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Competition Heats Up for NHKA Race 7 at NHMS

Only two weeks after 122 entries marked the NHKA’s return to Canaan, we’re right back at it this Saturday, September 7th, with Race 7 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

One look at the updated points confirms what is obvious on track – the competition continues to get tighter and run deeper into the field than ever before. Some classes have four or five drivers duking it out for the win, plus 20 more fighting for position all the way through the field. As we enter the last part of the season, the championship battles in most classes are also tightening up. With nothing decided, every position gained on track could be the one that gets the big trophy at the banquet.

If all one knows are the trash talk and cheap shots of ball and stick sports, they might think that all this intense competition on the track has ramped up tensions in the pits. They’d be mistaken. NHKA events continue to be defined by the high level of comradery and helpfulness between drivers, teams and shops. Everyone helps everyone, especially direct competitors. That’s because we’re true racers who want to beat our rivals on the track. And because we’re true friends, which is what makes this club awesome and our events so much fun.

Now for a few reminders…

PRE-ENTRY DEADLINE is today (September 4) at midnight. Yes, you can always enter at the track. But wouldn’t your race morning be better spent checking your kart one more time?

PIT PASSES ARE CASH ONLY Credit cards are not accepted at the gate for pit pass sales. Please bring cash.

EVERYBODY NEEDS A PIT PASS Anyone who enters the gate onto track property are required to have a pit pass. That includes friends, family and mechanics (as well as drivers) whether they intend to be on the grid or not.

ALL DRIVERS MUST SIGN THE DRIVER WAIVER Whether you’re pre-entered for the event or the season, all drivers MUST sign the driver waiver at registration.

PRE-RACE SAFETY INSPECTION IS REQUIRED All karts must be brought to Paul Bowen’s pit near the grid for a safety inspection before being allowed to enter the track. Every race. No Exceptions. To brush up on what Paul will be checking, click here. He will continue to be paying special attention to how lead weights are mounted. If he already told you to remount your weights during a previous inspection, you’ll need to have that done for him to pass you Saturday morning.

FRIDAY NIGHT ENTRY The main gate at NHMS opens at 6pm. Pit pass sales, registration and safety tech will be 7pm – 9pm. Anyone who arrives after 9pm must go to the front gate Saturday morning to purchase their pit pass.

SATURDAY SCHEDULE The main gate, registration and safety tech open at 7am. Drivers meeting at 8:15am. Members only warm up at 8:30am.

The Miracle of Canaan

New England grassroots racers truly are blessed to be part of such a great motorsports community. NHKA, Mass Tuning, USCRA, SCCA Solo and other groups all had members who volunteered significant time and energy to the clean up and repair of Canaan Motor Club. Of course Dave Delgenio and crew did a masterful job of orchestrating the effort to make this miraculous recovery happen so quickly. We must also thank track owner Tillman Gerngross for his continued passionate dedication to providing grassroots racers a track to call home.

Of course, thanks to all who attended the event. The racing was excellent across all groups. The new configuration was tricky, but all drivers did a great job. At the end of the day we had three first time winners and a bunch of new faces on the podium.

The flood forced us to cram a lot of racing into a short period of time. We sincerely appreciate the commitment of our members and families help saving the season. Stay tuned for updated points standings and the latest information for Race 7 at NHMS on September 7. You can pre-register right now.

NHKA is Back at Canaan!!!

We are very excited about our return to Canaan Motor Club this Saturday, August 24th!!!! The property looks great and they are looking forward in hosting us. Attendance has been off the charts, and we’re expecting another great crowd. So make sure you get your pre-entry in before midnight Wednesday the 21st. Big thanks to the Duchak Boys – Brian, Kevin and Wes – for sponsoring the trophies.

The main gate has moved. Please use the first entrance to the track after you turn off the main road. There will be a sign and someone directing traffic. If you miss the new entrance you will need to drive up Orange Road to Cardigan Mountain Road (at the intersection of Tuttle Hill Road) to turn around. In other words, DO NOT TURN AROUND IN THE NEIGHBORS’ DRIVEWAYS! And as always, no parking on Orange Road. Please spread the word.

The gate will be locked at 9pm Friday. No exceptions. Friday night entry begins at 6pm. The gate (remember, the first one!) will open at 5:30pm. Please pull up to the pit pass booth to wait. The gate will be locked at 9pm. DO NOT let yourself in after hours. The gate will reopen at 6:30am Saturday, a half hour before pit passes go on sale. DO NOT arrive early/overnight and park on the street out front (Orange Road.) This will disrupt traffic on the main road, make residents mad at the track, the track mad at us, and us something much worse than mad at you.

ALL DRIVERS must sign the driver release at registration. Yes, even if you are pre entered for the event or the season – there’ll be a special express line just for you.

DRIVERS MEETING will be at 8:15am. Everyone must attend. If you are late you will be required to review the meeting with your race director (which will likely be as fun as it sounds.)

An Adjusted Schedule with a Huge Surprise!

As we’ve all become aware of just how shockingly destructive the storm in New Hampshire was, we are thankful that no one was injured at the track, nor any of our friends on Cape Cod near where the tornados struck. We are also thankful for the patience and support of the NHKA membership and everyone from the Northeast karting community who called with offers of assistance. A special shout out to the staff and management at NHMS for stepping up with extra race dates.

Final Adjusted Schedule (Almost)
August 10      Race 4      NHMS
August 11      Race 5      NHMS
August 24      Race 6      Canaan*
Sept 7           Race 7      NHMS
Sept 28         Race 8      NHMS
October 19     Race 9      Canaan
*Note that the event recently added for August 25th has been removed.

Races 4 & 5, August 10-11, New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Each day will be the same format as a regular race day. Race 4 on Saturday will run the track counter clockwise. Race 5 on Sunday will run clockwise. Everyone is invited to hang out after Saturday’s races for a party along the lines of KartMania.

Race 6, August 24, Canaan Motor Club
That’s right!!! You read correctly. We will be racing at Canaan this month! How? A seriously committed owner and a whole lot of hard work by Track Manager Dave, the local excavation contractor and dozens of hardcore racers – including a number of you! Dave tells us that the property has been cleared of debris and 95% of the excavation is completed. While this is surprisingly great news, and what’s been accomplished so quickly is truly impressive, there is still much to be done before the full road course will be available. So, we will run Half Track 2 clockwise… the right-side loop utilizing the “bus stop” chicane and the section of kart track to the right of the infield garage.

Race 7, September 7, New Hampshire Motor Speedway
This date has been on the schedule all season as Race 8. Now it will be Race 7.

Race 8, September 28, New Hampshire Motor Speedway
This is a new date provided by our friends at NHMS.

Race 9, October 19, Canaan Motor Club
We have added a race on October 19 to get the schedule back up to nine events.


We regret to inform you that Kart Mania 4 is cancelled. A severe weather system passed through the area late yesterday afternoon and evening. Heavy rains have flooded the area along with the entire Canaan Motor Club property. The track has sustained heavy damage as well as part of the racing surface has washed away.

Mike and Lee will be going to the track Saturday to view the damage and assist in any clean up and retrieval of the barriers and anything else. We will inform everyone with a plan as soon as we know.But yeah, bummer.

Thank you all for your patience.

Are You Ready for Fun? KartMania4 is Here!!!

As always, KartMania4!!! will be two days of fun for racers, friends and guests from other clubs and tracks. On Saturday we plan to get in enough practice that your arms will about fall off. Then you’ll qualify for your spot in Sunday’s LeMans-style starts to 30-minute endure races. Then Saturday evening we’ll be hosting our legendary cookout and party featuring the ever-popular and downright-competitive cornhole tournament.

SAVE $10 if you pre-register for both days by midnight Wednesday!

Here are some details for the weekend’s events.

Friday Night: Entry 6–9pm. Overnight camping is $25 for one or both nights. The gate will be locked at 9pm. Please no overnight parking on the property out front.

Saturday: Gate opens at 7am. Please use the first gate – there will be a sign. This will avoid traffic backing up on the street. The gate will close at 10pm.

Saturday Practice and Qualifying: Practice will run 9am – 4pm, followed immediately by qualifying for Sundays races. There will be a lunch break at approximately noon.

Kid Karts: The little racers will practice and race on Saturday. No racing for Kid Karts on Sunday.

Saturday Evening: Please join all of your karting friends for Marcelo’s fabulous Brazilian BBQ and the Armendariz Brothers’ authentic tacos. NHKA will supply burgers and dogs. Plus! One of our favorite parts is sampling all the dishes brought by you. So please bring your favorite summertime crowd pleaser to share, be it a side, salad or dessert. (Please just drop a quick message to so we know what you are bringing.) Please bring your own adult beverages and sodas. And remember, if you know how to operate one of those grill things don’t be shy, we can always use a little extra help in that department, as well as with setup and clean up.

Sunday morning: Gate will open at 7am.

Sunday Practice and Races: Practice will start at 9am followed by racing. More details will be announced soon.

Pre-Reg for One of the Most Fun Weekends in Karting!

You Know There’s No Way You’ll Miss Out!

Save $10 when you pre-register for both days by July 10th… enter now!

NHKA Racing Series Back in Action at NHMS!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first two events – both of which drew more than 100 entries! It’s support like this that makes the NHKA one of the largest club series in the country. This also makes the racing super competitive and fun. Let’s keep this going in Race 3 this Saturday, June 22nd, at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, with trophies sponsored by OnPoint Karting. Pre-registration ends Wednesday June 19th at midnight. If you miss it, not to worry, you can always enter at the track.

Please be aware that the speedway will be hosting the Short Track Showdown on the NASCAR oval for stock cars and modifieds. This will have no effect on our racing, we’ll be on the Hill Course as usual. The parking and pit areas will also be the same. Aside from more traffic Saturday morning, the only difference should be all the race fans and crew members. This is a good thing! We’re hoping more than a few of them will stop by to see what we have going on. Please make any curious visitors feel welcomed and don’t let them leave without bookmarking “” on their phones.

Here’s the latest info for attending Saturday’s race:
Friday Night Entry The gates, pit pass sales and registration will be open 6-9pm. The main gate will be open later, but the gate to the Hill Course paddock will close at 9pm.
Saturday Morning Entry The gates, pit pass sales and registration will open at 7am.
Driver Sign-In All drivers must go to registration to sign the driver insurance waiver. NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes preregistered drivers, who will have a separate line.
Pre-Race Safety Inspection All karts and helmets must pass a safety inspection and have both the safety and registration wristbands affixed to the top of the steering wheel.
Pit Passes Everyone attending the NHKA race must be wearing a pit pass purchased at the front gate – even if you are just stopping by or helping out.
Used Tires and Fuel Cans You must take home your used tires and fuel cans. Anyone caught leaving them behind will receive an automatic 1-week suspension. At least.
Race Day Schedule The schedule for on-track activities we used at Canaan worked well, so we’ll continue along those lines with some small adjustments.
Members Only Warm Up Immediately after the drivers meeting, NHKA members will have a 5-minute session to blow off the cobwebs.

We realize we sound like a broken record with these reminders, but they are extremely important and continue to crop up. We do our best to keep things light while balancing the needs of the racers, staff and the properties. And we certainly appreciate everything you all do to make that possible!

As a final note on the Short Track Shootout, it’s been said that the drinking of beer is common at NASCAR events. We wouldn’t know. But we can say for sure that there will be absolutely no alcohol consumed by any NHKA participant – including crew or friends – before the conclusion of all NHKA on-track activities for the day. We have a zero tolerance policy on this matter. The driver will be held responsible and suspended indefinitely. That said, once the racing is done, it’d be our pleasure to join you in toasting the day, no matter how it went on the track.

Great Weather! Great Racing! Great Friends!
Great to be Back in Our Groove at the Track!

Learning from the hiccups of Race 1, we made some adjustments to our procedures and schedules for Race 2 and were able to deliver a full day of racing across all classes. This rally wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic team of volunteers, staff and officials, but most of all our competitors and crews. By minimizing breakdowns and off-track excursions, all of you deserve the thanks for making Race 2 such a smooth-running success!!!! The points are being calculated and will be posted very soon.

All that said, there are a couple areas still in need of improvement…We continue to have issues with transponders. Some died on track, some were DoA, and others weren’t registered to the drivers using them. If you borrow a transponder, please give the number to registration. Also, again, please charge your transponder for at least 18 hours before every race. Remember, no working transponder, no scoring and you start from the back. Given everything you put into your racing, it’s a pretty silly way to lose.

EVERY DRIVER MUST VISIT REGISTRATION THE MORNING OF EVERY RACE TO SIGN THE DRIVER WAIVER – EVEN IF YOU PRE-ENTERED. Incase it’s not clear, the waivers you sign at the gate are for you to be on the property. The waiver you sign at registration is for you to race on the track. All are enormously important to protect the club and absolutely must be signed!

One final note on Race 2… Some of you have kindly asked after the woman who was attended to by the ambulance after a nasty fall. Lee spoke with her and reports she is fine, just a bit banged up and sore.

Race 3 is slated for June 22 on the new and improved Hill Course at NHMS. We’re eager to see what our new toy can do, so we’re considering running the track in reverse. We need to test this first, so we won’t know if it’ll work until Friday night or Saturday morning. Stay tuned for other event details as race day approaches. Pre entry deadline is Wednesday June 19. If you miss it, no problem, you can still enter at the track.

Looking Back on Race 1 and Ahead to Race 2

The Hill Course upgrade brought racers out in droves to New Hampshire Motor Speedway for NHKA Race 1. We had 115 entries take to the track to test our new configuration. The response has been positive so we’ve decided to keep it! LOL! Once again, thank you to all the racers who helped make this project possible, and to Apex Kartsports for sponsoring the trophies for this landmark day.

With growth come growing pains. More people means more to do, but still the same amount of day to get it done. Just as racers need to make adjustments to keep up with changing conditions, so do we:

    • The gate will open 1/2 hour earlier at 6:30am.
    • We will have a second pit pass line for those who pre-registered, annually registered or who are workers.
    • Kid Kart practice and racing will be completed before lunch break.
    • More classes will be grouped together for both practice and racing.
    • Practice sessions will be slightly shorter, but there will be three sessions of equal length with the third being timed qualifying.
    • Pre-finals and finals will be run in the afternoon as usual. However, to ensure everyone enjoys maximum track time, race lengths will now be determined by average lap time.

We hate shortened races as much as you. We appreciate everyone’s patience last week and count on it in the future as we work to find ways to deliver the same great racing to more and more people. Speaking of which…

We feel very fortunate to have so many new drivers and families join the club this season. The NHKA community is known for being welcoming and super helpful. Let’s keep that tradition going by introducing yourself when you come across a new face, then check in with them from time to time to see if they need help with registration, kart safety, pit rules or anything else.

Now onto the reminders:

    • EVERYONE who enters the property must have a pit pass wristband. No exceptions. All wristbands must be purchased and signed for at the gate.
    • EVERYONE who enters the racing surface must go to registration to sign the driver waiver – including those who are pre-entered.
    • All karts that enter the track must complete a pre-race safety inspection.
    • All karts must qualify and race on the same set of NHKA marked tires. Marked tires are available through Apex Kart Sports, DRT Racing and NHKA.
    • Friday night entry is 6pm and 9pm. Only pre-authorized workers are allowed in earlier. The gate will be locked at 9pm and reopen at 6:30am Saturday. Please plan accordingly.
    • CHARGE YOUR TRANSPONDER!!! Several fast drivers were forced to the back in their prefinals due to weak or dead transponders. These things need at least 18 hours to fully juice. That means tossing them onto a charger race morning ain’t gonna cut it. If you’re not confident about yours, we have a tester. If it fails, we have transponders to rent.

Race 2 will be at Canaan Motor Club utilizing the same configuration and direction we ran on the practice day. Your trophy sponsor is Danoff Contracting. If you have a dream, Brad can build it. Please join us in thanking Brad and Myles when you see them.

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