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May 6, 2017
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K1 Speed Powers NHKA as Title Sponsor

We are very pleased to announce that K1 Speed has signed on as the new title sponsor of the NHKA Racing Series. Not only will their support help us to continue to grow and improve the club, having K1 as part of the NHKA family comes with special privileges for all our members:

$5 Off Arrive and Drive Packages Save on racing any day at K1 Speed Wilmington and Kingston. Use offer code NHKA or 10429.

20% off at NHKA racers get big savings on K1 Race Gear’s already affordable K1 safety equipment and apparel, including custom apparel! Use offer code NHKA2017 for regular online shopping, but call with the code to get the discount on custom orders.

Save On Private Events Birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate outings – if you’re hosting a celebration, call Gary in Group Sales at 855-517-7333 for special discounted rates.

NHKA Suits and Gloves K1 is helping us to design awesome new NHKA driving suits, gloves and more. They should be available soon. Watch for the announcement.

As if that wasn’t enough, K1 Speed in Wilmington is hosting the NHKA Ice Breaker to help us get the 2017 season started right!

NHKA Ice Breaker
Saturday April 1st
K1 Speed Wilmington
Arrive at Noon, Race at 12:30
$55 for Two Heats and a Final
RSVP by Friday March 23rd

With K1 Speed as our title sponsor, 2017 is shaping up to be the best season yet for the NHKA Racing Series!

The Absolute Final Word on Rules Changes – for Now

At the banquet, on the phone, via email – with racers, shops and series race directors – we’ve had many discussions about tweaks, adjustments and all-out changes we should and shouldn’t make to the NHKA rules for 2017. Thank you to all who made thoughtful contributions to the effort.

There have already been a couple NHKA News emails from Race Director Mike Camarra with early versions of these changes to encourage input. Considered what’s here the final changes until the season opener at Canaan on April 22, 2017. So carry on and prep your kart with confidence. However, know that once we’ve run a race or two, we may make further adjustments to ensure that the competition as fair and safe as possible.

Hello Mini ROK, Mini Swift and the New TaG Mini Class
For the last couple years, young karters around the country have been working the kinks out of a couple new engines: Mini ROK and Mini Swift. By all accounts they are reliable and quick – but not too quick. Our local shops are eager to offer them, and we’re eager to see them on track… so much so, we’re putting them together with the Mini Max to create a new combined class:
TaG Mini
AGE: 9-12 Years Old
TIRES: MG Red 4.60 x 5 Front and Rear
     GEARING: Open
     CHASSIS: 950mm Wheelbase – No Front Brakes
     ENGINE RULES: USRMC Micro & Mini – EVO or NonEVO, no mixing
     GEARING: 12/76 or 13/82
     CHASSIS: 950mm or 1010mm Wheelbase – No Front Brakes
           NOTE: Mini Max may run 1010mm chassis with 6.0 x 5 rears, but must weigh 265lbs

Hello Mini Max 1010mm Chassis. Goodbye Mini Max 1010mm Chassis.
It seems like just last year Rotax forced Mini Max drivers onto the 1010mm chassis. Now they are requiring the 950mm. So for 2017 only, the NHKA will allow either chassis to be raced with a Mini Max for the new TaG Mini championship (see the rules above.) However, starting in 2018 we will no longer allow the 1010mm chassis.

Goodbye 80cc Comer
This will be the last season for the Comer K-80 due to the limited availability and rising prices of these engines. For 2017 only, the K-80 can be raced for points towards the Briggs 206 Cadet championship. For now, we’ll keep the 5.30 spec gear ratio, but nudge the weight up to 245lbs. We want to make sure both engines have a fair shot at winning, so we may need to make adjustments as we go along.

The NHKA is giving you a year to get full value out of any K-80 purchases you’ve already made, and to start figuring out which engine you’ll race next. In 2018, racers 7-12 years old of age have the option to continue 2-cycle racing in the Micro Max or TaG Mini classes, or switch over to 4-cycle racing in the 206 Cadet class.

As a club, we think the best choice for most cadet-age racers is the Briggs 206. The speeds are age appropriate, especially as these youngsters work up the confidence to attempt passes. By literally reducing the impact of expected mistakes, we hope to see more racers practicing this core skill earlier. The you have all the other reasons we recommend the Briggs 206 to racers of any age: It’s affordable to buy and own, reliable and easy to maintain, sealed at the factory for fairness on the track. This all adds up to a package that allows drivers to focus on what they care about most – racing! It’s also a great choice if you aspire to compete at the national level. The 206 has become a mainstay at the Rock Island Grand Prix, also, both AKRA and WKA national touring series offer Briggs 206 racing using the same rulebook as the NHKA.

Hello MG Red Spec Tire – World Formula, Micro Max and TaG Mini
Starting in 2017, the MG Red will be the spec tire for World Formula Light and Heavy, Micro Max and TaG Mini, while remaining the spec tire for all Briggs 206 classes. The goal is to save you money with a harder compound tire that offers consistent performance across a long life cycle. This change should eliminate the pressure some drivers feel to buy new tires every race. Truth be told, we’re not anticipating much drop off in speed in World Formula. In fact, we’re betting most of you will figure out how to tune and groove on a much freer kart to the point of beating your times on stickier tires.

To put a period on a related topic, the idea of switching World Formulas to 6” rear wheels has been shelved. Both Light and Heavy classes will continue to use 11 – 7.10 x 5 rears and 10 – 4.60 x 5 fronts.

Goodbye Helmets with 2005 or Older Certifications
With the new year, many older Snell and SFI certifications expired. If the sticker on the inside and/or back of your helmet has a date of 2005 or older, you’ll need a new helmet to get on the track. Go check your helmet right now. If it’s no longer legal, be sure to give an NHKA sponsoring shop a shot at fitting you with a new one!

Snell Foundation Specifications
CMR 2007 (Youth)
SA 2010
CMR 2026
No longer legal: SA 2005, M 2005 and K2005

SFI Specifications
24.1/2010 (Youth)
24.1/2015 (Youth)
No longer legal: 24.1 (Youth), 31.2a, 41.2a,
SFI 24.1/2005 (Youth), 31.1/2005, 41.1/2005

Hello 30mm Headers on TaG Jr. Leopards
To promote parody, and stay current with the TaG USA rulebook, Parilla Leopards in the TaG Jr. class should now have 30mm exhaust headers.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t wait until we’re standing on the grid in Canaan, email today. Otherwise we’ll see you at the track soon!

Party Time!

IKS Championship Races to Watch at the Double Final

Last weekend’s IKS race at F1 Outdoors set the stage for some of the tightest championship points battles we’ve ever seen. The Double Finale at Canaan Motor Club promises to be a wild one.

IKS_Logo_UnifiedStock Moto Shifter
With his rugged good looks, clearly Stock Moto points leader Keith Buffo would take the best picture hoisting the IKS championship trophy. But with the top 5 separated by only 27 points, he’ll need to pull off the pole/prefinal/final hat-trick to keep the title from Evan Polisky, Mike Kavanaugh, Dave Nadeau or Jake Seidel (who is doing a rain dance as I write this.)

World Formula Light & Heavy
A scant 10 points are all that separate Nick Leung and Richard Hemingway in the battle for the World Formula Light championship. That is once crazy tight points race by any measure… except this one: In World Formula Heavy, David Olbrych, Dan Dupre and Dave Nadeau are all within six points of the championship. That’s nuts.

TaG Junior
While Jonathan Treilof has the TaG Junior championship sewn up, only 49 points separate Henry Goddard, Bryce Czuba Nicholas Roth and Haley Lederer in their four-way fight for the remaining two steps on the IKS championship podium.

TaG Senior
The TaG Senior championship is completely up for grabs. With a mere 29 points separating the top four, either Christian Sarnecki, Chris Kierce, Derek Franklin or Zack Morrison could be your champion when the checkers are thrown.

Mini Max
Ireland Norstrom may have the NHKA Mini Max title locked down, but she is going to have to put in some work to win the IKS title. When you calculate the drop, Evan Slater is only 15 points back, and Darren Long is only 22 points behind him.

The NHKS/IKS Double Finale is going to be an intensely dramatic and wildly fun day of racing at Canaan with so many championships to be decided on the last lap of the season. Many thanks to Mike Oliver and family for sponsoring the trophies. This is going to be great!

NHKA Championship Races to Watch
at the Double Final October 1st

The final event of any season always makes for exciting racing, this will be doubly true on October 1, 2016 at Canaan Motor Club when both the NHKA Racing Series and Interstate Kart Series seasons wrap up in one crazy-intense Double Finale.

nhkatshirtlogoWe’ll soon see how this weekend’s IKS race at F1 Outdoors plays out in those standings, let’s take a look at the races to watch in the NHKA points championships.

Stock Moto Shifter
Shifter kart racing is officially back in 2016! Week after week, the drivers of our fastest classes showed up in force to bang gears and bumpers for every position. While Alan Morrison rides off into the sunset with the KZ Shifter championship, it is another story entirely for the Stock Moto Shifter drivers. All year long Mike Kavanaugh, perhaps the series’, shall we say, most seasoned racer, sat at the top of the points. However, when you figure in the drop, young gun Evan Polisky pops to the top of the standings with a 20-point advantage over Jake Seidel going into the last event. That would be a reasonable cushion if it weren’t for the fact that the entire top-6 are separated by only 80 points! Now that’s some competition!

World Formula Light
You know you’ve had a championship winning season when a 2nd place finish is your drop race. Such is the case for “Fast Freddie” Fawcett in his CFMotorsports prepared Margay World Formula Light. While Richard Hemingway sits fairly secure on the second step of the championship podium, Mike Oliver (who, with his family, is sponsoring the event’s trophies), Michael Antonov and Ed Bernardon are only separated by 40 points in their battle for the third spot. Meanwhile, World Formula Heavy Champion “Dammit” Dave Nadeau will be looking to make it a perfect season by driving his Lefty’s Brewing sponsored kart to a ninth straight victory. This would be an NHKA first in a competitive class. Good luck and congrats!

TaG Junior
Strange but true: Nikolas Georgantas and Garrett Miskoe have only met on-track three times this season in New Hampshire, but none the less will be battling it out for second place at the Double Finale… that is, if they both show up. Meanwhile, Stephen Krueger banged out top-two finishes like it’s his job, earning himself the TaG Junior championship. In his spare time, he hopped into his 80cc Junior Shifter, often hanging tough against the 125cc shifters.

TaG Masters
Once again Tom Prioli leads the TaG Masters points going into the Double Finale (estimated drop applied). However, if Tom wants to win his third straight championship he’ll have to hold back a hard-charging Marciano dos Santos who is only 35 points back, Derek Franklin lurks only another 30 points back, and Ryan Ouellett only 50 points behind Derek. This should be a great race, as usual.

Mini Max
The adorable/fierce Ireland Nordstrom has locked up her second NHKA Racing Series Championship in a row with a commanding 110-point lead in Mini Max. The battle for runner up honors will be the one to watch. Going into Saturday’s Double Finale, Evan Slater holds a 40-point advantage over Ryder Currier. And never count out Anna Pellegrini as she takes her bid for the third step of the podium.

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