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Thank You for an Amazing Season!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

The last race is in the books and the Final 2021 Championship Points Standings have been posted. Congratulations to the champions as well as all competitors for their efforts and dedication. We will all see you in Manchester, NH on Saturday, January 29th to celebrate your accomplishments at the 2021 NHKA Awards Banquet and Party. More details, including the venue will be announced soon.

This season was by far the busiest season to date. To all our family, friends, workers and volunteers we offer our sincere thanks for helping to make this season a success. Yes, we had some stressful times, but we had many more fun times. To all of you who took the time to offer advice or a helping hand, we thank you.

We are moving forward to the 2022 season. We have been in contact with NHMS and Canaan Motor Club in regards to race dates. We continue working to improve the issues we encountered during the 2021 season. We made a lot of adjustments, some good and others needing improvement, and we will be making more. For example, we are still refining the online registration o make it more user friendly.

We will also be moving forward with LOTS of rules updates, both in procedures and technical specs. We especially want to clarify kart and engine rules. We will also want to lock into a predictable race day format after experimenting with a few different versions. You will be fully updated well before the start of the new season.

Thank you again for another great year!

NHKA Staff

Final Updates for Saturday’s Season Finale at Canaan

Friday, October 8th, 2021

The weather looks nice, the trees are in full color – Saturday will be a picture-perfect fall day to wrap up the busy and exciting 2021 NHKA Racing Series. Championships will be decided in some classes. We ask that drivers be aware and respectful of your competitors who may have more at stake than usual.

We will be welcoming two special guests: the principals of WR International, the importers of LeCont tires. They’ll be visiting us all the way from Miami, FL and available all day to help and answer your tire questions.

It’s fall foliage season and a long weekend to boot. That means you should plan on adjusting your schedule to encounter lots of traffic heading up to NH and VT Friday afternoon and evening. You also need to plan on the gate closing an hour earlier than usual: 8pm. We know this is not ideal, but there are extenuating circumstances. On the other hand, we will be opening the gate a couple hours early, 4pm.

Please remember that no bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. are allowed on the property at any time.

Friday Night
4-8pm Track entry for everyone – trailer drop off, campers. etc. Safety Tech will also be available.

6:30am Gate opens. DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY AND PARK ON THE STREET! If you have a wristband from Friday night you must STOP and show it at the gate.

11am Gate closes. All attendees must be on the property by 11am. NO late arrivals.

8:15am Drivers meeting. EVERYONE MUST attend and be on time. If you are found not to have attended, you will be subject to disqualification for the day.

8:45am Kid Karts on track. Kid karts will have four sessions and will be done at the lunch break.

Race Order & Format
Each practice group will have two 6-minute practice sessions. The second session will be your timed qualifying session. Prefinals will be six laps. Finals will be 15 laps.
Group 2 and 3 will run their prefinal before lunch, immediately after group 9 qualifies.
Racing will resume after lunch with group 4.

1 Kid Kart
2 206 Sr.
3 206 Cadet / TaG Mini
4 TaG Sr.
5 World Formula Light
6 206 Jr.
7 Shifters / TaG Masters
8 TaG Jr.
9 206 Masters / World Formula Heavy

Races to Watch at the 2021 NHKA Racing Series Finale

Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

Here we are, at the end of the season, and what an epic season it has been. Growth was so explosive the club forced to limit attendance even after the pandemic restrictions were eased. Speaking of Covid-19 and huge attendance, we are extremely proud and grateful to our team and membership for the thoughtfulness and cooperation that made such a busy season possible without a single known case transmitted at an event. Amazing! Out on the track we did more rain racing this season than in the past several seasons combined. Unfortunately, rain tire supply issues saddled us with a giant, stinking controversy nobody needed but we all survived. Without a doubt, the grand champion of the 2021 season is the mighty little Briggs 206 that made it possible for us to welcome so many new racers to the NHKA family. We hope you all had as much fun as we did watching you get better and better every race.

One thing that didn’t change in 2021 was the intensity of competition. As usual, there are championships that won’t be decided until the last lap of the last race. Looking at the points (thank you once again Jim Slade!), and figuring in presumed drops, here are the tight points races to watch at the season finale. If you haven’t, register now!

Briggs 206 Cadet
When you don’t have a single race finish lower than 2nd, you get to cruise into the last event like it’s a victory lap. Nice work Walker Fitch! On the other hand, Walker’s competition has some work to do sorting out who will be joining him on the championship podium. Wesley Clark comes into Canaan in possession of the 2nd points position and the momentum of winning the previous race. Bryson Boutin is only 17.5 points behind Wesley with 6 podiums including a win in Race 4. And should any of these three stumble, William Roberts is right there with the consistency to grab a spot on the podium for himself.

Briggs 206 Junior
William Dzuba has stood on the podium every race this season, but has been in absolute kill mode since Race 4 with four wins and a 2nd. Imagine being this dominant only to still have Caleb Jarvis-Comi breathing down your neck restraint a mere 17.5 points behind with a track record for delivering the goods under pressure at the last race. Now imagine you’ve earned seven podiums and a win but are relegated to third place… Do you think Christian Flagg will be looking to improve his lot at the last race? You bet he will.

Briggs 206 Senior
Ryan Archambault’s five wins puts him at the top of the standings with the drop. However, Dave Nadeau’s consistency has him just 22 points back. Most certainly, not only is dammit Dave hungry for a championship, but also eager to double his win tally. A shout out to Greg Santos who was having a solid season with a win and a string of top fives. Unfortunately, disaster struck in Race 7, and again in Race 8, scuttling his championship hopes after being in contention all season. Racing be like that sometimes.

TaG Senior
Ricardo Nunes’ five wins should be more than enough for him to retain the TaG Senior championship. What’s going to be interesting to watch is whether TaG rookie Alex Gomes can recapture some of his early-season brilliance to hold off TaG veteran Mark Donato, who is only 7.5 points behind and has stood on each step of the podium in the last three races.

TaG Masters
There’s no doubt that Ricardo Nunes will retain the TaG Masters championship. The question is whether he will do so by sweeping the entire feakin’ season! The other question to be answered at Canaan is who will get 2nd with only ten points separating long-time TaG Masters rivals Tobe Armendariz and Robert Bain.

World Formula Light
It’s no surprise that Hooligans Light are a race to watch at Canaan. Nor is it a surprise to find Rick Brown at the top of the standings worrying his socks off over a scant 15 point lead over Ryan Archambault. Both drivers have earned three wins and a pair of 2nds. However, momentum would appear to be on Ryan’s side with wins in the last two races. That is were it not for the fact that Rick hasn’t lost a race at Canaan in more than two years. This is gonna be good! Shout out to Kyle Callahan for locking up 3rd in the points in his first season with NHKA.

World Formula Heavy
Ken Poulin has a 22.5-point lead in his quest for a second championship in the Heavies. It’s not a lot, but it might be enough if he can keep it clean and near the front. The real battle going into Race 9 will be for 2nd place honors with Brett Repke leading Geoff Lockett by only 10 points. Another race not to be missed!

Here’s the Latest Info for Race 8 at NHMS

Friday, September 10th, 2021

We have 151 entries ready to battle out a lot of tight point races in a lot of classes. So let’s get down to business!

Do not park on Rte.106 Friday night or Saturday morning… or ever! Please form a double line, stay tight to the vehicle in front of you, and if necessary bend the line onto the lot that runs alongside 106.

Friday Night
6-9pm: The gate will be open 6-9pm for trailer parking and camping. NO ONE will enter the gate before or after. Remember that ALL persons MUST sign in at the NHMS window before entering the property.

7-9pm: Driver sign in and guest pit pass sales will be inside the grid gate (Friday night only.) Pre-race safety inspections will also be available.

Saturday Morning
6:30-11:30am: The front gate opens for all pit pass sales and driver sign in. No one without a pit pass will be admitted after this time.

8:15am: Drivers meeting. ALL drivers MUST attend. Drivers who are late must see the race director before entering the track for practice.

Race Order: We will run clockwise, same as last race. However, we have made a slight adjustment to the class groups.

1 Kid Karts (In the morning up to lunch break)
2 Briggs 206 Sr.
3 Briggs 206 Cadet/ TaG Mini
4 TaG Sr.
5 World Formula Light
6 Briggs 206 Junior
7 Shifters
8 TaG Masters / TaG Junior
9 World Formula Heavy/ Briggs 206 Masters

NHKA Racing Series Back at
New Hampshire Motor Speedway August 28

Saturday, August 21st, 2021

The NHKA Racing Series has had a dramatic, action-packed summer so far with two wild 2-day events at Canaan Motor Club. We had rain, controversy, tons of close-quarters racing – some of it a bit too close for the race director’s liking! There was also a lot fun, camaraderie people helping each other out. The series wraps up a great summer of racing with a one-day event on the Hill Course at New Hampshire Motor Speedway August 28, 2021. As usual, pre-registration is required by the deadline: August 24th at Midnight. You can do so online at or you can download a mail-in registration by clicking here.

Stay tuned for updates closer to what promises to be another big race!

KartMania5!!! Is Finally Happening this Weekend
and Nothing Can Stop Us!
(How’s That for Thumbing Our Nose at Fate?)

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

All the entries are in, all the preparations have been made, even the weather forecast seems to be straightening itself out. That said, there’s still a chance of some rain. We will do our best to get all the racing in, but we may need to adjust the schedule or race order and if necessary switch to the half-track configuration we ran for Race 1. Should that happen, you may use up whatever rain tires that were allowed for Race 2. We will not allow any new rain tires of any brand except LeCont.

Friday Night – Early Track Entry
The gates will be open 7-9pm for camping and trailer drop off. No reservation is necessary and there’s no charge for dropping off your trailer. The camping fee is $25 cash paid at the gate for one or both nights. No campfires allowed and loud generators must be shut off at 10pm. NO ENTRY after the gate closes at 9pm. Pre-race kart safety tech will be available.

Remember, your guests (maximum of three) must be with you when you purchase their pit passes. We will not hold pit passes for anyone, guests cannot purchase their own pit passes without you, and you cannot purchase pit passes to pass out later. If you enter the property Friday night and your guests arrive on Saturday you must meet them at the gate.

All guests under 18 years old must have a signed minor waiver on file or you must complete one and bring it with you… forms and instructions available by clicking here. However, Covid forms are not required for this event.

Saturday – Practice & Qualifying
Gate opens at 6:30 am. Use the first entrance into the property, marked by an NHKA sign. Do not arrive early and park on the street in front of the track. You will be told to move, and if you’re lucky it will be by an NHKA official and not a police officer. Please form two lines and stay in your vehicle. Lee will instruct you how to proceed.

The drivers meeting will be at 8:30am and practice will begin at 9:00am. We will combine many classes and run 12-minute sessions to give us the most rounds per group as possible.
1 Kid Kart (Saturday only)
2 206 Cadet / TaG Mini (half track)
3 TaG Masters / TaG Senior/ TaG Junior
4 206 Masters / 206 Senior/ 206 Junior
5 All Shifters
6 World Formula Light / Heavy

Qualifying will start at approximately 3:30pm. We will separate most of the classes from their practice groups, and each will get five minutes to lay down fast laps.

If you are registered for Sunday only, but wish to arrive Saturday to camp and/or attend the cookout party, you must sign in and purchase your guest pit passes by 5pm sharp. Seriously! Do not be late! (Note: a 2-day pit pass will be required as will the camping fee for those staying at the track.) Those with pit passes will be free to come and go from the track until the gate is closed at 10pm.

Sunday – Racing!
Gates will be open at 6:30-9am for Sunday-only racers to sign in, as well as the return of those not camping on the property. As usual, the race day will begin with a mandatory drivers meeting at 8:30am. Starting at 9am each race group will get one 6-minute warmup session. At 10:30am the first race will line up on the front stretch for a LeMans-style standing start. All groups will race for 20 minutes. Time starts at the drop of the green flag and the checkers will be waved at 20 minutes, with the race ending when all karts have passed the checker flag.
1 World Formula Heavy
2 TaG Masters/ Junior
3 206 Cadet/ TaG Mini
Lunch Break
4 World Formula Light
5 206 Masters/ Junior
6 All Shifters/ TaG Senior
7 206 Senior

July 17-18 at Canaan Motor Club

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Who else is ready for a fun-filled, two-days of racing with a heaping side of Brazilian BBQ and Mexican street tacos? Next up of the NHKA Racing Series is the much-anticipated 5th edition of Kartmania! at Canaan Motor Club Saturday and Sunday July 17 & 18. Seeing as biblical floods and global plagues have prevented us from hosting the event as planned for a few years, with a little luck, a good number of you will finally be able to experience one of the best weekends in karting.

We will be racing clockwise on the full 1.4-mile road course with the chicane. (206 Cadets will be on Half Track 1, like in May.) It’s a super-fast thrill ride of high-speed straights, sweeping bends, blind off-camber exits where drafting, strategy and coopetition will make or break you in a race where you can finish within a second of the winner but outside the top 10! It is intensely competitive and unbelievably fun!

Most of Saturday will be practice by group. Then at the end of the afternoon will be qualifying for starting positions in Sunday’s finals plus 1/2 points towards the season championship! Sunday will begin with a couple rounds of practice followed by timed endure-style races in the afternoon. If it rains, we’ll still race, but need to switch to Half Track 1 for safety.

Kartmania! has always been as much about friendship and community as racing. On Saturday evening there will be a cookout and party with games open to all. Marcelo and the DeCampos crew will be cooking up their famous Brazilian BBQ, Hugo and Tobe Armendariz will be making their amazing tacos and the club will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. If you have anything you want to cook, please be our guest on the grill. If you have a great family recipe for a side dish, salad, dip or dessert, please bring them to share… please just let us know at Oh yes, everyone should bring their own beverages.

Kartmania! is always one of our biggest draws, so to keep it to manageable mob we’re capping entries at 180 and limiting drivers to three guests. We’re giving our active 2020/21 NHKA Members first shot with members-only registration through July 8. Open registration for non-members and members will begin July 9 at 12am. The deadline for all registrations is midnight July 13. No late or at-track registrations will be accepted. You can register at or by clicking here. You’ll see you have the option to register for Sunday only, which will mean missing out on qualifying points. However, you may join us for the cookout so long as you enter the track by 5pm Saturday, otherwise we’ll see you Sunday morning.

180+ Entries Make Race 3 Another Record-Breaker
More Racers! More Competition! More Excitement!

Friday, June 25th, 2021

Thank you to the more than 180 competitors who registered for NHKA Race 3 this Saturday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, making it the club’s biggest event ever, again. Registration is now closed, and no late entries will be accepted before or at the race. No exceptions.

Of course all this rapid growth is amazing, but as an organization it is challenging to keep up. We’re working to hire more staff and adapt procedures to accommodate the influx. To that end, we will continue to limit drivers to three guests. We will also limit drivers to one helper on the grid and at the scales, which we will be control by issuing each driver a helper’s lanyard which will be required to enter the gated grid/scale area. (Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.) We are also establishing spectator areas at the grandstand site overlooking the bowl and along the fencing at the chicane.

With so many drivers and race groups we want to make sure we have enough day to squeeze it all in and get everyone the track time they expect. To do this we’re trying a new race day format: Beginning as close to 8:30am as we can, we will have two rounds of group practice and extend those sessions to as long as 10 minutes. Then we will break for lunch, after which each group will have one 5-minute qualifying session. There will be no prefinal races, instead we will run longer 20-lap finals. This is subject to change as the day goes, but according to Race Director Mike’s calculations this will ensure racers get in as many laps or more than they did at Race 2.

As usual, the drivers meeting will be at 8:15am. It is mandatory for ALL drivers. Anyone not in attendance will be subject to disqualification for the day.

Group Order
1 Kid Karts (on track 4 times, finishing at lunch)
2 TaG Masters/ TaG jJunior
3 206 Cadet/TaG Mini
4 World Formula Light
5 206 Senior
6 Shifters
7 TaG Senior
8 World Formula Heavy
9 206 Masters/Junior

We will be on the Hill Course, the same circuit as Race 2, but we will reverse direction and go counterclockwise. Friday night and Saturday morning entry procedures will also be the same.

Friday Night Entry 7-9pm: Campers (fee paid at front gate) and trailer drop off must enter during this time. Late arrivals will be turned away at the front gate. Signin will be available in the grid/scale area along with safety tech.

Saturday Morning Entry 6:30am: Form a double line with your vehicle and pull forward when you can. DO NOT stack out onto Rte. 106. Please don’t get out until you are directed that it is your turn to signin.

Pit Passes: Whether you sign in Friday night or Saturday morning, all your guests (up to three) must be with you to purchase pit passes at the same time. We will not hold wristbands for late arrivals, and you may not purchase extra wristbands to hand out later.

Safety Tech 7am: Inspections will be in within the gated grid area. All karts must pass safety tech before going onto the track.

Masks: We will not require any masks or PPE anywhere on the property. Please be respectful of your fellow racers’ choices. NHMS is still requiring all attendees to sign their covid waiver. To make things go quicker at signin, please print and fill out the NHMS waiver at home.

It’s Time to Register for Race 3!!!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

NHKA Race 2 was certainly cold and wet. It was also huge and a lot of fun. For many of you, it was your first taste of rain racing and most handled it quite well. Whereas some of our experienced drivers… hmmm… not so much. That’s fine. Constant learning and the chance to do better next time are big parts of what keep us coming back to the track to try again.

Big thanks to everyone for adapting so well to the rain tire situation. Shipping delays left us hanging without adequate supply, forcing us to open the tire rule so shops and members could dig into their back stock of old and used rains. This made it possible for pretty much everyone with rain wheels to race. However, it demonstrated the speed disparity between brands and compounds, reinforcing the need for the NHKA to institute a strict rain tire rule. If you bought new non LeCont tires for Race 2, we’ll work with you best we can. But from now on, the only new rain tires allowed will be LeCont, which are now fully in stock from the NHKA and NHKA Authorized Dealers. Stay tuned for more on this.

Onward to NHKA Race 3 on June 26th. We’re expecting another large turnout. You can register now on or print and mail your entry by clicking here. Deadline is midnight Tuesday June 22nd. Once again, there will be no registrations accepted late or at the track, and no amount of begging and bribery will change that, so register now!

We’ll be back at NHMS on the Hill Course. The times and procedures will be mostly the same, but this time we’ll be racing counter-clockwise – and hopefully in the dry! We will also be instituting a new procedure to thin out the crowd around the grid and scales. Each driver will be issued one lanyard which your helper will need to be allowed in the grid and scale areas. (Special exceptions can be discussed.) There will be a designated route for the rest of your guests to access the spectator areas without adding to the busyness of nearly 30 karts heading out while another thirty are coming in.

Points: Jim and Mike are still working on the championship points standings. Several classes have required scoring adjustments due to multiple attempted reenactments of Dale Earnhardt’s pass in the grass. Unfortunately, in most cases, the only thing being passed was the scoring loop… by as much as twenty feet in some cases. We realize it is useless to ask racers to slow down. So, from now on, if you miss the scoring loop for any reason other than being forced off the racing surface, that lap will not be counted. It’s this or a pit of alligators. Cast your vote on the Facebook page. And watch for more updates race week.

Final Updates for Race 2 –
the Biggest NHKA Event Ever!

Friday, May 28th, 2021

We did it! The NHKA’s biggest event. We have 174 entries signed up for Race 2 this Saturday May 29 at NHMS. Plus we’ve got more card carrying members than ever before. It’s definitely an exciting time to be part of the NHKA and we appreciate everyone’s support! Here are your final updates going into the big day…

Registration: Registration is closed. No late entries will be accepted now or at the track. No Exceptions.

Memberships: Speaking of memberships, if you aren’t already one this is your last chance to become one and have the points from the first two races count towards the 2021 championship. That means if you submit your 2021 membership form after the end of the day Saturday you will only be credited with points starting with Race 3 or after. In other words, no waiting until the end of the season to see what kind of trophy you’d be getting. (We’re on to your tricks!) Remember, if you got a membership in 2020, you’re all set for 2021 too. Otherwise, complete your membership form now and bring it with you for when you check in Saturday.

Camping on Friday Night: Unlike the first two events at Canaan, you do not need to reserve a camping spot for this Friday night at NHMS. Arrival time is 7-9pm. No entry or parking after. The track will charge you a $25 fee (maybe $35) and may issue you a permit when you check in at the front gate. After parking, proceed immediately to the gated grid area to sign in your driver and helpers and get your pit passes. If you forget to do this before 9pm Friday night, you and your three helpers will need to drag yourselves down to the front gate and wait in line to check in Saturday morning.

Trailer Drop Off on Friday Night: 7-9pm only. We encourage everyone to take advantage of trailer drop off on Friday night to get a good pit spot and get signing-in out of the way. Remember, your entire group needs to check in at the same time. (No, you may not purchase extra pit passes for people coming Saturday.) The best part of Friday night trailer drop off comes Saturday morning when you’re waved by the long line at the front gate. You’ll just need to stop your vehicle briefly at the booth near the main gate and hold up your wristbands until the NHMS worker in the window confirms seeing them on everyone in your vehicle.

Saturday Morning Entry: Check in will begin at the main gate at 6:30am. Please form two lines of vehicles. All helpers (up to three per driver) must be with their driver when they sign in. We will not hold, store, hide, email, airmail, etc. any pit passes.

NHMS Covid Waiver: Please make sure every member of your group has their NHMS Covid Waiver (the one they printed and completed at home this week) to turn in at the NHMS window when you sign in at the front gate.

Masks: Although the masking mandates have been eased, we will still require masks inside the grid gate at all times. The grid and scale areas are very congested. We are all on top of each other so we feel masking is the best way to keep our friends and staff safe. Outside of the grid gate you are free to do as you choose, as is everyone else, so be respectful.

Parking: Honestly, parking for the pits at Loudon wasn’t great when we only had 65 entries. Please, only use as much space as you need for your pit. NHKA staff will guide you to the best spot available for your vehicle and trailer. Extra conversation, begging, bribery, etc. will only hold up everyone behind you. (Please note that the parking area inside the grid gate is reserved for NHKA staff and officials only.)

Race Day Schedule

8:15am Drivers Meeting

8:30am Practice by Group
1. Kid Karts: Last Kid Kart session during lunch.
2. 206 Senior
3. 206 Cadet / TaG Mini
4. TaG Senior
5. World Formula Light
6. 206 Masters / 206 Junior
7. All Shifters KZ / Stock Moto / DD2
8. TaG Masters / TaG Junior
9. World Formula Heavy

If time allows, we will attempt two rounds of practice plus a separate qualifying session. After lunch, each group will have one Pre-Final Race and one Final Race.

There are several drivers running multiple classes. It is impossible to schedule the day without at least one of them ending up in back-to-back races. If you are one of those busy drivers, be sure to let the grid steward know. He will cut you a little slack (a little) to help you not get left behind. If you’re not one of the very few in the back-to-back club, get to the grid on time! That means as soon as the race before yours enters the track. The show must go on!

We’ll see you all at the track!

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