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3-Hour Team
Endurance Race

October 8, 2022
Canaan Motor Club

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Come see intense racing between karters of all ages. You just might discover the NHKA’s newest racing family – yourselves!
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NHKA Racing Series is how real people get to race high-performance karts wheel to wheel at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Canaan Motor Club.
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This Is the Latest Info for the
Team Endurance Race

[UPDATED OCT 1] NHKA Racing Series will be holding a special event for current club members on October 8: non-points endurance event on Half-Track 1 at Canaan Motor Club. Details are still in the works, but here’s everything that has been decided so far…

This is an exclusive event for 2022 NHKA members only. (We will not accept any membership forms or “extra” membership fees for this event.) Senior and masters age drivers are welcome to form/join teams. The number of teams will be limited. Registration is on and is open until 5pm Tuesday Oct 4. One driver will register the team and send an email to listing all team members, kart number and class.

Briggs 206 Junior Solo Endurance Race
This portion of the event has been canceled.

Briggs 206/World Formula Team Endurance Race
• 2–3 drivers per team (no solo drivers)
• UPDATED 4-hour timed race
• UPDATED 2 mandatory monitored pit stop
• World Formula karts at 390lbs
• Briggs 206 karts at 360lbs
• All weights and mounts will be inspected for safety.
• Seat-weight inserts must be securely attached to seat.
• Kart must cross scales after each stint.
• $200 per team plus pit passes for each driver (+100 for third driver)

All NHKA rules will apply (engine, exhaust, fuel, tires, etc.) There will be event-specific rules for pitting, refueling, driver changes, breakdowns, etc. which will be announced at the Double-Race Championship Weekend.

With the cancellation of the Junior race, we are re-working the race day schedule and releasing it before the event. However, we can tell you that the day will begin with practice, and the race will run from 12-4pm.

This will NOT be an open tire race – NHKA tire rules will be in effect. Our inventory of LeCont Red 7.10 rears and 4.50 fronts is low and will be sold on a first come first serve basis at the track. We CANNOT guarantee there will be tires for you the day of the race – unless you have already ordered yours. If you haven’t yet, we strongly recommend that you make arrangements with your usual supplier right now.

Final Updates for Championship Weekend

We hope everyone is ready for an exciting Double-Race Championship Weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. We certainly are!

Track configuration for Race 7 on Saturday will be counterclockwise. We will not make a decision on what direction we’ll run Race 8 on Sunday until after we have a chance to inspect and test any necessary fixes in the chicane area. Most likely we will let everyone know during the day Saturday.

We will have a quick meeting on Saturday afternoon, after the trophy ceremony, to discuss the 3-hour endurance race on October 8th at Canaan. 

As always, all racers and guests must have a NHKA pit pass wristband. Anyone without a wristband will be removed from the property. Remember, all racers are responsible for their guests which means you may also be removed from the property. One-day minor release forms can be filled out at the gate.

Friday Night
The NHKA gate will open for trailer drop off and camping at 4pm and close at 8pm. No admittance after 8pm. Period. A $25 camping fee is to be paid directly to the speedway at the gate (cash only.)

Saturday and Sunday
6:30am The NHKA Gate will open. The gate will close at 12pm. No admittance or pit pass sales after 12 noon. No exceptions.
8:15am  Drivers meeting. ALL DRIVERS MUST ATTEND. Any driver NOT at the meeting will NOT race. A meeting for new drivers will be held immediately after.
8:30am Kid Karts on track for first session.
Two 8-minute practice sessions for each group.
Lunch Break
One 5-minute qualifying session for each group.
One 20-lap final per group.

1    Kid Kart (last session during lunch break)
2    206 Cadet
3    World Formula Light and Heavy
4    TaG Masters
5    TaG Senior
6    206 Masters
7    Shifters
8    TaG Junior
9    206 Senior
10  206 Junior

See you at the track!

Championship Weekend Races to Watch

Once again, the NHKA Racing Series has reached the last lap of another great season. The last two laps, actually, with the Races 7 and 8 Championship Weekend on the Hill Course at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend, September 10-11.

In 2022 the club pivoted from explosive growth and 200-entry events, to a model focused on financial sustainability, fun and preservation of our sanity. While we can only claim success on the first two goals, we are deeply appreciative of the continued support of the amazing NHKA family. Thank you all so much for making this new vision of success a success!

One thing that hasn’t change in 2022 is the number of championship podiums that won’t be fully decided until the last lap of the last race. Looking at the points (thank you once again Jim Slade!), and figuring in presumed drops, here are the tight points races to watch play out at the Championship Weekend.

Briggs 206 Cadet
If you want to know the secret of winning a championship, just ask Wesley Clark. His approach is simple: Win every time you race. Jake Maloney’s consistency has earned him a lock on 2nd-place honors. The race to watch in Cadet is for the third step of the championship podium. Cameron Bacon and Jackson Blanchard are only separated by a scant three points!

Briggs 206 Junior
Last season, Caleb Jarvis-Comi won the last race but still lost the championship… by a mega-frustrating 2.5 points! This season he won all but one race and has a commanding lead going into the last two races. With 2nd-place finishes in most races, Tucker Gauvin is a solid bet for 2nd place in the championship. However, the super-consistent Braden Kearney is only 23 points back. And don’t count out Will Tyler who has positioned himself to potentially play the spoiler.

Briggs 206 Senior
This year 206 Senior features a new crop of championship front runners. Christian Flagg leads the way by finishing on the podium in all but one race, including three wins. Just 15 points back sits Cruise LaBrie, who won twice and podiumed every race. Meanwhile, Shaun Dobbins, Wyatt Jarvis-Comi and Brett Repke will be duking it out for the third step of the championship podium.

Briggs 206 Masters
Hard-driving Marcello Decampos is poised to take his second 206 Masters title in a row. Jim Paulette, whose impressively improved sophomore effort has him comfortably in 2nd place. The race to watch here is for 3rd-place honors between Andrew Plourde and gentleman racer Jim Janelle, who are a mere 20 points apart.

TaG Junior
Caleb Jarvis-Comi had a rough first race, but podiumed Race 2 and has done nothing but win since. This consistency has him firmly in control of the championship. It won’t be so easy for Brian Wilkinson, who has the momentum of two 2nd-place finishes, but also has a hard-charging Brayden Hatch nipping at his heels only 10 points back.

TaG Senior
Last season’s TaG Senior runner up, Mark Donato, is well on his way to a trophy upgrade thanks to a 50-point lead. With two races worth of points at stake, the rest of the championship podium is very much up for grabs. Figuring in the drop (key in this class), Alex Gomes has a negligible 7.5-point lead over SIMS teammate and fellow podcaster Christian Abbate. And they’ll do well to stay ahead of Huge North, who’s only 12.5 points behind. Oh boy, oh boy! This is gonna be very fun, but it’s still not the race you absolutely must watch…

TaG Masters
They say, Ricardo Nunes lives in a house made entirely of trophies. So it should come as no surprise to see that he’s in the hunt for his sixth TaG Masters championship in a row. SIXTH! What’s unusual this season is that he isn’t in the points lead. That honor belongs to last season’s runner up Tobe Armendariz, who hasn’t finished outside of the top two all year. Nor is Ricardo in 2nd, hard-charging Rich Blanchard is, and only 8 points out of first. Where’s Ricardo? 3rd place. No, he hasn’t lost his mojo, but he did have to miss two events – he won all the rest. Bottom line: Only 20 points separates three of the club’s most experienced racers going into the Championship Weekend, making TaG Masters the race you absolutely must watch!

World Formula Light
Ryan Archambault has only managed two wins so far this season, but they’ve been enough to give him a comfortable 32.5-point lead. Last year’s Briggs 206 Junior champ, Will Dziuba, has also scored two wins and a similar lead over his next closest competitor. 3rd place, Kyle Callahan, has one win but an only 7.5 point advantage over Christian Abbate, putting the last step on the podium completely up for grabs.

World Formula Heavy
With a 78-point lead thanks to 4 wins, Brett Repke’s championship is pretty much a wrap. However, with a win a piece and only 17 points separating them, Scott Kearney and Tom Rosenfield still have a bit of work to do to sort out the rest of the World Formula Heavy championship podium.

KZ Shifter
It would appear that Mark Donato in KZ has the same simple approach to winning championships as Wesley Clark in Cadet: Win every time you race. Which is particularly impressive given that he managed to do so against the likes of long-time shifter ace Tim Armstrong, who sits comfortably in 2nd place. Finally, a well-deserved shout-out to Jake Seidel for snagging 3nd place after coming up a handful of points shy last season.

UPDATED: 3-Hour Team Endurance Race!

NHKA Racing Series has announced that the special event on October 8 will be a non-points team endurance raceon Half-Track 1 at Canaan Motor Club. Details are still in the works, but here’s what we know so far:

Junior Race
• 1-hour timed race
• 2 drivers required
• 1 mandatory pit stop

Senior Race
• 3-hour timed race
• 2 – 3 drivers per team
• World Formula karts at 390lbs
• Briggs 206 karts at 360lbs

Note: Solo drivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. There will be no official class and no awards.

All NHKA rules will apply (engine, exhaust, fuel, tires, etc.) There will be event-specific rules for pitting, refueling, driver changes, breakdowns, etc. which will be announced at the Double-Race Championship Weekend. Current NHKA members who are junior, senior and masters age are welcome to form/join teams. The number of teams will be limited. Registration will be per team and open after the last race of the regular season.

Enter Now! Double-Race Championship Weekend
September 10 & 11 at NHMS

This is it! Hard-fought season championships will be on the line at the Double-Race Championship Weekend September 10 & 11 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. NHKA drives will be taking to the track for Races 7 & 8 in the grandest of season finales. Enter at before September 6 at 6pm – You don’t want to miss it!

NHKA Race 6 at NHMS is On the Grid!
Let’s Go Racing!

Fuel for 206 and World Formula karts must be V.P. MS93 or MS98. We are not allowing pump gas any longer as there are too many variables in gas straight from the pump never mind detecting any additives. Also, the only crankcase oil allowed is AMSOIL Briggs 4T.
Please charge your transponders.
Numbers must be on all four sides of your kart. Numbers must be your registered number.
All drivers new to NHKA must attend a new drivers meeting before going on track at either 7pm on Friday night or 8am Saturday morning.

Friday Night Schedule
Entry for trailer drop off or overnight camping entry is 4-8pm. If you are meeting guests they must check in at the front gate and purchase (cash only) a NHKA pit pass wristband. NO ONE is allowed in the NHKA area without a NHKA wristband. Camping fee must be paid at the front gate directly to NHMS. Kart safety tech will be available 4-8pm… beat the morning rush!

Saturday Morning Schedule
Front gate will be open 6:30am-12noon. Absolutely no admission after 12noon.
Kart safety inspection will begin at 7am.
No starting race engines before 8:05am.
Drivers meeting will be at 8:15am at the podium. ALL drivers must attend. Late arrivals/no-shows will not race.
Kid Karts should be ready to go at 8:30am, their last session will be during the lunch break.

Practice Groups
1 Kid Kart
2 TaG Masters/Junior
3 206 Cadet
4 TaG Senior
5 206 Senior
6 Shifters
7 206 Masters
8 206 Junior
9 World Formula Light/Heavy
Groups may be adjusted for qualifying and racing. So be sure to check the posting at the grid towards the end of the lunch break.

Race Format
Two rounds of practice per group
Lunch Break
5-minute qualifying session
20-lap final race

This is the final update before the race. We will see you all this Saturday!!!!

Another Great KartMania!!! is in the Books!

We had ourselves a fantastic weekend of racing and partying despite the insanely hot weather. The awesome feast prepared by NHKA staff and many of our members on Saturday night was the awesome fun time it always is. Thank you to everyone for making it such a great weekend.

We definitely want to give a huge shout out to our members and friends who stepped up to raise nearly $2,000 for our long-time friend and racer Ray Leonard who needs a kidney. The winner of the 50/50 raffle graciously donated his half of the winnings right back to the cause. Also, 100% of the proceeds for the Pro Dry Racing Team’s dehumidifier raffle went to the cause as well. If you missed the opportunity to participate in the raffles, but still wish to help Ray, we encourage you to make a contribution to the GoFundMe set up by his family on his behalf.

NHKA Race 6 is slated for August 20, 2022 at NHMS. Registration is open at for members. Non-members can apply to participate by downloading and completing the entry blank found here and submitting it to

We are Ready for Our Favorite Event of the Season!
Kartmania 6 is Here!!!!!

We want to thank our members and staff for making the NHKA Racing Series possible. This weekend is what it is all about. Getting to know all of you is part of what makes kart racing so special to us. We appreciate everyone who volunteered to bring side dishes and desserts to share. NHKA will supply the burgers and hot dogs, and just as in years past, I am sure that there will be some interesting grilling of some tasty meats from some of you.

Weekend Schedule

Friday Night: Entry between 4pm and 8pm for camper parking and trailer drop off. Gate will close at 8pm. No entry after 8pm.
Kart safety inspection will be available.

Saturday Morning: Gate opens at 6:30am and close at noon. $25 cash only for pit passes. Only two-day passes will be sold in the morning.

Saturday Afternoon: Gate will re-open between 3-6pm for Sunday-only racers. $15 one-day pit passes for Sunday will be sold at that time.EVERYONE ON THE PROPERTY MUST HAVE A PIT PASS.

Saturday Night: Gate will close at 10pm for anyone who is not staying at the track.

Sunday Morning: Gate will be open 6:00am-10:00am. No entrance after 10:00am.

Race Format

Saturday: Drivers meeting at 8:30am. ALL drivers must attend.
All day practice by groups. 10 – 12 minute sessions. Sunday race qualifying will be the last practice session on Saturday. Points will be awarded per qualifying position. Points value is 1/2 race points per position. Non-qualifiers on Saturday will start at the rear of the field on Sunday.
Kid Karts will use the infield kart track
206 Cadet will use Half Track 1.

Saturday Practice Groups
1 Kid Kart (Saturday Only)
2 206 Cadet
3 TaG Senior / TaG Junior
4 206 Masters
5 All Shifters / TaG Masters
6 206 Senior
7 World Formula Light + Heavy
8 206 Junior

Sunday: Drivers meeting at 8:30am. ALL drivers must attend. Any driver found not to be at the drivers meeting WILL NOT RACE. 2 rounds of practice in the morning. Sunday afternoon 25 minute races by groups. Note: We will combine or separate classes from groups Sunday based on data gathered during Saturday’s practice.

We are expecting very high temperatures and we will make any adjustments to the practice and race schedule in the interest of safety for our drivers. PLEASE STAY HYDRATED!

50/50 Raffle
On Saturday we’ll start selling tickets for a 50/50 raffle to raise money for a special cause we’ll be announcing Saturday night during the party. The drawing will be Sunday at noon, just before we run the finals. The Pro Dry racing team will be raffling a new Dehumidifier also for the cause. Info on the unit will be on display.

Thank You All!!!! See you at the track!!!!!!!

KartMania6!!! Registration Deadline
Tuesday July 19 at 6pm Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t miss your last chance to register for KartMania6!!! You only have until July 19 at 6pm – That’s this Tuesday. So register now at Please remember that due to the high-speed nature of racing the big track, this event is for experienced karters only.

Bonus Points for Qualifying!
Saturday qualifying will be worth 1/2 points per position. So the 1st place qualifier will earn 50 points, 2nd place 45 points, and so on. That’s on top of Sunday’s race counting as Race 5’s points. If you’re familiar with how tight our championship battles are at the end of the season, you know how critical it is to qualify and qualify well with KartMania’s unique Saturday pole day format. Remember: a driver must be present on the grid to be considered for qualifying points. No attempt to qualify on Saturday will result in a last place start on Sunday.

Please Pass Along the Yummy Side Dishes!
Things are coming together for our cookout on Saturday night. NHKA will supply hamburgers and hot dogs (we are still looking for some help with the cooking.) And of course we always have some grilling experts helping with their own recipes and cooking. However, we could still could use more sharable side dishes (just let us know what you’ll be bringing.)

Raffle Fun at the Cookout!
We will holding a 50/50 raffle for a very good cause. PLUS: Pro Dry, a sponsor of Jake Siedel and John Sullivan, will be raffling off a Dehumidifier to benefit the cause.

Stay tuned for a full weekend schedule in the coming days.

Who’s Ready for Big Track Racing?
KartMania6! July 23 & 24 at Canaan Motor Club

Why is KartMania! the favorite race weekend of so many NHKA driver’s? Maybe it’s the excitement of standing starts, strategy of draft racing and chance to blast wide open around the full Canaan car track. Maybe it’s having a full day of practice and tuning (and a bit of sandbagging) to get your kart dialed in. Maybe it’s the cookout party Saturday night that brings the entire NHKA paddock together to share stories, favorite family side dishes and sometimes even a few songs. One thing is for sure – the sixth edition of KartMania! is not to be missed.

Registration opens Sunday July 3, 2022 at 6pm on For this event only we’re opening up registration to both NHKA members and non-members with two big “buts.” #1: We will be capping the total number of entries, as well as the number of entries in each class/race group. So if you’re racing for season championship points you definitely want to register early! #2: The speeds and tight packs of road racing make it appropriate only for karters with the confidence and control that come with experience. All new drivers will be watched closely and vetted as needed for theirs and everyone’s safety.

All day Saturday there will be practice by group, concluding with timed qualifying for Sunday’s race. Saturday night the club will be cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. We ask that members bring a side to share with the group… if you know what that’ll be, or need a suggestion, please drop us a line at

Sunday will start with practice in the morning and feature races in the afternoon. (NHKA Race 5) We’ll be racing the full road course clockwise with the chicane. Kid Karts will be on the Kart Track Saturday only but run all day. Briggs 206 Cadets will race on Half Track 1. If there’s rain, all groups will race on Half Track 1.

Stay tuned for more details and important updates!

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