enduro on October 7th. This race will include 206 Junior, 206 Senior and World Formula Heavy. We will discuss this further during the weekend.

Thank you all!!!! See you at the track!!!!!!

Registration for the Race 6 & 7 Weekend
Closes Tuesday, August 15 at Midnight

Registrations are flowing in for the Race 6 & 7 double-race weekend. Thank you to all who signed up.

To those who haven’t yet… the deadline for registration is Tuesday, August 15 at midnight. That’s this Tuesday! So get yourself over to now! Don’t forget that if you were registered for the rainout on July 16th you have a credit for a full race day. Remember: The credit is good for the remainder of this season only.

We will be on Half Track 1 both days. Saturday we’ll run it clockwise, Sunday we’ll run it counterclockwise.

We have also been working on our 2024 schedule. Once again all races will be held at Canaan Motor Club. Tentatively we have reserved 7 weekends and will run 8 or 9 points races and 1 or 2 special events. We will have solid dates after the track finalizes their calendar. Stay tuned for an announcement very shortly.

Lastly. A reminder: It’s not a bad idea to pre-order tires from us or your suppler if you think you will need them. We will have them trackside while supplies last.

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