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NHKA Race 1
May 8, 2021
Canaan Motor Club

NHKA Race 2
May 29, 2021
NHMS Hill Course

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Need a Membership?

You might not. If you got a membership for last season, you’re all set for this season too. If you didn’t get a membership in 2020, or you’re new to the club, now’s a great time to get yours and there’s lots of great reasons: $5 off each race entry, members only morning warm-up sessions and, of course, eligibility to accumulate points towards the season championship battle. What’s more, your dues help us offer nice extras throughout the season.

We realize you haven’t heard much out of us this off season, but know that we have some fun and interesting stuff in the works for the new season. So click here and send in your membership form today. And most importantly, keep yourselves healthy! We’ll all be back together at the track before you know it!

Happy Holidays!

We want to take this time to wish all of our members and families a joyous holiday season. Most of 2020 has been a weird ride, to say the very least, and we hope we all can get back to normal (whatever that means) soon.

Our 2021 schedule is set. NHMS and Canaan Motor Club will be ready to go and we look forward to a full season. That said, we’ve all certainly learned that anything can happen, but we will let you know if there are any changes. We will miss seeing you all January and will stay in touch here, on Facebook and via email.

Stay safe and be careful, we’ve got a lot of racing to do in the new year! Happy Holidays

Official Wrap Up of the Unofficial 2020 Points

The 2020 NHKA Racing Series season may have been only four races, but they were intensely competitive. And while there were no championships on the line, we did keep track of points unofficially, and racers being racers, took them very seriously. Yes, the usual winners kept on winning, but a number of racers showed the potential to break out of the pack to challenge at the front. If 2020 was just a preview for 2021, we all have a lot to look forward to. As always, thank you to Ken Repke for the photos all season long that make us look cool and the club so much fun.

Tag Mini
Myles Danoff made the most of the short season by being the only driver in the NHKA Racing Series to sweep all four races in 2020. Theo Corelli nicked 2nd on the season by finishing one spot ahead of Brian Wilkinson in the final race.

Briggs 206 Cadet
Participation in Briggs 206 keeps growing with 15 drivers over the season. This is probably news to champ Caleb Jarvis-Comi. The only rear bumper he saw all year at the end of a race belonged to Walker Fitch. Alex Braga only finished off the podium once, consistency that carried him to second in the points over William Roberts.

Briggs 206 Junior
Cruise Labrie and Gavin Iby put in strong runs, but in the final count Christian Flagg scored the most points, with Cruise and Wyatt Jarvis-Comi tied just 15 points behind him.

Briggs 206 Senior
Ryan Achambault, Rodrigo Dias and Ricardo Nunes were tops in points and performance followed closely by Tom Rosenfield, but not all of them were able to make all four races. The 2020 season ended with Ryan on top, but this battle is far from settled. This is going to be a class to watch in 2021! Plus, there’s no telling who else might want a piece of the action next season.

Briggs 206 Masters
Marcelo DeCampos came into 2020 having logged tons of winter seat time, giving him the speed to sweep the first three races. However, Nathan Royea was on a mission and had the most points in the end. Brian Duchak hit his stride in the last two races snagging a win and third place in the points.

TaG Junior
The rapid rise of the Briggs 206 has taken a bite out of TaG Junior grids. That said, John Kierce, Gavin Iby and Wyatt Jarvis-Comi, as well as Alessandro Boas and Nathan Barnes, have taste for the intense performance of 2-cycle racing. We’ve got our fingers crossed that next season will bring more young drivers who share this talented group’s need for speed.

TaG Senior
With a win in Race 2 and a podium in Race 3, Adam Campbell, was tops in TaG Senior points. Eric Alaire and Thor Tulloh spent a lot of time together on track 2020. If one had a good day, so did the other. The reverse was also true. They finished every race nose to tail, with Eric leading the way just a little more often.

TaG Masters
Ricardo Nunes was his usual dominant self, sweeping the first three TaG Masters races. However, he missed the last race and Toby Armendariz was right there ready to take the Race 4 win and the points lead. Finishing up the year with the third most points was veteran racer but TaG newcomer Rich Blanchard.

World Formula Light
Alex Gomes checked out in Race 1 rarely to be seen by the field again… which is why most of them had no idea about all the mechanical gremlins he had to work through to get three wins and a second place. Nick Mercer picked up right where he left off in 2019 solidifying his place in the lead pack, and coming away with the second most points by some margin. Kevin Georgantis and Rodrigo Dias ended up with the same points with the tie breaker going to Kevin.

World Formula Heavy
Jim Slade is back! The NHKA points meister recaptured his old form of last to the grid but first to the checkers. He won 3 out of 4 races in WF Heavy, and nabbed impressive 4th and 6th place finishes in WF Light. Rock steady Ken Poulin gathered up the next most points. Dave Nadeau easily broke a points tie for 3rd with Keith Buffo by consistently delivering a steady supply of beer and delicious cocktails.

KZ Shifter
Three wins was only enough for 3rd place points in KZ Shifter for Tony Aiello. John Sullivan’s consistent speed on track put him tops in points, while Brad Danoff’s first win in shifters propelled him to 2nd place points. A special shout out to Marciano Dos Santos who earned a podium and a couple 4ths in his rookie season in shifters.

Stock Moto Shifter
Jacob Van Gelder cruised to a race win and the top of the final 2020 points sheet. Veteran gear grinder and reigning Stock Moto champ Mike Kavanaugh won all three races he attended which was enough for 2nd place points. Yuri Fonseca showed solid consistency as well, taking third place points.

80cc Shifter
John and Adam Cambell ended up tied, which probably matters very little to them given that Doug Cambell out did them both by 10 points.

One More Time!

We’re wrapping up our abbreviated 2020 season at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this Saturday with another 120+ driver event. It’s impossible to fully express our gratitude for all the support, patience and cooperation our family of racers has shown us. Thank you all!

Now onto reminders about things a bunch of you knuckleheads will screw up and we really wish you wouldn’t. (You’re allowed to call family knuckleheads, right?)

You all should have sent in a NHKA Covid waiver with your entry, just like you have all season.

For this race there’s a second Covid waiver. This one is for the speedway and was sent as an email attachment and can be downloaded by clicking here. Every person entering the property needs to sign one. Please print and sign it now, then bring it with you to check in at the gate and turn it in at the track’s window… this will help get everyone in without delay.

Friday Night: Trailer drop off 6–9pm. No entry after 9pm. All non-campers must be out by 9pm. NHMS charges $25 for camping regardless of if you’re in an RV, tent trailer or wigwam. Social distancing rules will be in effect all night and for the entire event.

Saturday Morning: The gate will open at 6:30am. Please form a double line as you pull up to the gate to avoid traffic backing up onto Rte. 106. Please stay in your vehicle. NHKA staff will assist you with sign-in procedures.

NHKA staff will direct you to the best available parking spot for your vehicle. Larger teams will be directed to spots with ample room for all their racers. Please cooperate as there will be a lot of vehicles to get parked. Note: We are unable to reserve spots for anyone.

Race tires will be available for all classes. We feel we have enough to last the day, however when our inventory runs out that’ll be it. If you typically buy from a dealer check with them about their supply.

We’ll see you at the track!

Pre-Register Now for Our Last Race of the Season

Who would have thought that Race 4 would be the last race of the season? Normally it would be race 9 or 10! Earlier this year we thought it wouldn’t happen at all! So let’s all have some competitive fun on September 26 at NHMS. Pre-register now.

These are some things to know to get you started.

Friday Night:

Trailer drop off between 6 and 9pm.

Camping is allowed. No minimum and no need to register for camping but all campers must be pre registered with their drivers. Time is 6pm – 9pm for camper parking.
No late night camping arrivals. No one will be allowed to pull in after 9pm. A $25 camping fee will be charged at the front gate by NHMS.


Main gate will open at 6:30. All participants must be pre registered and pick up their pre-reg envelopes at the front gate.

All participants must sign the NHMS waiver as well as a NHMS Covid waiver. Please fill it out and bring it with you to the gate and submit at the NHMS window. (This is the track’s waiver…Do not send it to the NHKA office!!!)

There will be parking procedures. Please cooperate with your parking attendant.

Sprint racing format: 2 practice sessions. 1 qualifier. 1 pre final. 1 final.

Track will go in the counter clockwise direction.

Drivers may bring 3 people with them. All must be pre registered. No walk ups.

Pre-reg deadline is Tuesday Sept. 22 at midnight.

All masking and social distancing procedures are the same. All must sign the NHKA Covid waiver as well as the NHMS Covid waiver.

More details will follow. Stay Tuned.

Race 3 Final Updates and Reminders –
It’s Time to Race!

Thank You all for your responses and patience. We are looking forward to Race 3 at Canaan Motor Club. The weather looks good and we are expecting a big crowd. A few reminders:

Deadline for entering has passed. Deadline for camping has passed. No exceptions. Please do not text, email, snail mail or call in any “special favors”.

If you are signed up but can not make it please let us know. We can forward your entry to Loudon on September 26 if you would like.

We will run all payments on Friday Sept. 11.

You can drop off your trailer between 6pm and 8pm on Saturday night. If you are not a pre registered camper you must be off the property by 8pm.

Main gate will open at 6:30am on Sunday morning. DO NOT PARK ON ORANGE ROAD if the gate is not open. Use the first gate. There will be a sign.

Parking: There will be a parking attendant. Please park where the attendant asks you to park. Parking will be first come, first served in order of entry through the gate.

Drivers meeting at 8:30am at pit out.

All participants and crew must wear face coverings in all common areas.

Please self check for illness before arriving at the track. If you feel ill please stay home.

Let’s race!

Yes, You May Still Pre-Enter for Race 3
(and Answers to Other Registration Questions)

We’ve had a few registration questions about Race 3, which has been rescheduled for September 13 at Canaan Motor Club.

If you were pre-registered for August 29, you are pre-registered for September 13.

If you need to change your helper you must let us know. (Same helper rules apply.)

If you did not pre-register for August 29 but wish enter for September 13, you may pre-register, but must submit all paperwork by Tuesday Sept. 8 at midnight. (Please use the August 29 pre-reg form.)

If you were pre-registered for August 29 but cannot attend September 13, please contact the office ASAP and we will not charge your credit card or deposit your check. (Be aware that there will be no refunds after we run/deposit all payments on September 10.)

Thank you all for your cooperation. And big thanks to Canaan Motor Club for their hospitality and flexibility.

Race 3 Rescheduled to
SUNDAY September 13th at Canaan

We have confirmed a new date for NHKA Race 3: SUNDAY September 13th at Canaan Motor Club. Everything else about the event is the same. Once again, thank you Dave and everyone at CMC for doing so much to keep us racing!

If you can not make that date we can forward your entry to Loudon for September 26th or you can contact us to withdraw your entry. If you need to change your helper please let us know and we can change it. You may not add or sneak in a different helper. Other than that, there’s nothing to do but come and race!

Race 3 Postponed – New Date to be Announced Soon

NHKA Race 3 has been postponed. Thunderstorms are predicted throughout the day and the weather for the ride home looks to be stormy for portions of MA, CT and RI. We do like to race in the rain, however the predicted conditions may be unfavorable for racing safely and could cause delays. We feel that with no championships on the line there is little reason to put everyone through a wet and chilly day without the guarantee of a full day of track time.

A make up date before the last race at Loudon is in already in the works. It will be at Canaan on the same course. We will notify you all as soon as we have all the details confirmed.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

Race 3 Format Update

For those who are wondering we DO race in the rain, but the forecast looks like it could be more than just rain. We will monitor the situation very closely over the next 24 hours. The safety of our racers, staff and friends on track and off is very important. (Traveling to and from the track is also a contributing factor.) We will update the status at noon on Friday. However, as of now, the race is still on, so plan accordingly… rain tires will be required if the track is wet. Also, all NHKA Covid-19 Event Procedures will be enforced. Here is the event schedule:

Friday Night:
Trailer drop off from 6-8pm
Campers may enter between 6-8pm
All persons not camping must be out by 8pm
Registration pick up at the main gate
Safety tech will be available
Gate will be closed at 8pm – nobody in or out

Main gate will open at 6:30am
Drivers meeting at 8:30am
First practice group will be on track at 9am

Race Format:
Two rounds of practice
Second round will be a timed qualifier
6-lap prefinal race
15-lap final race

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