How the Heck Do I Put a Hole In a Bolt and Why?

Drilled boltKarts vibrate a lot causing nuts and bolts to work loose and fly away. So for critical systems like your steering and brakes we require you use bolts manufactured with a groove and a specialized clip or that every bolt be drilled and cotter pinned or safety wired.

Safety wire and cotter pins are cheap and simple, but must be put through a hole in a bolt. How does that hole get there? You have three options: buy pre-drilled bolts, ask a favor of someone with a drill press, or do it yourself… which is easier than you think with the right tools:

1.) Jig for drilling the threaded ends of bolts
2.) Jig for drilling bolt heads and nuts
3.) Stash of small carbide, cobalt or circuit board bits
4.) Awl or scribe to mar the surface so the drill can bite if you don’t have a jig
5.) Circlips and/or small cotter pins
6.) Spool of safety wire
7.) A special tool for pulling, twisting and cutting safety wire

Bolt drilling jig Nut drilling jig