Updates for the May 4th Practice Day

Registration on www.bikereg.com/nhka for the May 4th practice day at Cannan Motor Club will close on April 30th at 6pm. Please remember that your name and DOB must match what you entered for your membership. For example: Michael vs Mike. If I signed up for my membership as “Michael” that’s the name I need to use when I register for events; “Mike” will not work. Also remember, transponders are not needed for this event.

The practice day will run clockwise on Half Track 1. This will also be the configuration for Race 1 on June 8. We are all set with help moving barriers at the track. Thank you to everyone who volunteered!!!!

The first tire order has arrived. If you pre-ordered tires you can simply pick them up at the track on May 4th. You can also pick them up at the office in Easton, MA before the practice day. Or we can ship them directly to you.

Be sure check your driving gear. Especially your helmets. We will not allow out of date helmets at any time, including practice.

Snell Foundation Ratings

SA, M or K 2015 12/31/2025
CMR or CMS Youth 2016 12/31/2026
SA, M or K 2020 12/31/2030
SFI Requirements
24.1/2015 (Youth) 12/31/2025
31.1/2015 12/31/2025
41.1/2015 12/31/2025
24.1/2020 (Youth) 12/31/2030
31.1/2020 12/31/2030
41.1/2020 12/31/2030

All 2020 Snell and SFI Ratings are Legal

No Longer Legal: Snell SA, M and K 2010.
SFI 24.1/2005 (Youth), 31.2a, 41.2a,24.1/2005,
3.1/2005, 41.1/2005