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NHKA Race 1
May 8, 2021
Canaan Motor Club

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May 29, 2021
NHMS Hill Course

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NHKA Racing Series is how real people get to race high-performance karts wheel to wheel at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Canaan Motor Club.
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Here are the Final Details for NHKA Race 1!!!

Thank you to all 154 entries for registering early. 126 on and the rest via snail mail. Awesome! Registration is closed and there will be no entries accepted at the track. It’s going to be a big crowd with all drivers now allowed to bring two helpers. Helpers must sign in with their driver. No Exceptions. We will not hold pit passes at the gate. If you sign in Friday night, your helpers must be with you. And remember, drivers are responsible for the behavior of their helpers at all times.

Friday night camping requests are also closed. Those who did get camping reservations, and anyone who wishes to drop off their trailer, may enter the track starting at 7pm. The gate will be closed at 9pm, and all non-campers must be off the property. No late arrivals. No exceptions.

The forecast has been improving all week. However, there is still nothing we can do about the weather. If the track is wet, we will declare a wet race, so have your rain gear ready to go. We will not delay the event if you are not ready.

Rain Tires: Any generation of LeCont rain tires are allowed. MG rain tires with the NHKA stamp from past seasons will also be allowed this season (but not in 2022.) We will not mark any new or used MG tires at the track or office.

Lunch Options: If you are planning on leaving the property to get your lunch when we open the gate 11:30-12:30, we strongly suggest that you plan ahead and phone your order in. We’ve tried three lunch shops in the Canaan Village with satisfactory results…
Jakes Market 603-523-9011: the deli at the gas station closest to the track.
Canaan Village Pizza 603-523-4314: Next door to the hardware store.
Red Wagon Bakery 603-523-2062: Near the town common.
At some point we’ll post a poll to see which most of you prefer.

Race Day Schedule: There will be 10 run groups. Kid Karts will be #1 and should be ready to go at 8:30am with your last session at lunch time.
1 Kid Kart
2 206 Cadet / TaG Mini
3 World Formula Light
4 206 Masters
5 TaG Senior
6 All Shifters
7 TaG Masters / TaG Jr.
8 206 Senior
9 206 Junior
10 World Formula Heavy
This is may to change. Ideally we‘d like to combine more classes.

Saturday morning the gate will open at 6:30am. Please DO NOT park on the street in front of the track if you are early.

Vehicles will be directed to form two lines when pulling up to the booth.

Thank you all!!! See you at the track!!!

The First Race of the 2021 Season is Here!

After a long, boring winter it is finally time to get back to the track and race. NHKA Racing Series Race 1 is this Saturday May 5th at Canaan Motor Club on Half Track 1… the same configuration as the pre-season practice day. And remember, we race rain or shine, so be prepared!

Friday Night Entry: The gates will be open 7-9pm for those with confirmed camping reservations and anyone who wishes to just drop off their trailer. As of Tuesday morning, we have a few camping spots available for $25.

Saturday Track Entry: We appreciate everyone’s patience waiting to get into the track on the practice day. We’re making changes to try to get everyone through the gate and pre-race tech faster. Firstly, the covid waiver/questionnaire will no longer be required for events at Canaan. Secondly, we’ve been allowed to have more people camp at the track Friday night. And if you drop off your trailer you’ll be directed around the line of new arrivals Saturday morning. As for pre-race tech, Paul will be inspecting karts 7-9pm on Friday night.

Lunch: Between 11:30am and 12:30pm we will reopen the gate to allow attendees to go into the village to pick up lunch.

World Formula Engine Seals: At the practice day we noticed several World Formula engines that did not have a NHKA engine seal installed. Seals will absolutely be required in order to go onto the track to race or practice for the rest of the season. No exceptions. If you purchased your engine from an NHKA Authorized Dealer, they are required to install an engine seal. If your engine was purchased from an outside shop, or a used engine without a seal, it will need to be inspected and sealed by Archie’s Kart Shop, they are the only shop authorized to do so. Archie is located in Henniker, NH. 603-289-1029

Kart Numbers: All karts must have a number on the front and sides in order to go onto the track race day. NHKA uses a non-repeat number system. New members and non-members must request numbers by email at

Helmet Specs: ALL helmets must have a current Snell approval. You will NOT be allowed to race without an approved helmet. See the NHKA Competitor Rules for the complete list of approved helmets.

Two Helpers: Another change from the practice day is that we are now permitted to increase attendance by allowing all racers to bring two helpers. However, just like the practice day and all last season, you and your helpers must check in at the gate together to get your pit passes, whether you check in Friday night or Saturday morning. No stragglers, holding pit passes or entry after the gate closes. And if your helper is a minor, you must have a notarized minor waiver completed.

As pandemic restrictions are eased, we will welcome more people through the gate. Probbly record breaking numbers of people. That’s great! The more the merrier! This rapid growth will mean making adjustments, as we have to the race morning entry process. And we will continue to rethink how we do things. But the most important thing is that we all keep on doing what makes the NHKA so great: working together as a community to make sure everyone is safe, has what they need and is having a good time. So long as all of us continue to pursue that gold standard, when the day comes we hold our first 300-entry race it will be as awesome as this Saturday’s season opener promises to be.

Stay tuned – we’ll be releasing the race day schedule and other event updates later this week.

Schedule for the Pre-Season Practice Day

6:30am: Gate from the street opens (the first one with the NHKA sign!) You’ll be directed to form two lines of vehicles. Do not arrive early and park in the street. Do not turn around in the neighbor’s driveways.

7am: Check-in begins. You’ll be signaled when it is your group’s turn to exit your vehicle to get your pit passes, sign the waivers and submit your NHKA Covid waiver that you filled in at home this week. Remember: One helper per adult driver or up to two parents per minor driver. All helpers must check in with their driver. No late arrivals. No spectators.

8:30am: Kid Karts begin their first round of practice.

8:45am: Drivers meeting – mandatory for all drivers. New drivers will remain for a second meeting and lead/follow session.

9am (approx.): We will begin the first round of 8-10 minute practice sessions. The groups and order will be:
1. Kid Kart
2. 206 Cadet / TaG Mini
3. World Formula Light and Heavy
4. TaG Senior / TaG Junior
5. All Shifter / TaG Masters
6. 206 Masters / 206 Junior
7. 206 Senior

12:30pm (approx.): We will take a short break for lunch after we complete 2-3 rounds.

4pm: Practice ends.

REMEMBER: You are required to wear a mask whenever you are not in your pit area. This will be strictly enforced. However, you are allowed to wear your helmet without a mask to and from the grid.

Pre-Season Practice Day Updates

So far it’s looking like Mother Nature is onboard with holding back the wet stuff until Sunday to give us a beautiful day for our first event of the season this Saturday at Canaan Motor Club. Here are some updates

Friday Night Camping: All the allowable slots have been taken.

Trailer Drop Off: You may drop off your trailer and set up a pit spot on Friday night. Hours are 7pm – 9pm only. No Exceptions. If you are not camping you must vacate the property by 9pm. You will check in and pick up your wrist bands at the gate. REMEMBER: Your helper must be with you to pick up their wrist band or you must wait with them at the gate in the morning. We will not hold wrist bands for anyone.

Use the First Gate: Please enter the property by the first gate, there will be a NHKA sign. Don’t miss it – there is no place to turn around. DO NOT USE the neighbors’ driveways to turn around.

Masks Required: Bring your masks. Masks will be required in all common areas – meaning anywhere outside of your personal pit area. Yes, we do know that NH lifted their mask mandate. Nonetheless, we are continuing with the same procedures that we agreed to with the town and the track last season. Our hope is that we will be able to relax some of these procedures as the season goes on. For now, we will strictly enforce the mask requirement and expect everyone to respect all the NHKA Covid-19 Event Procedures that enable us to race.

NHKA Covid Waiver: All attendees must fill out a NHKA Covid Waiver at home the week of the event (ideally within three days) and have it with you when you check in at the gate. If you filled one out and dated it prior to this week, you need to do a new one. Covid waivers will be required until otherwise announced.

Help us get everyone into the track as quickly as possible by having all your paperwork completed when you step up to the gate (minor waivers too!) You don’t want to be that person who holds up the entire line filling out forms that you could have completed at home! We’ve all had enough waiting! It’s finally time to go fast!

Time to Register for the First Event of the 2021
Preseason Practice at Canaan Motor Club April 24th

Whaa-hoo!!! The 2021 NHKA Racing Series season is here!!! Registration for the Pre-Season Practice Day at Canaan Motor Club is now open. Not only is there a new season, there’s a new way to enter events…

Registering on is Fast and Secure
If you prefer paying with a credit card, registering on BikeReg will allow you to do so with the security of encrypted card processing. It’s super-fast and easy too when you start your first visit by setting up an account. Here’s how:
• Go to
• On the top right of the page rollover “SIGN IN” and select “Create Account”
• Choose a Username/Password and fill in the participant/driver info, including transponder number (or “RENT”)
• Ignore the last three areas and click “CREATE ACCOUNT”
• This will take you to your “My BikeReg” page
• Get back to the event registration page by typing “NHKA” in the search field
• Select your class or classes. FYI: The driver’s pit pass will be included. The system only charges for one pit pass when there’s one driver entered for two classes.
• Now you’ll be asked to confirm the participant/driver information or click “I’m registering someone new.” If you selected a second class, you’ll repeat this process for that entry further down the page.
• Review your order. Please note the service fee BikeReg charges for this service.
• If you’re a current NHKA member enter M21NHKA as the Coupon Code to get $5 off each class. (Non-member cheapskates may be subjected to public humiliation.)
• Click the “I understand…” box.
• Click on the credit card logos to check out.

Or You Can Still Enter the Old-Fashioned Way
If you’re not comfortable with this whole internet thing yet, you can still print an entry form by going to However, fax or email submissions will no longer be accepted… meaning you’ll need to mail it in time arrived for the deadline. Also, for security reasons we strongly recommend you pay by check when entering by mail.

Pit Passes for Non-Drivers Now Sold at the Gate
If you’re going to bring helpers or family to the track, you’ll need to check in at the gate as a group to purchase their pit passes (cash only.) Please remember that we still need to follow town and state covid-19 regulations, which include mandatory attendance limits. These restrictions will be announced for each event.

Covid-19 Stuff
For every event, all attendees will need to complete an NHKA Covid-19 Waiver, as well as one for NHMS for events there. We’re asking everyone to print these out and complete them at home the week of the race so you can just hand them in as you check in at the gate. You’ll find a link for these waivers with the Race Pre-Registration here:

We’ve also updated the NHKA Covid-19 Event Procedures, with which all attendees are expected to be familiar.

Go! Go! Go!
The green flag is out – send in your entry now! And stay tuned for more important event updates as we get closer to what’s shaping up to be a huge Pre-Season Practice Day at Canaan on the 24th.

Pre-Season Practice Day – April 24th
Canaan Motor Club

It is confirmed! On April 24 the NHKA Racing Series will be holding a full day of pre-season practice at Canaan Motor Club running clockwise on Half Track 1.

Of course this plan is subject to the melting and thawing process. However, we spoke with Dave, the track manager, and he feels it looks very promising. We’ll continue to monitor the situation on the ground in Canaan, and when we get into that week we’ll be watching the forecast. If Saturday the 24th looks rainy, we’ll switch to Sunday the 25th. If Sunday doesn’t look much better, welp, we’ll see… Whatever the case, we’ll let everyone know about changes as soon as we know.

Racers are always eager for more opportunities to practice, and it’s something we’ve been working on. Holding a practice day before the season gets up to speed gives all of our new drivers the opportunity to get some valuable seat time as well as complete the mandatory safety course. For our veterans, it’s a chance to break in engines, shake down new karts and polish away the winter rust.

We’ll be announcing a registration start date and deadline very soon. So stay tuned!

Will Ordering Tires Make the Season Come Faster?
Let’s Find Out!

While there will be naysayers who question the validity of the hypothesis, most of you feel like we do and are willing to try anything to make the season come faster. Ordering your tires now certainly won’t hurt.

NHKA is expecting fresh inventory of LeCont Reds and Whites in the latest homologated compounds. Shipping is available from our office, or we can bring them to the track for you. There will also be tires available for purchase at the track from NHKA and authorized dealers. Remember, all classes must run the specified LeCont tires, marked and scanned by NHKA. You can reserve yours today by clicking here to download and print the tire pre-order form. While it might not make the season come any faster, it’ll be here before you know it.

About those old MG Reds… With the shortened 2020 season, we realize that there are still some MG Reds out there. So long as they’ve already been marked and scanned, they’re legal to race. However, we will not mark ANY MG tires, new or used, for any reason.

Help Wanted!

As the NHKA Racing series continues to grow so does the number of things that need doing every race day. This season we are definitely going to need help in several areas ranging from minimal-time volunteer tasks to compensated positions that require you to commit all or most of the day. In some cases, it may be possible to have a couple volunteers split one of these jobs.

Front Gate
We need a reliable person to help with pit pass sales and other things at the front gate. This position starts at 6am and will go until the line is gone or until lunch time when we close the gate.

Grid Assistant
Someone who can assist the grid man with keeping racers, karts and equipment flowing and organized around the grid and scale areas.

Pre-Race Safety Tech.
Paul needs a regular helper with safety inspections to get through the rush 7-9am race mornings.

Tina, our head scorer, is tied to the scoring system once karts hit the track. She needs an assistant to post results, deliver provisional results to the scales, and chase down transponder issues.

Lunch Orders
We need someone to collect lunch orders from NHKA track and administrative staff, then place and pick up those orders and pick up locally.

Post Race Tech.
Anyone who knows about the karts and engines across all classes.

Updates for the 2021 Season

We are ramping up for the 2021 season working on various things to make everyone’s experience better. Here are just a few…

Online Registration
We have been working on an online registration process for race registration and payment. This will be ready to launch by April 1st. There will be plenty of time to pre-reg for the first race. You may also register with snail mail and a check, however, we will no longer be accepting registrations via email or fax.

Minor Releases
We have also been working with the insurance company to simplify the minor waiver process. They have agreed to allow us to distribute minor release forms electronically.If you are new to the club, or missed the email, it is also available here on the Membership/Forms page of this website by clicking here. Please be sure to follow the directions carefully.

New for 2021 – New Drivers Safety Course
Starting this season, all new drivers with NHKA will be required to complete a safety course with an NHKA official. The course will cover important topics such as the meaning of all the flags, what to do in case of a breakdown, crash, spin or off-track excursions, safety equipment, kart prep and more. This is mandatory for all new drivers. NO EXCEPTIONS. The course will be offered at the track Friday nights before a Saturday event. We will also be offering the course before the season begins at a time and location to be determined.

Stay tuned here and to your email for more details on these items as well as other updates for the 2021 NHKA Racing Series season. Thank you all! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

Need a Membership?

You might not. If you got a membership for last season, you’re all set for this season too. If you didn’t get a membership in 2020, or you’re new to the club, now’s a great time to get yours and there’s lots of great reasons: $5 off each race entry, members only morning warm-up sessions and, of course, eligibility to accumulate points towards the season championship battle. What’s more, your dues help us offer nice extras throughout the season.

We realize you haven’t heard much out of us this off season, but know that we have some fun and interesting stuff in the works for the new season. So click here and send in your membership form today. And most importantly, keep yourselves healthy! We’ll all be back together at the track before you know it!

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