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Open Practice
May 4, 2024
Canaan Motor Club

Race 1
June 8, 2024
Canaan Motor Club

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Come see intense racing between karters of all ages. You just might discover the NHKA’s newest racing family – yourselves!
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NHKA Racing Series is how real people get to race high-performance karts wheel to wheel at Canaan Motor Club.
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Corner Workers Needed

A few of our regular corner workers have retired and/or moved on to other ventures. If you or anyone you know is interested and able to commit to the full season, these paid positions:
Require a commitment to work all 9 events in 2024.
Pay per race day. Usually 8:30am – 5pm.
Include free lunch.
Training and instruction provided by the NHKA.

If you or anyone you know is interested in getting paid to spend nine days outdoors watching great racing, please contact us directly at [email protected] for details.

Have You Renewed Your NHKA Membership for 2024?
Thank you to everyone who has renewed so far. Not you? Not to worry. All 2023 members in good standing in 2023 have until March 29. Why wait when it only takes a few minutes to guarantee your racing season? Do it now at

Have You Completed a New Minor Waiver for 2024?
Don’t forget, if your driver is under the age of 18 you must submit a new notarized minor waiver for the 2024 season. Request a waiver package via email at [email protected]

The 2024 Season Begins!

We hope everyone had great holidays. We also hope that you received, or gave, some really cool kart racing stuff.

It is now time to start our 2024 season. We will be making some minor adjustments to our race day scheduling, rules and procedures. Most of which were discussed at our annual banquet back in November. We will work to keep you all up to date through email and the website as we go along.

All 2023 NHKA members in good standing may renew their membership for 2024 on starting Monday January 8 at 5pm. It will close on Friday March 29 at 5pm.
That gives you plenty of time to renew your membership. 81 days. 1,944 hours. 116,640 minutes. So don’t wait until the last one to get it done!!!!

All non-members must send in a membership application. Current members may renew via the membership form if they prefer. Please make checks out to KEI.

Email to:
[email protected]

Mail to:
7 Renker Drive
So. Easton MA 02375

Please remember to indicate the class you intend to race. You’ll also need to indicate your kart number. We are still using a non-repeat number system, so will contact you if there are any conflicts.

New class structure:

New Driver Safety Course
Kid Kart
206 Cadet
206 Junior
206 Senior
206 Masters
World Formula Light
World Formula Heavy
TaG Senior
TaG Masters

Ready. Set. GO!!!!

Recap of the Annual Members Meeting

We tried something different this year by holding the banquet and members meeting before the holidays and we think it worked out well. Attendance was great, with 160 racers, friends and friends on hand to honor our champions and have some fun.

At the members meeting portion of the event we discussed adjustments to the class structure. Given the low participation in TaG Junior, we’ve decided to no longer offer it as a championship class. Drivers who participated in 2023 can race with us in 2024, but will be on track with another TaG class, and not race for position or points. The Shifter class has also been cut due to low attendance. Again, any shifter drivers who have supported NHKA consistently will have the opportunity to get out on track with another class.

The fuel rule for the 4-cycle classes was also discussed. We are considering allowing pump gas from a single source designated by the NHKA. Although pump gas requires more maintenance, the cost is considerably less. That said, the current spec racing fuel would still be allowed. Stay tuned for our final decision on this.

We also discussed an adjustment to race day procedures. We will be adding a Karting Safety Course session to the morning practice schedule. If it’s determined that the new drivers would benefit from more practice, a separate race group will be added.

The 2024 schedule was also adjusted slightly. While all of the dates are the same, May 4 will now be an open practice. (All NHKA legal karts are welcome. Other karts may be allowed per approval.) We will also offer new driver Karting Safety Course sessions and instruction all day.

2024 NHKA Racing Series
May 4 Practice Day
June 8 Race 1
July 13-14 Race 2 & 3
August 3-4 Kartmania/Race 4
August 24-25 Race 5 & 6
September 14 Race 7
October 5 Race 8

In the coming weeks we will be updating our membership form, rule book, class structure, new driver program, etc. We will also fill you all in on any other updates.

We are extra excited to welcome Tom Prioli on board as our new “Co-“ everything. Tom has vast knowledge of karting as a racer and as a karting businessman. He will assist with the race directing and as well as every aspect of the race day.

We are also gathering more people to help out on race days so our events run more smoothly for everyone. We have volunteer positions open for anyone who is interested. Most do not require a whole-day commitment – some are in the morning, others in the afternoon. And of course, we will make sure you don’t miss your driver’s race.

That’s it for now. We hope you too will be able to take some time to relax and enjoy the holiday season with your family. As always, thank you for racing with the NHKA!!! Have a great off season!!!

Congratulations to the 2023 NHKA Champions
and All Our Racers

What a season! Congratulations and thank you to all our champions for competing at a level that elevates the quality of the on-track action ever higher. Thank you to all our competitors who come back race after race a little smarter, a little quicker and just as determined. Thank you to all the family and friends who cheer us on as we chase our dreams. Thank you to our corner marshals who watch over us and keep us safe no matter what the sky is throwing at them. And thank you to the NHKA staff and everyone who volunteers to make all this crazy fun possible!

Jackson Blanchard – Briggs 206 Cadet

William Tyler – Briggs 206 Junior

Cooper Rettich – Briggs 206 Senior

Tom Rosenfeld – Briggs 206 Masters

Brayden Hatch – TaG Junior

Alex Gomes – TaG Senior

Tom Prioli – TaG Masters

Ryan Archambault – World Formula Light

Tom Rosenfeld – World Formula Heavy

Final Details for Saturday’s Banquet

We are ready to celebrate our 2023 NHKA Racing Series Champions at this Saturday’s awards banquet sponsored by LeCont Tyres. The top 5 in each class will receive trophies and prizes. A buffet-style lunch will be served, and there will be a raffle with great prizes. But before all that, we’ll be holding our annual members meeting to discuss class structure, race day procedures, the new driver safety course and the 2024 schedule.

White Birch Function Hall
222 Central Street
Hudson NH 03051

Saturday November 4
1pm Doors Open
1:30pm Members Meeting
2pm Food Served
3pm Award Ceremony

See You There!!!!

It’s Almost Trophy Time!

Your 2023 Awards Banquet is brought to you by LeCont Tires. WR International and LeCont Tires has been a great partner to work with over the years and we are exited to announce that the relationship will continue for many years to come.

Thank You for the great response! More than 160 of our racers, along with their family and friends, will gather at the White Birch Banquet Facility in Hudson NH on November 4th from 1pm until 5pm. We will celebrate our points champions as well as share some good food and season memories. There’ll be a cash bar and a raffle to round out the fun.

As always, before the ceremony there will be a members meeting to discuss:
Race day format
Class structure
An improved new driver program

If you have any topics that you feel should be added to the agenda, please forward them to [email protected]

A complete schedule for the day will be released next week.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you!!!

Enduro Cancelled :(

We’ve been monitoring the forecasts all week with hopeful thoughts. Unfortunately, Saturday is going to bring more of the wet stuff to western and northern New England. Racing a 4-hour enduro in the rain is not a good idea – excess water in your engines, bearings, helmets, etc. An enduro would have been a fun way to end a season, but not like this.

We will cancel the race. There is no make-up date.

Thank you all for a great season. With the weather we’ve had it has taken a lot of extra patience and work which is very much appreciated. But in the end we’re gonna have to let Mother Nature claim a victory.

Please remember the banquet is on November 4th. Deadline for registering is October 11. Not much time left, so if you are joining us please RSVP by emailing [email protected]

Be Sure to RSVP for the Banquet by October 11th!

2023 Awards Banquet
1-5:30pm November 4, 2023
White Birch Function Hall in Hudson, NH

It’s time to celebrate the 2023 season!!! We will serve some delicious food and pass out the championship trophies for our top drivers along with a few special awards. There will also be a quick discussion about a few rules changes we are considering for the 2024 season. There’ll also be a prize raffle and a cash bar.

2023 NHKA members may attend with one non-member guest at no charge. Otherwise non-members will be $20 per person prepaid. All attendees must RSVP via [email protected] Please list the member’s name with the name of their accompanying non-member guest. Please also list additional non-member guests and include a phone number for us to call you to arrange payment.

We know everyone is focused on preparing for the Enduro, but please remember that banquet RSVP’s must be submitted no later than Wednesday, October 11 for us to provide the hall with a final headcount. Thank you!

UPDATE: Complete Rules for 2nd Annual NHKA Enduro

Thank you once again for a great 2023 season. The racing was intense and fun to watch from the sidelines. Some of the points battles were tight and went down to the last race. We also had many great showings from rookie drivers who we hope to see next season and beyond. Thank you to everyone who took the time to show them the way – it’s that generous helpfulness that makes this club so great.

Now let’s get out there and have some fun one last time in 2023!!!! It’s time to prepare for the 2nd Annual NHKA Enduro on October 7th. It’s a completely different kind of racing on a different track configuration with teammates and driver changes, as well as pit stops and arm-burning stints behind the wheel. It’s a mighty fun way to squeeze the rest bits of racing value out of your stuff before the winter rebuild.

Register Now!
Registration is now open for NHKA members on Non-members are welcome to race, but must complete a registration form with a description of karting experience and send to [email protected] for approval. The deadline for member registrations, non-member approvals and the submission of team rosters is October 3 at Midnight.

While the classes are limited to Briggs 206 Junior and Senior and World Formula Heavy, any NHKA member old enough for these classes is welcome to participate. If you don’t have one of these karts there are drivers that do who are looking for teammates. So find a buddy or two and join in the fun. Make a post on our Facebook page or send us an email at [email protected] and we will let as many people as we can know you are looking for a team.

Know the Rules!
We now have a complete set of Enduro rules posted to the website We strongly suggest that participants bookmark this link or download and print the pdf available on the page. In short, all NHKA kart, engine, tire, and fuel rules apply. But there’s a lot more you need to know, so make sure you read it all or the race director will make you wish you had!

Stay tunes over the next few weeks for event updates and race day details.

The Race 8 Championship Finale is a Go!

The latest forecasts have Hurricane Lee moving out to sea with the rain and winds diminishing throughout the region, especially inland. The weather at the track looks good. Maybe some winds but nothing scary. (Nonetheless, please be careful if you have a sizable trailer.) Of course this is as of now. We will keep a close eye on everything: travel advisories, state restrictions, changes to the forecast. If we need to change our plans we will announce it via Facebook and here on the website.

We will be racing on Half Track 2, which is to the right of the paddock and utilizes the infield kart track to the right side of the garage. We’ll be going counterclockwise and using the chicane. If we do get some rain we will make a race day decision on whether to change the track configuration, or wait it out.

Friday Night Schedule
Gate opens at 4pm.
Pit pass sales, kart safety tech, trailer drop off and camping entrance.
Gate closes at 9pm. No Entrance after 9pm. This is a little later than usual to give a little more time to anyone delayed by weather or winds.

Saturday Schedule
Gate opens at 6:30am.
Drivers meeting at 8:15am.
Kid Karts at 8:45am on the infield Kart Track.
Two rounds of practice by groups.
One qualifying session.
Lunch break
18-lap finals.

Saturday Race Groups
1 Kid Kart
2 206 Cadet
3 206 Senior
4 World Formula Heavy
5 TaG Senior
6 TaG Junior
7 TaG Masters/Shifters
8 206 Junior
9 206 Masters
10 World Formula Light

Kid Karts will run their final at the lunch break. Kid Karts will not race on a wet track. World Formula Light and Heavy will practice and qualify together in Group 4.

Once again thank you all for your patience and advice. See you at the track!!!!!!

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