“What Will I Need at the Track?”

Here’s a list of items you’ll find yourself in need of at the track. That’s not to say you’ll need every one of these things your first race, NHKA racers are known to happily lend a tool or assistance. However, these are items you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again, so you’ll want your own sooner than later.

Remember, most kart chassis and engines are made in Europe with metric hardware. However, Briggs and Stratton engines and Margay karts are made in the USA with standard hardware. So if you put a World Formula engine on a GP kart, you’ll probably want to buy a bigger toolbox and an extra hardware box.

Racer’s Packing List

Safety Gear: Helmet, suit, gloves, neck collar, shoes.

Folding Table: Good size and fairly durable.

Pop-Up Canopy: Blazing sun and pouring rain, that’s why.

Rolling Kart Stand: A must for working on your kart and moving it around.

Stocked Cooler and Chair: You can’t expect to race hard if you don’t go easy on your body.

Air Tank/Compressor and Air Gauge: Having your own air is convenient, but the gauge is a must.

Rags and Paper Towels: Rags to clean the kart, paper towels for you and your helmet visor.

Race Fuel: MS93, MS98 and C-12 are sold by the can by kart shops and NHMS. 4-cycle racers have the option of 93-octane pump gas from a designated filling station near the track.

Must-Have Spare Parts: Wheels, chains, sprockets and drive gears, spark plugs, part bin stocked with extra hardware matching your kart, rain wheels and rain suit.

Oils and Lubes: Engine oil, chain lube, high-temp grease (clutch bearings) Cleaners Brake/carb cleaner, SD-20 degreaser/glass cleaner, WD-40

Supplies: Zip ties various size, duct and Gorilla tape, RTV high-temp silicone gasket maker, blue Loc-tite, safety wire

SCREWDRIVERS: Medium and small slotted and phillips, plus x-small slotted

HEX KEYS: 3/4/5/6mm


RATCHET WRENCH: 3/8” with medium and long extensions

SOCKETS: 5/6/7/8/10/12/13/17mm


MALLETS: Medium plastic and large rubber

PLIERS: Needle nose, channel and locking

CHAIN BREAKER: 219 or 35

CORDLESS IMPACT GUN: 14-20volt with socket adapter

FILES: Curved and flat



PERMANENT MARKERS: Silver and black


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