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Party Time!

IKS Championship Races to Watch at the Double Final

Last weekend’s IKS race at F1 Outdoors set the stage for some of the tightest championship points battles we’ve ever seen. The Double Finale at Canaan Motor Club promises to be a wild one.

IKS_Logo_UnifiedStock Moto Shifter
With his rugged good looks, clearly Stock Moto points leader Keith Buffo would take the best picture hoisting the IKS championship trophy. But with the top 5 separated by only 27 points, he’ll need to pull off the pole/prefinal/final hat-trick to keep the title from Evan Polisky, Mike Kavanaugh, Dave Nadeau or Jake Seidel (who is doing a rain dance as I write this.)

World Formula Light & Heavy
A scant 10 points are all that separate Nick Leung and Richard Hemingway in the battle for the World Formula Light championship. That is once crazy tight points race by any measure… except this one: In World Formula Heavy, David Olbrych, Dan Dupre and Dave Nadeau are all within six points of the championship. That’s nuts.

TaG Junior
While Jonathan Treilof has the TaG Junior championship sewn up, only 49 points separate Henry Goddard, Bryce Czuba Nicholas Roth and Haley Lederer in their four-way fight for the remaining two steps on the IKS championship podium.

TaG Senior
The TaG Senior championship is completely up for grabs. With a mere 29 points separating the top four, either Christian Sarnecki, Chris Kierce, Derek Franklin or Zack Morrison could be your champion when the checkers are thrown.

Mini Max
Ireland Norstrom may have the NHKA Mini Max title locked down, but she is going to have to put in some work to win the IKS title. When you calculate the drop, Evan Slater is only 15 points back, and Darren Long is only 22 points behind him.

The NHKS/IKS Double Finale is going to be an intensely dramatic and wildly fun day of racing at Canaan with so many championships to be decided on the last lap of the season. Many thanks to Mike Oliver and family for sponsoring the trophies. This is going to be great!

NHKA Championship Races to Watch
at the Double Final October 1st

The final event of any season always makes for exciting racing, this will be doubly true on October 1, 2016 at Canaan Motor Club when both the NHKA Racing Series and Interstate Kart Series seasons wrap up in one crazy-intense Double Finale.

nhkatshirtlogoWe’ll soon see how this weekend’s IKS race at F1 Outdoors plays out in those standings, let’s take a look at the races to watch in the NHKA points championships.

Stock Moto Shifter
Shifter kart racing is officially back in 2016! Week after week, the drivers of our fastest classes showed up in force to bang gears and bumpers for every position. While Alan Morrison rides off into the sunset with the KZ Shifter championship, it is another story entirely for the Stock Moto Shifter drivers. All year long Mike Kavanaugh, perhaps the series’, shall we say, most seasoned racer, sat at the top of the points. However, when you figure in the drop, young gun Evan Polisky pops to the top of the standings with a 20-point advantage over Jake Seidel going into the last event. That would be a reasonable cushion if it weren’t for the fact that the entire top-6 are separated by only 80 points! Now that’s some competition!

World Formula Light
You know you’ve had a championship winning season when a 2nd place finish is your drop race. Such is the case for “Fast Freddie” Fawcett in his CFMotorsports prepared Margay World Formula Light. While Richard Hemingway sits fairly secure on the second step of the championship podium, Mike Oliver (who, with his family, is sponsoring the event’s trophies), Michael Antonov and Ed Bernardon are only separated by 40 points in their battle for the third spot. Meanwhile, World Formula Heavy Champion “Dammit” Dave Nadeau will be looking to make it a perfect season by driving his Lefty’s Brewing sponsored kart to a ninth straight victory. This would be an NHKA first in a competitive class. Good luck and congrats!

TaG Junior
Strange but true: Nikolas Georgantas and Garrett Miskoe have only met on-track three times this season in New Hampshire, but none the less will be battling it out for second place at the Double Finale… that is, if they both show up. Meanwhile, Stephen Krueger banged out top-two finishes like it’s his job, earning himself the TaG Junior championship. In his spare time, he hopped into his 80cc Junior Shifter, often hanging tough against the 125cc shifters.

TaG Masters
Once again Tom Prioli leads the TaG Masters points going into the Double Finale (estimated drop applied). However, if Tom wants to win his third straight championship he’ll have to hold back a hard-charging Marciano dos Santos who is only 35 points back, Derek Franklin lurks only another 30 points back, and Ryan Ouellett only 50 points behind Derek. This should be a great race, as usual.

Mini Max
The adorable/fierce Ireland Nordstrom has locked up her second NHKA Racing Series Championship in a row with a commanding 110-point lead in Mini Max. The battle for runner up honors will be the one to watch. Going into Saturday’s Double Finale, Evan Slater holds a 40-point advantage over Ryder Currier. And never count out Anna Pellegrini as she takes her bid for the third step of the podium.

Give Your Business Double Vision –
Sponsor the NHKA/IKS Double Season Finale Trophies

TrophyThe season’s last race has all the makings to be the season’s biggest. On October 1st kart racers from across New England will gather with friends and family at Canaan Motor Club to settle championship battles in both the NHKA Racing Series and the Interstate Kart Series. Put your brand in the heart of the action by sponsoring the trophies.

Trophies won at this double season finale are certain to hold special spots on mantles for years to come. That’s because they will represent one of the most triumphant days in many a racer’s career. This is a unique opportunity for your brand to be literally etched upon those special memories. It’s probably the most powerful and lasting one-to-one marketing tactics you’ll ever deploy.

We need to order the trophies soon, so email today to tell us you’re in.

Let’s Give Checkered Flag a Proper Send Off
Saturday August 27th at 7pm

As you know, Tom Prioli will be throwing the final checkered flag at CFIK on Saturday August 27th. He fought the good fight, but when a big national chain shows up with unlimited resources, there’s not much a small independent business can do. While we’ll all miss the track, at least we’ll get to keep the best part of the place – the Prioli family.

“Of course we’ll continue racing with the NHKA and supporting the club every way we can. My mom, dad and I can’t thank the NHKA community enough for their support of Checkered Flag. When I think about the generosity at our Racing Against Cancer events, I feel so fortunate to have such an awesome extended family.” Over NHKA’s 5-year partnership with Tom, he has been instrumental in raising thousands of dollars for worthy causes, introduced tons of people to karting, and made lots and lots of fun memories.

TomPDriversMeetingTom doesn’t hesitate about his favorite memories, “The World Formula Indoor Karting Championship. I will miss that more than anything. Racing outdoor karts indoors was insane fun. But what made it so special was the way we helped each other as much as we competed against each other. Just like we do outdoors with in the NHKA. That kind of comradery shouldn’t have an off season.” At Saturday’s drivers meeting, Tom mentioned he was trying to organize one last night for the World Formulas, but unfortunately it was just too short of notice for most drivers to make happen.

7pm Saturday August 27th – Be There!
The NHKA is going to help Tom give Checkered Flag the kind of send-off a dear old friend deserves. Starting at 7pm August 27th, the NHKA will buy the first race for the first 20 NHKA members to arrive. Also, there will be unreal deals on any remaining merchandise – used GoPros, helmets, driving suits and collars as well as new driving gloves, CFIK t-shirts, hoodies and other memorabilia. All that plus Tom’s Going Out of Business bargain race pricing and you have the makings of a fun night of deals and racing with your NHKA buddies while showing the Prioli family how much Checkered Flag has meant to us. And if some beer and snacks were to appear for when the racing is over, that would be alright too. Let’s make it a good-bye party with the emphasis on party!

One important request: Please go easy on the karts. Race, have fun, but know that these are core assets, and their condition is critical to Tom’s exit from the business. Besides, if we do this party right, the last thing Ron will want to face Sunday morning is a bent kart. Just remember why we’re there.

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