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August 3-4, 2024
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August 24-25, 2024
Canaan Motor Club

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Next Up: Kartmania 8!

Thank you all for a fun weekend of hot weather and hot racing! We will be updating the points very soon.

Kartmania 8/Race 4 is only three weeks away. Registration is open at until Tuesday July 30 at midnight. That is only 14 DAYS! So click the link to sign up now!

Kartmania is your once-a-year shot at the high-speed, drafting that is the full 1.4-mile road course. It’s our Talladega! We’ll be racing clockwise with the chicane. Saturday will be a full day of practice that wraps up with qualifying to set the grid for NHKA Race 4 on Sunday. This event is for experienced drivers only, so there will be no Karting Safety Course. 206 Cadet will race clockwise on Half-Track 1. PLUS! As a special treat for Saturday only, we’ve invited 4- and 2-cycle vintage karts to put on an exhibition race on the short karting course.

Kartmania is one of our most popular events because it’s just as fun off the track as it is on. Saturday evening NHKA will break out our grills to cook up burgers and dogs for everyone. But this year we also want to see (and taste!) what you can do. So we’re inviting our racers and guests to show off their grill-skill with a friendly cook-off. We’re also asking folks to bring their favorite side dishes and desserts to share. Or maybe you have some special home-brewed beverage you’d like to pass around. Just let us know what you plan to bring by sending a quick note to [email protected]. Another fun Kartmania tradition is the friendly cornhole competition. We will set up multiple boards so pick a partner and join in. What’s more, new this year, Paul Bowin and Greg Clear are promoting a pit decorating contest. We will pull together a totally biased, bribe-accepting committee to recognize the most amazing and amusing pit in the paddock. Saturday night at Kartmania is always a memorable great time for all. To keep the party going, we will make whatever adjustments necessary to accommodate guests coming and going throughout the evening.

There will be many emails and FB messages to keep everyone up to date on the latest Kartmania 8 news. Stay tuned and go register now!

Everything You Need to Know About the Race Weekend

First off, the weather looks promising for the entire weekend. It’s been a while since we had this good of a forecast. Let’s keep the good vibes going!

Pit passes for guests and helpers: 2-day $25, 1-day $15.
Weekend camping: $25.
All sold at the gate, cash only.

Friday Night
5-8pm: Gate open for trailer drop off, driver sign in, pit passes, camping, pre-race safety tech. No entry after 8pm. No exceptions.

Saturday and Sunday
6:30am: Gate opens If you are early, DO NOT park on the street or in front of the transfer station gate.
12pm: Gate closes. No entrance after. If you have guests coming they must arrive before noon.
8:15am: Drivers meeting. Mandatory for ALL drivers.
8:15am: Kid Karts on track.
9:00am: Practice by groups. Two 7-minute rounds of practice per group. Followed immediately by one 5-minute round of qualifying.
12:30ish: Lunch break
1:15ish: Races. 15 laps for 206 Cadet. 18-20 laps all other classes.
5-8pm: Gate open for Sunday competitors and guests.

Practice Groups
1 Kid Kart (Saturday Only)
2 206 Cadet
3 206 Masters
4/5 TaG Senior/TaG Masters/DD2
6 206 Senior
7 World Formula
8 206 Junior
9 206 Medium
10 Karting Safety Course

Qualifying and Race Groups
2 206 Cadet
3 206 Masters
4 TaG Senior/DD2
5 TaG Masters
6 206 Senior
7 World Formula
8 206 Junior
9 206 Medium

We are off to the track, away from the office and email. If you have any important questions or information, please contact us through our FB page.

We’re Getting Tuned-Up for the Season’s First Doubleheader

Races 2 and 3 are coming up quick on July 13/14. We are looking forward to hanging out with everyone for the first full-weekend event of 2024. We will be using Half Track 1 counterclockwise for both days.

NHKA Member registration is open on until July 9th at 6pm. Of course you can always mail in a paper entry form old school style.

We have added a new class: Briggs 206 Senior Medium. We did this to take some of the pressure off of the popular 206 Senior class. We feel that 22 or so is a safe maximum number of karts to have out on track at once. The Senior class was drawing around 25 entries and had the potential for more. This new class is also a senior class, but with a slightly higher minimum weight: 375lbs. 206 Senior drivers and 206 Masters drivers looking to enter a second class may enter the new Senior Medium class with the same kart, but MUST make weight for all on-track sessions.

We do not have a Karting Safety Course scheduled for July 13 or 14. We will have a few new drivers that we will guide throughout the day.

We have race tires in stock to cover the next race weekend. You may reserve tires now and we will bring them to the track for you. Or you can pick them up at the office.

Have a fun, safe 4th!

NHKA Races 2 & 3 – Come to the Grid!

First, we would like to thank all of you for making the first race of the 2024 NHKA Racing Series so fun. Although the weather wasn’t ideal, all of you kept up with the changing conditions and put on a great show.

Time to Register for Races 2 & 3
Onward to Races 2 and 3 on July 13 and 14 at Canaan Motor Club – our first two-day event of the season. We love the doubleheader weekends because they give us the chance to all relax together on Saturday night to enjoy some conversation, games, and fun. We will be racing counterclockwise on Half Track 1. is open for registration. You’ll see a two-day entry option that includes a two-day pit pass. There is also a Sunday-only selection with a single-day pit pass for those only able to race Sunday. If you are only able to race Saturday, please send an email to [email protected] and we will make sure you are entered properly.

New Class for Briggs 206 Racers
Introducing Briggs 206 Medium. Starting with Race 2, this will be a full championship points class with a drop race. The minimum weight is 375lbs. Otherwise, all the same rules apply as with all the 206 classes.

Given the surging popularity of the 206 Senior class, we felt it necessary to add this class to disperse the total number of karts on track at once. This will also give some drivers a class that’s more in line with their weight. While the intent of this move is to spread out entries, if you wish to enter two classes with the same 206-powered kart you may. But please be aware and prepared for the possibility of there only being one race separating your two races.

Also, please be aware that we will cap the number of entries per class. Right now that number is 22. We feel this is a safe number of karts to have out together given the size of the track and speeds we race. We may adjust that number as the season progresses. Bikereg will show you the number of entries as they come in. If you care about championship standings, as always, it is wise to enter those classes early to ensure your starting spot.

Finally, we do not have any Karting Safety Courses scheduled which will help lighten up the race day. However, we will add those classes as we add new members. Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks.

Now That We’ve Practiced – It’s Time to Race!

Registration for Race 1 on June 8 is open. 2024 NHKA members can enter on Please email [email protected] if you have any issues registering.

Practice Day Wrap Up
Thank you to everyone who participated in our open practice day. There were 92 drivers including 24 new racers in our Karting Safety Course. (There’ll be another Karting Safety Course on June 8 if you missed this one.) We also welcomed some new corner workers and promoted one long-time marshal up to the Race Control position. It’s a solid crew that we’re looking forward to working with this season and beyond. Everyone did a great job and the weather was beautiful, so we were able to get in six sessions per group.

Kart Numbers
With so many new members, and several veteran racers looking to make a change, here is an updated list of kart numbers available to be reserved by 2024 NHKA members. As you can see, these numbers go up to 198, other 3 digit numbers above 200 are available upon request. Reserved numbers will be issued on a first-come/first-served basis. Please email your request for only one number to [email protected] We will notify you with a confirmation of yes or no.

26, 27, 32, 36, 38, 41, 46, 52, 57, 58, 61, 62, 69, 76, 85, 105, 106, 107, 110, 114, 116, 121, 122, 127, 128, 135, 136, 139, 140, 141, 143, 146, 149, 150, 152, 156, 157, 158, 162, 165, 169, 170, 174, 176, 178, 179, 180, 182, 185, 189, 192, 193, 195, 197, 198

Race Tires
NHKA will have tires available trackside at Race 1, as will our supporting kart shops. Please pre-order if you can, so you can be sure to have the tires you need when the green flag waves on the 2024 season.

Start Your Engines!

We are ready to go for this Saturday’s season opening practice day at Canaan Motor Club. We will have a great turnout, so thank you all for registering. We will use Half-Track 1 clockwise. This is the configuration to the left of the grid and around the infield garage.

Our event schedule will largely be the same as last year. You are invited to arrive Friday evening 5-8pm to drop your trailer, set up your pit and get your kart inspected. Camping is $25 cash per tent, car, trailer or RV. (We collect this fee on behalf of the track.)

Friday Night
5-8pm: Gate open.
Driver sign in, pit pass sales, trailer parking and pit set up.
Mandatory kart safety inspection during daylight.
8pm: Gate closes. No entry after. Anyone not camping must leave property.

6:30am-12pm: Gate open. No admittance after noon.
8:15am: Mandatory meeting for all drivers.
8:30pm: Karting Safety Course drivers meeting.
9am: Kid Karts on track.

Practice Order
1 Kid Kart
2 206 Cadet
3 206 Junior
4 206 Senior/Masters
5 TaG Senior/Masters
6 World Formula Light/Heavy
7 Karting Safety Course Cadet
8 Karting Safety Course Junior/Senior

Sessions will be 7 minutes each.
Kid Karts will finish for the day at the lunch break.

Please Remember…
In-person pit pass sales only, cash or check (no credit cards.) Everyone entering the property must sign both the NHKA AND Canaan Motor Club waivers and wear both pit pass wristbands. The fee is $15 for ages 12-64, $10 for those under 12 or 65 and over.

Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or an adult with a completed Temporary Guardianship Letter.

No alcohol consumption by ANYONE until after on-track activity has concluded for the day. No other mind-altering substances allowed at any time.

No working on or parking karts on paved areas. All work and parking must be done on the grassy areas.

No starting race engines at any time Friday or until after the drivers meeting Saturday.

Please clean your pit area completely and take all trash with you when you leave the track. Our goal is to always leave the facility even cleaner than when we arrived.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at the track!

Updates for the May 4th Practice Day

Registration on for the May 4th practice day at Cannan Motor Club will close on April 30th at 6pm. Please remember that your name and DOB must match what you entered for your membership. For example: Michael vs Mike. If I signed up for my membership as “Michael” that’s the name I need to use when I register for events; “Mike” will not work. Also remember, transponders are not needed for this event.

The practice day will run clockwise on Half Track 1. This will also be the configuration for Race 1 on June 8. We are all set with help moving barriers at the track. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!!!!

The first tire order has arrived. If you pre-ordered tires you can simply pick them up at the track on May 4th. You can also pick them up at the office in Easton, MA before the practice day. Or we can ship them directly to you.

Be sure check your driving gear. Especially your helmets. We will not allow out of date helmets at any time, including practice.

Snell Foundation Ratings

SA, M or K 2015 12/31/2025
CMR or CMS Youth 2016 12/31/2026
SA, M or K 2020 12/31/2030
SFI Requirements
24.1/2015 (Youth) 12/31/2025
31.1/2015 12/31/2025
41.1/2015 12/31/2025
24.1/2020 (Youth) 12/31/2030
31.1/2020 12/31/2030
41.1/2020 12/31/2030

All 2020 Snell and SFI Ratings are Legal

No Longer Legal: Snell SA, M and K 2010.
SFI 24.1/2005 (Youth), 31.2a, 41.2a,24.1/2005,
3.1/2005, 41.1/2005

It’s Time to Register for the First Event of the Season!

The 2024 season of the NHKA Racing Series is finally here! Our first event will be on May 4 at Canaan Motor Club. This will be an all-day practice for our returning drivers and a separate Karting Safety Course in the morning to give all our new drivers a fun and educational first on-track experience.

Registration on launches Friday April 12 at 6pm. The deadline is April 30 at 6pm. All approved 2024 NHKA members should sign up for their respective classes. All new drivers who sent in a membership application should sign up for the Karting Safety Course. Old-school mail-in registrations will also be accepted, but must be received at the office by the April 30 deadline.

We are still waiting on a few outstanding minor waivers. Those drivers will not be able to register on BikeReg until we receive their completed release forms at the office.

The first shipment of LeCont tires is on the way. We’ll be placing another order shortly. So if you know you’ll need tires on May 4 send in a tire order form now instead of risking the track-side supply running out.

Thank You to All Our 2024 Members!

Woot woot! We have 151 confirmed members for the 2024 season. This includes 27 new drivers. Please join us in welcoming and helping them to get up to speed.

Memberships are no longer available through BikeReg. If you missed the deadline, you can still purchase a membership by submitting a membership application by mail or email. Thinking nah? Keep in mind that non-members cannot register for events online and are subject to non-member entry pricing. C’mon, save some money and commit to joining us for what promises to be a very fun season.

Stay tuned… we’ll be opening registration for our first event on BikeReg very shortly!

Will You Return Your Minor Release Form Already!!!

Out of the 50 annual minor release forms we sent out by request, there are still 26 outstanding. Remember, we must have your completed form at the office BEFORE your 1st event. We will NOT accept annual minor driver forms at the gate at any time. So PLEASE return yours as soon as you can to avoid any unnecessary last-minute scrambling and possible disappointment.

Woo Hoo!
The Season is so Close it’s Time to Order Tires!

The racing season is just around the corner, so we will be putting in a tire order very soon. We will still be running LeCont Reds in the Briggs 206 and World Formula classes, and LeCont Whites in the TaG classes. LeCont White rain tires are also available. Order today by clicking here.

We can deliver to the track, you can pick up at the office or we can ship via UPS to your door. If you wish to purchase tires by the case we can do that, however all case purchases must be pre-ordered. We will also have tires for sale at at the track.

CKNA Spring Nationals
Some of our NHKA drivers got a head start on the season by participating in the CKNA Spring Nationals in Charlotte, NC last weekend. There were more than 500 entries which makes it very tough just to make it into the finals. Some of our drivers did well while others had issues. However, after facing such a high-level of competition everyone came home a better driver. Congrats to all!

NHKA Membership
The deadline for membership registrations is at the end of this month. We have over 100 members registered so far, including 12 rookies and a few familiar faces returning after taking a few years off. Don’t wait too long! Get your membership today at

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