Updates for Saturday’s Race

We have some great news for anyone planning on attending our back to back Saturday races. The speedway will allow us to leave our trailers there for the week if you do not want to haul yours home. The area is gated and has 24/7 security. We will have more details on Saturday morning about the procedure. Think of it as another great incentive to not crash your kart into stuff this weekend!

AdirondackRadiationlogoHere’s a surprise: This weekend’s trophy sponsor is Adirondack Radiation Therapy. You need look no farther than your trophy shelf to appreciate the huge amount of support they’ve provided to NHKA racers over the years. Dr. Tony Vaccaro is the crew chief behind his son Kent’s success, he is a long-time road racer, and a caring physician to many profoundly ill patients who get to enjoy some long overdue good luck by having a good guy like Tony as their radiation therapist. Please be sure to thank him for his generous support!