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Volunteers and Items Needed for Saturday’s Cookout

KartMania!!! is one of our most popular events not just for the two days of racing, but for all the fun we have at Saturday night’s cookout and cornhole tournament. Given the huge attendance we’ve seen all season, we’re going to need your help to pull off this year’s party.

As usual, Nancy Bowin will be coordinating all aspects of the cookout (as well as 100 other things), so if you’d like to volunteer some time, loan us a grill or contribute some food, please email her at Thank you!

Volunteers Needed
We promise not to hold you prisoner, we just need a few people at a few very busy moments.
[ ] Setup Crew
[ ] Grill Masters
[ ] Servers
[ ] Cleanup Crew
[ ] Pickup & Return of Loaned Items

Equipment Needed
If you have a grill and can get it to the track, it’ll help us to have everyone eating closer to the same time. Folding tables are always helpful at a big buffet.
[ ] Grill
[ ] Folding Table

Food Needed
If you have a signature dish, bring it! Please! But if you’re not sure what to bring, here are some suggestions.
[ ] Garden Salad
[ ] Caesar Salad
[ ] Macaroni Salad
[ ] Cole Slaw

[ ] Salad Dressings
[ ] Sliced Pickles
[ ] Mustard
[ ] Ketchup
[ ] Relish
[ ] Mayo

[ ] Vegetables & Dip
[ ] Cheese & Crackers
[ ] Fruit Kabobs
[ ] Potato Chips
[ ] Tortilla Chips & Salsa

[ ] Meatballs & Sauce
[ ] Chili
[ ] Kielbasa
[ ] Baked Beans
[ ] Buffalo Wings

[ ] Cookies
[ ] Cup Cakes
[ ] Finger Pastries
[ ] Brownies
[ ] Watermelon

Still Time to Save on a Two-Day Entry to KartMania3!!!

KartMania3!!! at Canaan Motor Club July 14-15 is less than a week away. You still have time to save on a two-day entry by emailing your pre-registration to before 5pm Wednesday the 11th.

Two Full Days of Fun on the Big Track
KartMania3!!! will feature a day of practice and qualifying on Saturday, a day of racing Sunday, and a night of friends, food and fun between. You don’t have to qualify Saturday to race Sunday, but members who do will receive ten bonus championship points. Remember, Sunday is Race 5 of the NHKA Racing Series, thus will count towards the season championship. That also means that all the usual NHKA rules will be effect. A big thanks to Ruger Firearms for sponsoring the trophies.

$2,000 Pro Shifter Race
Another big part of the KartMania3!!! weekend will be the Annual Pro Shifter Race for KZ and Stock Moto gear bangers. We’re shooting for 25 entries to guarantee a $2,000 total purse with $500 going to the winner of each of the two classes with at least 12 entries. Qualifying will be Saturday afternoon, then Sunday there will be a 10-lap heat race right after lunch followed by a 20-lap final later in the afternoon. At most events in 2018, we’ve only been a few karts shy of hitting the required number of entries. So make sure your shifter buddies are there, so you can all race for the season’s biggest purse.

The Legendary KartMania Cookout!!!
As always, on Saturday evening there will be a cookout followed by Jim Slade’s huge cornhole tournament. This year’s menu will feature the return of Marcello de Campos’ Brazilian BBQ, plus some homestyle Mexican treats from Hugo and Tobe Armedariz. NHKA will supply burgers and dogs. Dammit Dave has secured some delicious Lefty’s brew for the occasion, but do remember to bring beverages of your own. We’re also asking that you please bring a side dish to share – rice, pasta, garden salads, potato dishes, etc. You’re welcome bring meats to cook on our grills. Speaking of grills, it’s always good to have a few on hand, so if you can get one to the track, please do. In any case, please email to let us know what you’ll be bringing.

What You Need to Know
Here’s a preview of the weekend’s schedule. Please keep in mind that times are approximate, and it’s all subject to change based on a bunch of factors. If it rains, we’ll still race, but switch over to the Sprint/Half-Track configuration. So pay attention for announcements here and at the track.

Friday Evening
6p – 10pm: Track entry
Registration and safety tech open
Camping $25/night cash only to the track at gate
No late arrival parking on property or street

7am: Gate, registration and tech open
8:30am: Drivers meeting
9 – 11:30am: Practice by group
11:30am – 12:30pm: Lunch
12:30 – 3:30pm: Practice by group
3:30 – 4:45pm: Qualifying by race group
4:45 – 5:00pm: Kid Kart Race (Kart Track)
5:00 – ?????: PAHHHTAAAY!!!

7am: Gate, registration and tech open
8:30am: Drivers meeting
9 – 11am: Practice by group
11 – 11:20am: Cadet, Mini, Micro (Sprint/Half Track)
11:20am – 12:20pm: Lunch
12:30 – 12:50pm: Pro Shifter Heat Race
12:30 – 5pm: 30-minute endurance races

Pre-Register Now for KartMania3!!!

Click here to pre-register for KartMania3!!!

NHKA Racing Series Back in Action June 30th
at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

After a hugely successful two-race stint at Canaan Motor Club, the NHKA Racing Series will be carrying tons of momentum into the tight turns and high banks of the NHMS Hill Course. Aside from the record-breaking number of entries, the most impressive aspect of the season so far is the uniformly high level of skill demonstrated by both drivers and mechanics. This was clear from how everyone was ready and on the grid on time and how few breakdowns there were. It was also seen in the infrequency of off-track excursions and contact, especially given how incredibly tight the racing was from green to checkers. In the end, everyone enjoyed their fair share of track time and fun. The championship standings after Race 3 can be viewed by clicking here.

Looking into the near future, the series will return to Canaan on July 14 & 15 for its annual KartMania Weekend. Watch here for details and pre-registration early next week, but first NHKA racers have a bit of business to attend to in Loudon…

This coming Saturday is Race 4 of the NHKA Racing Series. Thank you to everyone who has already entered. The headcount is promising and the forecast can’t be beat. Trophies will be sponsored by long-time karting supporter Earthwork Industries. Owned by TaG racer Derek Franklin, the company provides complete environmental remediation services throughout the Northeast. Their expertise includes wetland restoration, contaminated soil removal, remediation systems, drainage, sewer and water connections, commercial and residential septic systems (including MA Title 5), and more. Please thank Derek when you see him, and call 508.643.4430 for Earthwork Industries – they move earth to make big projects heaven.

Are You Ready for Another Dose of Canaan Motor Club?
(I Know, Silly Question.)

It is time to get back at it for Race 3 of the NHKA Racing Series at Canaan Motor Club. According to the weatherman it’s going to be a beautiful day, so we expect that all races will run their full length. To help make sure, we will combine as many speed-appropriate classes as we can. We will also continue to do rolling starts at Canaan, but use the sprint/half-track for the out lap. (We love the Le Mans starts, but they eat up way too much of the day.)

There are things you can do to help keep the day moving and make sure everyone gets their fair share of racing…

TRANSPONDERS!!!!! Please make sure your transponder is charged and mounted to your kart. Karts without a working transponder will not be scored.

KART PREP!!!!! Picking up broken down karts is a schedule killer. We get it – stuff breaks and that’s OK. But for efficiency – not to mention safety! – take advantage of our Pre-Race Kart Prep Punch List to give your kart a thorough going over before you get to the track. And don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion from any member of the NHKA team, the shops that support our club or an experienced fellow racer. Remember: to finish first, first you must finish.

PRE-REGISTER!!!! Okay, it’s too late for this race, but you can pre-register right now for Race 4. It’s an easy way to give yourself and everyone else more time to for racing.

Otherwise, most all procedures will be the same as last race. The Kid Karts will use the Kart Track. Cadets, Micros and Minis will be on the Sprint/Half-Track. All other classes will use the full road course.

Friday entry is 6-10pm. Only NHKA officials and pre-authorized workers will be allowed in earlier. The gate will reopen at 7am Saturday, with the drivers meeting at 8:30am and practice at 9am. Please remember: No race engines before 8:05am.

Your trophy sponsor this week is Jeremiah Damon and OnPoint Karting. So when you see the man, the myth and the beard, be sure to let him know how much you appreciate his dedicated support of the sport we all love.

Looking Back at Race 2 and Ahead to Race 3

NHKA Race 2 did not disappoint, and for that we once again thank the best group of kart racers anywhere!!!! Everyone got to the grid on time, raced hard and clean, managed to (mostly) stay on track and minimize pickups. Even the weather cooperated causing only minimal delays. Nonetheless, some race groups saw their races shortened, so we will be making adjustments to our procedures in an effort to make sure everyone gets their fair share of track time.

It’s a bit of work to get the pits and the track set up at Canaan. This was especially true being our first race of the season there. The barriers had to be pulled out of the barn, plus there was a trailer load of hay bales to wrap and place. So huge thanks go out to those who came up early Friday busted their backsides: Vic Marderrosian, Dave Nadeau, Tim Ferraro, Mike Oliver, Rich Hemingway, Paul Bowin, and, of course, Nancy Bowin and Tammy Ferraro for all they do to make these events even possible.

If you follow the club on Facebook (and you certainly should!) you know that the fun of racing with the NHKA extends far beyond the race day. As the club’s long-time resident GoPro-tographer, Ken Repke has supplied us with a steady stream of highly entertaining onboard video from his own and his son’s karts. With Brett off at college, Ken has fully embraced his love of video and photography, and has now combined them with his passion for racing and aviation. The results have been stunning and plentiful. Like I said, if you’re not on Facebook you have no idea the awesomeness you’re missing. However, now everyone can see all the great pictures he has taken at the first two races (including the ones of you), even order prints of your favorites. Visit and be sure to thank him for doing so much to build excitement around the club.

We’ll be back on the road course at Canaan Motor Club for Race 3 before you know it. Make your day, as well as ours and everyone else’s, go as smoothly as possible by sending in your pre-registration now. You can print and mail it with your check or credit card info, or you can email a picture of the completed form to

Please remember that Race 2 was the deadline for 2018 memberships where championship points from previous races will be included in the year-end points total. It was also the deadline to have any non-spec rain tires marked. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about memberships or tires.

Race 2 was also the first race of the Interstate Kart Series (IKS). Information about the IKS, including the schedule, can be found on the IKS page of this website. Within the next few weeks we will be presenting trophies to the 2107 IKS champions, so stay tuned for details.

Speaking of trophies, race day trophy sponsorship’s are available. What better way to show that you care for your fellow racer, or better yet a rival, than for them to receive a trophy with your name on it. ?

On June 16th we’ll be following the same schedule for track entry as last race: Friday night 6pm – 10pm with registration available starting at 7pm. Saturday morning gates will open at 7am. Please, no entry before these times unless you are on the pre-approved workers list.

That’s all for now. See you at the track!

Saturday at Canaan – NHKA Race 2 and IKS Race 1
How to Make it an Awesome Day

As big as Race 1 of the NHKA Racing Series was, we’re expecting an even bigger crowd for Race 2 because it is also the first race of the Interstate Kart Series. So please read the following information to help you and the NHKA make Saturday a smooth, fun day at Canaan Motor Club.

Friday Night Entry: The gate will be open 6-10pm for those who wish to camp or drop off race trailers. Pit pass sales, registration and pre-race safety inspections will all be available.

Saturday Morning: The gate, pit pass sales, registration and pre-race safety inspections will all open at 7am. The mandatory drivers meeting will be at 8:30, followed at 9am by the first of two rounds of group practice.

Race Format: Following practice, classes will be reshuffled as needed into race groups, these will be posted near the grid and followed for the rest of the day. Each race group will have a five-minute qualifying session. All Jr. and Sr. classes will race on the full road course for 30 minutes. Micro, Mini and Cadet classes will race for 20 minutes on the sprint/half track. Kid Kart sessions will be eight laps on the kart track.

Membership Deadline: The deadline for 2018 NHKA Memberships is the end of the race day this Saturday. Racers accepted as members after this time will not be able to count the first two races in their points total for the season.

Non-Spec Rain Tire Marking: Remember that Saturday is your last chance to have your previously purchased non-spec rain tires (not MG or LeCont) marked so they are grandfathered for use.

Alcohol: Absolutely NO OPEN ALCOHOLIC beverages until all on-track activities have concluded for the day. NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone caught with open containers or drinking any alcoholic beverages will be removed from the property.
Food: Unfortunately, there will be no food available on-site for lunch, so please plan accordingly. On the other hand, there are a number very good options less than a mile away in town.

Pre-Registration: The early adopter award goes to Valentin Andrieux for being the first racer to take advantage of our new pre-registration. It is a work in progress, but a simple way to give yourself more time to get ready race morning while helping the club to get karts out on track as early as possible. Pre-registration will be available for the rest of the season. The forms, posted under the Membership/Forms tab of, need to be completed for each driver for each race, mailed in with either a check or credit card info, and received by the Wednesday before each race. Entries received after Wednesday will not be pre-registered, and those racers will need to register at the track. Even if you pre-register, you will still need to check in with Tina at registration to sign the waiver and collect your proof of entry to display on your kart.

Thank you to CFMotorsports for sponsoring the trophies this weekend. CF is the original NHKA Authorized Dealer and has been at every race for more than ten years. (This might be because it’s owned by NHKA co-owner and Race Director Mike Camarra.) But even long before he and his dad bought the club, the big white CFMotorsports trailer was trackside with parts and support. CFM is dealer of GP Racing and Margay karts, they are also a Certified Rotax Parts & Service Center. Visit to learn more.

Biggest Opening Race Ever = Biggest Season Ever?
Bet On It!

NHKA Race 1 was just an amazingly fun day! We had nearly 100 entries, including 14 new racers across several classes. That makes it the biggest opening day in the club’s history. And we’re expecting even more on May 26th at NHKA Race 2/IKS Race 1 at Canaan Motor Club because you’d have to be positively insane to skip the big track given the racing we saw on it last season.

We’re feeling pretty confident that 100+ entries will be our new normal given the number of new drivers and eight days on the Canaan road course. Plus, there’s the addition of the August AKRA Road Racing National to our schedule. This puts the NHKA firmly in the ranks of the country’s biggest clubs and regional series.

There’s something very cool happening at the NHKA, and it has everything to do with you racers and your families. Part of it is how clean you race. Yes, last Saturday mistakes were made, some hooliganism was seen and minor accidents did happen. However, Race Director Mike saw no need to issue so much as a single rolled black flag. Given the intensity of the competition, that’s amazing. But what’s more extraordinary is the fun, friendly atmosphere of sportsmanship and comradery. So thank you NHKA racers and shops for your support, patience and general awesomeness!

Speaking of our growing ranks, George Vorrilas of NHKA Authorized Dealer Apex Kartsports deserves a special mention for his contribution to the bumper crop of new racers. He was a busy beaver this off season putting together all those shiny Mac Minarellis, recirculating used gear from retired racers and then on race day buzzing around helping anyone who needed it and, oh yeah, sponsoring the trophies. Just the other day Papa G told me, “Alex and I have been blessed with being able to travel around the world doing what we love. I’m happy to pay it forward by helping other families enjoy these great learning and bonding experiences.”

HUGE thanks to our crew for pulling double duty setting up the track. Overnight winds undid much of Friday’s work. But thanks to our team, with assistance from the NHMS crew, we made quick work of getting it all back together. That was just one of the unexpected challenges dealt with last Saturday, and every race day. So, when you see Nancy and Paul Bowin, Greg Clear, Rich Hemingway, Mike Oliver, Ian Krueger, Tammy and Tim Ferraro, Sara Comi, Keith Buffo, Dave Nadeau and photo wizard Ken Repke please thank them for all the time they give to the club.

NHKA Race 2, as well as the first IKS race, are less than two weeks on May 26th at Canaan. Stay tuned for details as we get closer.

Why Wait? Order Your Coded LeConts
From Your NHKA Authorized Dealer Today

Opening day of the 2018 season will be here before you know it. Spare yourself the last-minute scramble for tires at the first event by calling your NHKA Authorized Dealer of choice today to order your NHKA coded LeConts.

As a convenience to our shops and racers we are placing an early bird order, but we need you to tell your dealer what you need NOW so we can ideally get the tires out to the shops the week of the 26th. Yes, bulk orders by the box (12 tires per box) are permitted so long as they are made in advance.

Of course tires will also be available trackside at every NHKA and X1 Outdoors event, including the open practice at Canaan on April 21st. But why wait? Have your tires mounted and ready to go the moment the green flag flies for the start of the 2018 season.

The Complete World Formula Engine Program for 2018

The NHKA Racing Series World Formulas rank among the most successful club programs in the country. There are a number of reasons for this, but tops is easily the passion of our competitors to not just win, but to win with no asterisk. Time and again you’ll find these guys in their main rival’s pit thrashing on his kart to make sure he’s ready for the race. That’s because for them it’s not a real win unless it happens on the track. This spirit is alive throughout the class, and makes the racing as good as racing ever gets. We intend keep it that way.

Over the last few weeks we’ve received a lot of valuable feedback from competitors and shops that has guided us as we’ve completed the entire rule set for the World Formula Box Stock Engine Program. The most notable addition is an interim silver NHKA seal that NHKA Authorized Dealers will use to reseal repaired engines that had CPG or NEKC seals. The purpose is to allow competitors to get maximum value out of their legally blueprinted engines before all engines are required to be box stock for the 2019 season. Thus, the silver NHKA seals are good only for 2018. Review the complete rule set under this website’s new Rules tab

Speaking of NHKA Authorized Dealers, we are very pleased to announce the founding line up:

Apex Kartsports
DRT Racing
Prospeed Kartsports
RJT Karting

These shops are your source for new World Formula engines, authorized repairs and resealing, as well as NHKA coded LeConts. But they offer much, much more. Every race they are trackside with the parts and knowledge you need to do your best. Despite all the changes, these are the shops that have committed to continue standing by their customers and their club by becoming the first NHKA Authorized Dealers. Please be sure thank them for their support with your business.

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