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NHKA Race 6 and IKS Race 4 on the Hill Course
One of the Best Events of the Season is this Saturday

HugeHillDriversMeetingThe last IKS weekend on the Hill Course at New Hampshire Motor Speedway was one of the club’s biggest ever. So if you’re looking for intense competition, join us this Saturday for one of the best races of the season.

Please join us in welcoming our newest trophy sponsor: Central Mass Powersports in Lunenburg. CMP, a New England Power Sports Company, sells and services just about any type of motorcycle, personal watercraft and snowmobile, along with gear for riders of all ages. If it has wheels and it’s fun you’ll find it at CMP, and now that includes karts. CMP is now the area’s newest Top Kart dealer. CMPS_HiResCMP also carries a full line of engine parts and a wide selection of trailers to get your kart to the track. Stop by the CMP trailer on August 8th to meet the Pescatore family and find out what CMP is all about. Visit and be sure to sign up for the mailing list for the latest news on their rapidly developing kart shop.

Saturday’s Race is Now on the Hill –
Just One in a Week of Surprises for NHKA Racers

SURPRISE 1: Race 5 of the NHKA Racing Series driven by Checkered Flag Indoor Karting has been switched from the S3 Lot Short Track to the Hill Course. Here’s an FAQ on the situation:

Where will NHKA Race 5 be on July 11th? The Hill Course.
Doesn’t the schedule say it’s in the lot? Yes, but now it’s on the hill.
Why didn’t you say so sooner? We’re men.
Why the change? Don’t know.
But you’re the communications guy, why don’t you know? See answer #3.
What will happen to the NHKA/CFIK Short Track Showdown? It’s still on! Just not this weekend. An announcement will be made shortly about what race will be counted as the third race. So get to Checkered Flag before September 7th to run your fastest lap. If you think you’ll need lots of tries, sign up for their 3-hour endurance race August 17th.
Anything else? CFMotorsports will be sponsoring Saturday’s trophies.

SURPRISE 2: Just how awesome the new track at the Canaan Fair Grounds is. Because you follow the NHKA on Facebook (right?!) and saw all the pictures, posts and videos you already know that a group of racers stepped away from their BBQs on the 4th of July to wake up this sleepy town testing variety of karts. We hope to have more to say about Canaan Motorsports Park in the coming weeks, but for now here’s an FAQ:

Where the heck is Canaan, NH? About an hour North of Concord on Interstate 89, take Exit 17 for Rte. 4 about 13 miles east.
What’s the layout? Super-flexible, it’s a 7/8 mile road course with a couple of crossover roads designed specifically for karts making eight possible configurations. Plus they intend to double the size of the road course over the next year or two.
Great! When do we race? Whoa there fella, they still need to install curbs and safety features, which will take until October.
So we race in October? That’s not what we said. The track is still working out things like fee structure. But we can say they are 100% committed to being the affordable home for grassroots racers (that’s us). So it looks very promising.
Is there anything sweeter than a freshly paved new race track? No. Nothing at all.

SURPRISE 3: World Formula racers were a pack of hooligans at the first short track race. Just kidding! Absolutely nobody was surprised by this, especially considering the fantastic prizes Checkered Flag, Apex Kartsports, CFMotorsports and DRT Racing staked for the Short Track Showdown. And it wasn’t just the World Formulas crossing the line. Don’t get us wrong, by and large it was a fun day of competitive racing. But there were enough specific incidents that it’s worth reviewing some basic rules:

Is it okay to run into cones: No.
Is it okay to run into barriers: No.
Is it okay to run into other karts: No.
What if they’re a lap or more down: No.
What if they’re annoying me: Still no.
What if they hit me first: No.
Then can I yell at them after the race? No.
But I can yell all I want once I’m back in my pits? No.
Lug nuts, do they work when loose? No.
If my wheel flies off, doesn’t maim a spectator or corner worker, goes into the woods and downs a six-point buck, can I keep the venison? No. You overcook it every time. It goes to Keith.
Does commonsense, sanity and restraint keep racing safe and fun? Yes!!!!

The NHKA Short Track Season is Here.
And There’s Never Been More at Stake.

This Saturday, June 27th, is the first of two races in a row on the NHMS S3 Lot for the NHKA Racing Series driven by Checkered Flag Indoor Karting. The close quarters racing of the temp track always generates wild racing. This year we’re pumping that wildness through a Marshall stack cranked up to 11 with the CFIK/NHKA Short Track Showdown. Racers from our biggest classes will be racing for some huge prize packages courtesy of Apex Kartsports, CFMotorsports and DRT Racing.

CVTM_LogoPlease welcome the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum of Plattsburgh, NY as this race’s trophy sponsor. The museum explores, interprets and celebrates the region’s rich transportation history. What began in 2000 as an automobile museum has grown to cover many other forms of transportation. However, the heart of the collection remains with the Lozier Motor Company, which built some of the early 1900’s most exquisite and expensive vehicles. The museum is another beneficiary of Dr. Tony Vaccaro’s generosity and love of anything with wheels. The museum has lots to offer the whole family, from the hands-on Kids Station to special events like the Champlain Valley Brew Fest. Check it all out at

CFIK/NHKA Short Track Showdown
Race to Win Tires, Entries and More!

Are you ready for some wheel-to-wheel combat? Introducing the CFIK/NHKA Short Track Showdown. Thanks to Checkered Flag Indoor Karting and your local kart shops there’ll be much more at stake on the tight and twisty S3 Lot than just the usual axles, spindles and tempers. TaG and World Formula drivers could win tires, race entries and other great prizes by competing in all three temp track events and turning a smoking fast lap at CFIK. The driver who earns the most points across all classes wins.

Two sets MG Yellows from CFIK and DRT Racing
Set of MG Wets from CFIK
Bottle Motul or Briggs oil from CFMotorsports
Four CFIK races and t-shirt from CFIK
Entry to the first S3 Lot race in 2016 from NHKA

Set of MG Yellows from DRT Racing
219 chain and breaker from Apex Kart Sports
Bottle of Motul or Briggs oil from CFMotorsports
Four CFIK races and t-shirt from CFIK
Entry to the first S3 Lot race in 2016 from NHKA

Four CFIK races and t-shirt from CFIK
219 chain from Apex Kart Sports
Bottle of Motul or Briggs oil from CFMotorsportsCFMlogo
Entry to the first S3 Lot race in 2016 from NHKA

How to Win:
Earn points in all three 2015 NHKA S3 Lot races
APEXlogo_v5     Finish in the top 5 of an eligible class to earn points:
     1st: 8 pts, 2nd: 5 pts, 3rd: 3 pts, 4th: 2 pts, 5th: 1 pt
Earn points for your fastest lap at CFIK
     Race at CFIK between now and September 7, 2015
     Hit fast lap targets to earn maximum points
          Best lap 12.699 or lower: 12 points
          Best lap between 12.700–12.799: 10 points
          Best lap between 12.800–12.899: 8 points
          Best lap between 12.900–12.999: 6 points
          Best lap between 13.000–13.199: 4 points
          Best lap between 13.200–13.499: 3 points
          Best lap between 13.500–13.799: 2 points
          Best lap 13.800 or above: 1 point
     Race as many times as you like before September 7
     to up your fastest time, to hit a higher target and maximize points

Compete in all three NHKA Racing Series S3 Lot races
     June 27, July 11 and October 3, 2015
     Eligible classes: TaG Junior, Senior or Master, World Formula Light or Heavy
     Not be disqualified from an S3 Lot race
     Be an NHKA Racing Series member
Race at Checkered Flag Indoor Karting
     Compete in at least one race at CFIK before September 7, 2015
     Meet CFIK 54” height requirement
Not have the last name “Prioli”

Last Saturday was so Much Fun, Let’s do it Again!
This Saturday: NHKA Race 3

BrettFredShakeWasn’t last Saturday’s race great? The sun was shining, there was a breeze to keep us cool, and oh yeah, it was our biggest race ever!!! We had 94 entries (plus a couple baby karts) show up for Race 1 of the Interstate Kart Series/Race 2 of the NHKA Racing Series driven by Checkered Flag Indoor Karting.

The morning started with a line of trailers stretching from the main gate all the way out onto 106. Nobody likes a line, but we were all excited knowing what it meant. The day kept that promise with race after race of intense competition across all classes. And at day’s end, trophies sponsored by Adirondack Radiation Therapy were presented under a setting sun. There were many of the frequent top finishers and more than a few newcomers to the podium. Congratulations and thank you to one and all for making such an unforgettable day possible.

A day that was so awesome we should do it again soon. And by soon we mean this Saturday! Just one week later the NHKA Racing Series will be back on the Hill Course at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for Race 3. While it may not be an IKS weekend, we encourage all of you to pretend it is and come race. After all, there’s really no reason not to have huge grids every race. Last weekend’s kart counts edged into the territory of some of the most talked about national series. This is your local club right here in your own backyard. This is the perfect time and place to go racing.

APEXlogo_v5Apex Kartsports is sponsoring the trophies for NHKA Race 3. The father and son team of George and Alex Vorillas have been among the most active supporters of area racers and racing. Even when they were working to earn Alex the 2013 Legends Cars World Championship, they made a point to be trackside whenever possible with their Kartiac Care Ambulance. Hardcore racers through and through, be sure to thank these guys for everything they do.

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