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NHKA Race 2
June 4, 2022
Canaan Motor Club

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June 25 & 26, 2022
NHMS Hill Course

NHKA Race 5

July 23 & 24, 2022
Canaan Motor Club

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Register for Race 2 by 6pm May 31

Thank you to everyone who helped made the first race of 2022 a fun-filled success. There were 136 drivers including 7 first-time racers. Attendees flowed through the gates to their pit spots in plenty of time for the drivers meeting. Our new race day format worked very well with each class enjoying 40-45 laps for the day. Finally, track management was very pleased with the noise reduction of the new silencer system on the Briggs 206 karts. We’re chalking it up as a win and moving on to the next race.

NHKA Race 2 has us back at Canaan Motor Club June 4. NHKA members can register online at anytime before 6pm May 31. Non-members may use the registration form available here to request entry via Those whose requests are accepted will be notified on June 1.

NHKA Race 1 is Finally Here!

The long wait is over! We have 136 drivers registered for Race 1 of the 2022 NHKA Racing Series season at Canaan Motor Club Saturday. We will be using a slightly different format than usual, so please be sure to read this entire update.

Welcome Back Spectators!
We are pleased to be able to welcome family, friends and spectators back to our events. Pit pass wristbands are required for everyone on the property. They will be sold at the gate ($15 cash only) Friday evening 4-8pm and Saturday morning 6:30am-Noon. Each person must be present to receive their wristband. All minor spectators must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and a 2022 minor waiver must be signed at the gate if not already on file. Spectators are welcome to mingle with the drivers in the paddock and watch the action from the designated viewing areas. However, guests are not allowed in the grid and scale area.

Friday Night
4- 8pm The gate will be open for trailer drop off and camping ($25 cash at the gate.)
No one will be admitted after 8pm, including those intending to camp.
Registration pick up and safety tech will be available.
Those who did not pay for a transponder rental on BikeReg may pay the $25 fee in cash at the gate.
Helper/spectator pit passes will be sold at the gate – $15 cash only. Again, each person must be present to receive a wristband. (No, you may not take loose wristbands home.)

Saturday Schedule
6:30am-Noon Gate opens. (No one will be admitted after 12-noon.)
Use the first gate – there will be a sign. If you are early DO NOT park on Orange Road.
8:30am Drivers meeting. All drivers must attend. Absent drivers will not race. No Exceptions.
8:45am Kid karts should be ready for their first of three sessions, concluding at lunch break.
9am Two rounds of practice by group. Sessions will be 8 minutes (8-10 laps) each.
Lunch Break
Qualifying One 5-minute session per race group.
Final races, 20 laps per race group.

Race Groups
1 Kid Kart
2 206 Cadet
3 World Formula Light and Heavy
4 Shifters
5 206 Junior
6 TaG Senior and Masters
7 206 Masters
8 TaG Junior
9 206 Senior

Technical Notes
Track configuration will be the short track to the left of the grid. Clockwise direction.
No cameras or transponders attached to the driver. No radio communication to the driver.
All 206 engines must have the World Formula exhaust to go on track. NO exceptions.
All TaG engines must conform to the new rule set to race. Rotax EVO configuration only. X30 with the one pc. pipe and Selettra ignition. ROK Cup rules for the ROK G.P. engine.

Event Notes
No bicycles, scooters, skates, skateboards, etc. allowed on the property at any time.
Drivers are responsible for all their guests regardless of age. Drivers will be disqualified for detrimental behavior by any of their guests.
No open alcohol or controlled substances are allowed at any time when the track is open for competition. An immediate ejection from the property will occur. Offender and associated driver will be suspended indefinitely.

Finally, as is the case with all NHKA races, we have limited time and ability to communicate from 5pm Thursday until the morning of the event. We will most likely not reply to emails, Facebook messages and texts. Thank you for your understanding.

See you at the track!

Time to Gear Up for Race 1
of the 2022 NHKA Racing Series Season

Thank you to all who participated in the Pre-Season Practice Day. We had 115 karts take to the track in nine different groups during five sessions. A dozen new drivers also got some no-pressure track time in a group of their own. Best of all, the rain held off until we were loading up.

With practice in the books, it’s time to get ready for Race 1 at Canaan Motor Club on May 14, rain or shine. Here are a few things you need to know:

Race 1 Registration will open on starting Thursday April 21 at 6pm. That’s this coming Thursday! Registration will close at 6pm on Tuesday May 10. Only approved 2022 NHKA members will be able to register online. (Yes, the BikeReg system knows who is a member and who is not.)

Non-member Registration Requests must be submitted to no earlier than Thursday April 21 at 6pm. Requests will be considered in order of receipt, with early requests put to the end of the line. Approved non-members will be contacted starting on Wednesday May 11 to confirm entry.

One Class Per Kart You may only register for one class unless you have a second kart for a second class (i.e., TaG Jr. and Briggs 206 Jr.) We will be combining similar classes together whenever possible (i.e., World Formula Light and Heavy.) You may register for a second class at the track if you have a second kart and there is no conflict between the two classes in the day’s schedule.

World Formula Exhaust Required on All Briggs 206 Engines in order to go on track starting at Race 1. Specifically, you need Briggs header part #557164, RLV silencer part #4110 (no insert.)

New X30 Jr. Exhaust Header Spec 22.7mm is the new factory spec part. It is required for Race 1.

Specific track procedures to come closer to race day.

Pre-Season Practice Day – Final Updates

Saturday’s Pre-Season Practice Day is at NHMS. We have had a few people assume it was at the other place (not mentioning the name in this post!) Track direction will be clockwise, again, at NHMS!!!

Remember that ALL minors, drivers or not, will be required to have a minor release form per the speedway. If you are bringing anyone under 18 years of age the minor forms MUST be signed by the parents.

Friday Evening Enter via the track’s main gate (not the south gate) 4-8pm for trailer drop off, camping and safety tech. You may pick up your registrations and 206 exhaust kits. Tires will also be available for pick up or purchase.

Remember: No bicycles, scooters, skate boards etc. are allowed in any NHKA areas.

Saturday Entry Main gate opens at 6:30am. Lee will be there to assist the line. Please park in a double line. Please stay in your vehicle until asked to go to the window. Main gate will close to NHKA participants at 12pm (noon). We will not sell any pit passes after that. All NHKA participants, including spectators, must have a NHKA wrist band. Spectators will have a designated area. Only drivers and mechanics are allowed inside the grid area gate.

Event Schedule
8am Drivers meeting
8:30am 1st group on track
12pm Lunch break
5pm Track closes

We will group as many classes together as possible to optimize track time. We will separate classes and groups if the traffic on track gets too busy. Sessions will be 8 minutes.

Sample Groups
1 Kid Karts
2 206 Cadet/ TaG Mini
3 TaG Senior / Masters
4 All New Drivers
5 206 Senior / Masters
6 TaG Junior
7 World Formula Light / Heavy
8 206 Jr.
9 All Shifters

Fair Warning!!!!!! The weather still doesn’t look perfect. We will attempt to run as much dry track practice as possible. We will run wet track practice also if there are any takers. We will do what is necessary and try our best to accommodate all drivers.

Pre-Season Practice – Start Your Engines!

We are ready to host our 1st event of 2022. Open practice day this Saturday!!!!

Registration is now closed. We will have 120 drivers. Some veterans and an impressive group of new drivers.

We do not know how the weather is going to play out. A wait and see game until we get close enough to make an accurate prediction.

Friday Night

Friday Night Entry The main gate will open at 4pm. Look for the NHKA window on the white building to the left just before the gate. It will close at 8pm, after which NO ENTRY will be allowed. Please go to the main gate not the South Gate (next to the gas station). The south gate is for oval track racing teams only.

Trailer Drop Off 4-8pm only. EVERYONE with you at that time must sign both the track’s waiver, the NHKA waiver and MUST have a NHKA pit pass wrist band.

Friday Night Camping 4 – 8pm arrival only. Overnight campers must pay a $25 camping fee at the gate directly to the speedway. This includes sleeping in your race trailer. Quiet hours after 10pm.

Safety Tech Pre-race inspections will be available on Friday night.

Grid Area Officials and workers only inside of the grid gate Friday night.


Saturday Entry Gate opens at 6:30am. Please form a double line at the main gate with your vehicle. DO NOT block the gate entrance; there is room to the right of the gate. Also do not park along Route 106, use the lot leading up to the track. Please stay at your vehicle and pull up promptly. Lee will direct you to the window to sign in, then through the gate.

Drivers Meeting 8am sharp. Any driver who misses the drivers meeting will not be allowed on track for the day.

Rookie Drivers You will be contacted for a special new drivers meeting and safety course. This is mandatory for all new drivers.

No Starting Engines Before 8:05am

Practice 8:30am- 5pm Practice will be by groups (posted near grid.)

Gate Close at 12 Noon No pit pass sales after noon. Anyone without a pit pass in any NHKA area will be asked to leave and the associated team/driver will also be asked to leave.

Minor Waivers All annual minor waivers must be received upon entry Friday or Saturday.

Memberships All membership payments must be received by the end of the day Saturday. Any unresolved memberships will be cancelled.

Registration for April 16 Pre-Season Practice Day

Registration is now available for our April 16 preseason practice day at New Hampshire Motor Speedway:

Things to know about April 16:
Memberships are not required.
You must have a NHKA legal kart. No unapproved engines or chassis’.
Attendance will be capped at 130 drivers.
No entering two classes unless you have a kart for each class. (We will combine WF Heavy and Light, 206 Senior and Masters, TaG Senior and Masters.)
We will split on track groups if necessary.
All new drivers will be required to attend a new driver meeting on Saturday morning as well as a separate on-track observation session.

Thank you for all of your applications.
We have reached our membership cap for the 2022 season.
Any and all membership applications from now forward will be put on a waiting list in order of receipt, regardless of previous membership.
We will have a large group of new drivers joining us this season. We are looking forward to welcoming new drivers and families.
We will be contacting new approved members starting Monday.

Our banquet on April 9 is still ON! More details will be released in the coming days.

206 Exhaust and Tire Ordering Updates

206 Exhaust Kits: If you are an approved member and you want us to ship your pre-ordered exhaust kit please let us know. We ship UPS daily and can ship to your door at your expense. Or you can arrange to pick it up at the office in Easton, MA during normal business hours. Or we can bring it to the awards ceremony on April 9 in Hollis, NH. If you’re worried about this being too close to the practice day on April 16, don’t, the exhaust kits are NOT required until the first race at Canaan on May 14.

Tires: We will be ordering a new batch of LeCont tires very soon. If you would like to pre-order race tires (a very good idea) click here for the new tire form.

Rules Meeting and Awards Presentation Now April 9th

We have a new date and a new venue for our awards ceremony and member meeting.

New date is April 9. No registration is needed. Yes, we know that is one week before our open practice day at NHMS. This is also deep enough into spring that we SHOULDN’T have a snow storm. But who knows?!?!

New Venue is Alpine Grove Banquet Facility in Hollis NH. We would like to thank NHKA Members Alan and Michelle Archambeault for offering the date at their beautiful facility. We will start the day at 1pm for a members meeting. Awards presentation will start at 2pm. If you can not make it we will pass out remaining trophies on April 16.

We will accept minor waivers and membership forms. There will be a notary on site. Rule books, class structure books, safety tech sheets, points structure sheets etc. will also be available. There will also be 206 header and muffler distribution for those who have not picked there’s up or had them shipped.

We are still working out some more details and will let you all know them as soon as we know.

Thank You for an Amazing Season!

The last race is in the books and the Final 2021 Championship Points Standings have been posted. Congratulations to the champions as well as all competitors for their efforts and dedication. We will all see you in Manchester, NH on Saturday, January 29th to celebrate your accomplishments at the 2021 NHKA Awards Banquet and Party. More details, including the venue will be announced soon.

This season was by far the busiest season to date. To all our family, friends, workers and volunteers we offer our sincere thanks for helping to make this season a success. Yes, we had some stressful times, but we had many more fun times. To all of you who took the time to offer advice or a helping hand, we thank you.

We are moving forward to the 2022 season. We have been in contact with NHMS and Canaan Motor Club in regards to race dates. We continue working to improve the issues we encountered during the 2021 season. We made a lot of adjustments, some good and others needing improvement, and we will be making more. For example, we are still refining the online registration o make it more user friendly.

We will also be moving forward with LOTS of rules updates, both in procedures and technical specs. We especially want to clarify kart and engine rules. We will also want to lock into a predictable race day format after experimenting with a few different versions. You will be fully updated well before the start of the new season.

Thank you again for another great year!

NHKA Staff

Final Updates for Saturday’s Season Finale at Canaan

The weather looks nice, the trees are in full color – Saturday will be a picture-perfect fall day to wrap up the busy and exciting 2021 NHKA Racing Series. Championships will be decided in some classes. We ask that drivers be aware and respectful of your competitors who may have more at stake than usual.

We will be welcoming two special guests: the principals of WR International, the importers of LeCont tires. They’ll be visiting us all the way from Miami, FL and available all day to help and answer your tire questions.

It’s fall foliage season and a long weekend to boot. That means you should plan on adjusting your schedule to encounter lots of traffic heading up to NH and VT Friday afternoon and evening. You also need to plan on the gate closing an hour earlier than usual: 8pm. We know this is not ideal, but there are extenuating circumstances. On the other hand, we will be opening the gate a couple hours early, 4pm.

Please remember that no bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. are allowed on the property at any time.

Friday Night
4-8pm Track entry for everyone – trailer drop off, campers. etc. Safety Tech will also be available.

6:30am Gate opens. DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY AND PARK ON THE STREET! If you have a wristband from Friday night you must STOP and show it at the gate.

11am Gate closes. All attendees must be on the property by 11am. NO late arrivals.

8:15am Drivers meeting. EVERYONE MUST attend and be on time. If you are found not to have attended, you will be subject to disqualification for the day.

8:45am Kid Karts on track. Kid karts will have four sessions and will be done at the lunch break.

Race Order & Format
Each practice group will have two 6-minute practice sessions. The second session will be your timed qualifying session. Prefinals will be six laps. Finals will be 15 laps.
Group 2 and 3 will run their prefinal before lunch, immediately after group 9 qualifies.
Racing will resume after lunch with group 4.

1 Kid Kart
2 206 Sr.
3 206 Cadet / TaG Mini
4 TaG Sr.
5 World Formula Light
6 206 Jr.
7 Shifters / TaG Masters
8 TaG Jr.
9 206 Masters / World Formula Heavy

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