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August 6, 2016

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August 14, 2016
Practice Friday 2-7pm

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Canaan Motor Club
August 20, 2016

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From Canaan’s Longest Track to Its Shortest –
NHKA Race 5/IKS Race 3 Cued up for July 23rd

DaveMarceloBBQThis year’s edition of KartMania! is in the books. While Saturday’s weather was a big disappointment, boy did we ever have some fun Friday on the Canaan Motor Club’s full road course. So much speed and flow! What the track may have lacked in hard braking zones, it more than gave back with the subtle complexity of banking, drafting, off-camber exits and elevation changes. The track offered the thrill of the fastest corners many of you have ever driven… like the kink onto the pit stretch. Talk about a blazing fast corner that puts you right on the edge. Some of the region’s best shifter and TaG drivers spent the whole day trying to find a way through without lifting. Not sure if anyone did, but a few went for wild rides into the infield trying. Fortunately the track’s safe design prevented injury and kart damage. Friday night we had ourselves a great party. Thank you to everyone who brought side dishes to share. And a huge thank you to chef Marcello DeCampos and crew for the awesome BBQ, and to Dave Nadeau and Lefty’s Brewing for the delicious beer.

CanaanKartTrackThen it rained. Despite everyone’s efforts to dry the track – TWICE! – non-stop drizzle made it a losing battle, and the races needed to be called. The disappointment has left all of us with a feeling of unfinished business on the long track. While we have nothing to announce officially, we can say that getting back onto the full road course is as much a top priority for us as it appears to be for many of you. Obviously these events are more expensive and complex to put on, so a huge turnout is critical. Be sure to let Mike know how strongly you feel about racing on the big track – especially if you’re one of those people who doesn’t voice your opinion very often.

Back to the Business of Winning Championships
There’s a vocal faction of competitors in the NHKA Racing Series driven by Checkered Flag Indoor Karting that misses the intense, up-on-the-wheel, close-quarters racing we used to do on the S3 Lot at NHMS. So it was decided to bring back short-track racing by running this weekend’s big combined IKS Race 3/NHKA Race 5 event on the kart track. This configuration links both crossover roads with short portions of the front and back stretches. So pack those tiny drive gears and tall axle sprockets, and check those brake pads. It’s time to go short track racing!

Big Shout-Out to Trophy Sponsor Central Mass Powersports
CMPS_HiResCMP, located in Lunenburg, MA, sells and services just about every type of motorcycle, personal watercraft and snowmobile, along with gear for riders of all ages. If it has an engine and it’s fun you’ll find it at CMP – including the lineup of Top Kart chassises. CMP also carries a full line of engine parts and a wide selection of trailers to get your kart to the track. Be sure to stop by to thank the Pescatore family this Saturday, and visit to find out what CMP is all about.

KartMania! is Finally Here!
Road Racing is Finally Back in New England!

Thank you to everyone who pre-entered for KartMania! With a solid idea of who will be racing, we now have a complete schedule for Friday’s practice and the races on Saturday. Click here to view and print.

The gates will open at 5pm today for trailer drop-off and camping (no services or campfires.) Registration and safety tech will be open. Gates close at 10pm. Late arrivals are allowed to QUIETLY park overnight on the property outside the gate (not on the street.) Alcohol, fires and noise are strictly forbidden!

NHKA_RoadRaceStartGates, registration and safety tech will open at 7am Friday and Saturday. Please keep in mind that registration for the races closes at 9am Sunday.

We hope everyone will hangout for Brazilian BBQ by Marcello de Campos. Festivities are sponsored by MAK Contracting and Lefty’s Brewing. Please bring a side to share. Rice dishes, mac and cheese, macaroni, potato and garden salads would all be perfect. (Please let Mike know what you’re bringing.) Dave Nadeau will have some Lefty’s on tap, but folks are encouraged to bring their own beverages.

Please be extra diligent as you make your final preparations on your kart. With road racing, speeds are high, so for everyone’s safety, Paul will be super picky in pre-race tech. There’s nothing to do in addition to what you do for a regular NHKA race, but everything needs to be done to perfection. Also, shifter karts will be expected to have air boxes and silencers – same as are required at F1 Outdoors. This is a permanent rule change for all races at Canaan Motor Club.

Yes, there’s a good chance we’ll see rain at some point. Yes, we’ll race. However, classes scheduled for the full road course may switch to the shorter, tighter circuit we’ve been racing this season to keep the speeds down. Mike will make an announcement if this track change is necessary.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Canaan!

The NHKA Racing Series Heads for the Hill Course
at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for Race 4

Tomorrow, June 25, 2016, the NHKA Racing Series driven by Checkered Flag Indoor Karting is back in action on the wildly varied Hill Course at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. With not so much as a drop of rain in the forecast, Race 4 will have none of the rain set-up guesswork that played such a big role in the previous event. Competitors will be back to the usual Hill Course challenge of balancing their karts to fly through the bowl but still get that key launch off the super-tight turns.

Earthwork_IndustriesLogoWe’re pleased to welcome back trophy sponsor Earthwork Industries. The company provides complete environmental remediation services throughout the Northeast. Their expertise includes wetland restoration, contaminated soil removal, remediation systems, drainage, sewer and water connections, commercial and residential septic systems (including MA Title 5), and more. Next time you have a project, be sure to visit or call 508.643.4430.

KartMania! July 8-9 at Canaan Motor Club
On the Full Course – NHKA Road Racing is Back!!!


Register before July 1st to save $25
CLICK HERE to download and print the early registration form now.

Attention Campers
There is no water, showers or electricity available at the track. For those of you whose idea of camping is a 3-star hotel, here are just a few of the options in the Hanover/Lebanon area…
    Days Inn: 800-916-4339
    Courtyard: 603-643-5600
    Residence Inn: 603-643-4511
    Hanover Inn: 603-643-4300

Saturday June 11 – Race 3 at Canaan Motor Club
Building on a Strong Start to the Season

Canaan Motor Club (1)It has been a rapid fire start to the season. Already we’re two races into both the Interstate Kart Series and the NHKA Racing Series driven by Checkered Flag Indoor Karting. Now we’re shifting into high gear with three races in four weeks, starting with this Saturday’s return to Canaan Motor Club for NHKA Race 3.

With so much racing, it’s easy to just GO, GO, GO! However, the drivers you’ll find on top next month will be the ones who reflect and build upon their successes and learn from when they came up short. We’ll be running the exact same configuration as we did last time so you can pick up where you left off. This is how you become a better karter, and we become a better kart club.

A Few New Rules and Processes for Canaan
By any measure NHKA Race 1 at Canaan Motor Club was a huge success. That said there were lessons learned that will be applied at Race 3 this Saturday:

Do Not Work on Karts on Asphalt: Not on the grid, racing surface or even in the paddock. Stains on the pristine asphalt at Canaan stand out like a stock car at an F1 race. Even lube flung from a chain leaves a stain that stands out. Worse still is how hyper-reactive the asphalt is to fuel… it literally dissolves. You must be very careful not to get petroleum products on the asphalt. If an accident does happen, tell Mike or Lee IMMEDIATELY so they can hit it with a spill kit ASAP.

Pit on Grass Only: The only way for the ambulance to leave the property is through the paddock area. Seriously, you do not ever want to be responsible for delaying it. Greg “Parking Czar” Clear will direct you to the best available pit spot. By the way, the the grass is coming in nicely.

New Pregrid and Grid Process: You’ll see cones and ropes indicating a new pregrid area off the asphalt for warming engines, applying forgotten chain lube, etc. Once the group ahead of you goes out on track, you’ll proceed to a new grid area as normal. Not only will this help prevent stains on the asphalt, it will eliminate spectators crossing paths with karts entering and exiting the track.

Air Boxes and 14” Silencers for Shifters: Currently noise is not ian issue for the track, and the NHKA needs to do its part to keep it that way. So starting at KartMania! we will be requiring all shifter karts to have air boxes and exhaust silencers (for stock motos 14-inch, as measured at the barrel, not tip to tip.) This is exactly what’s required at F1 Outdoors. Obviously, this is too short notice for this Saturday, but if you already own these items, or can get them, we ask that you do.

Clearer Scale Procedures: At Race 2, a lack of clarity about scale procedures sparked controversy in the TaG Senior class. Unfortunately, this incident put a driver, his competitors and our wonderful scale volunteer all in uncomfortable positions. Responsibility for the creation, communication and implementation of rules and procedures falls squarely on the club, thus so does responsibility for this incident. Crystal clear procedures and signage are in the works to ensure we’re all on the same page so everyone feels treated fairly and controversy doesn’t cast a shadow over the fun.

Big Thanks to Trophy Sponsor Apex Kartsports
APEXlogo_v5Once again, George and Alex Vorrilas of Apex Kartsports have stepped up to sponsor the trophies for this Saturday’s race. Apex, a long-time NHKA supporter, is a full-service kart shop offering a broad range of karts, engines, parts and gear. They are the exclusive U.S. importer for the ground-breaking ONE Kart. Company founder Sean Girdler and driver Michael Eastwell have been hopping back and forth from the U.K. to dole out a proper thrashing in the F-Series’ highly competitive Formula TaG class. After two events they lead the points in their season-long quest for the coveted championship and march to set fire to the karting establishment at the SuperNats. If you haven’t seen the ONE Kart up close, you should – it’ll challenge your assumptions with its innovative design and winning ways. Visit

Come Friday to Be Ready for a Great Saturday of Racing
Racers are welcome to arrive at the track Friday 3pm – 10pm. You can just drop your trailer to claim a great pit spot. Or you can camp overnight to get your pits set up, work on your kart, get your pre-race safety inspection out of the way and take care of your race registration if you’re a member. Otherwise, gates will open at 7:00am Saturday with the members-only warm up at 8:15am.

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