The 2024 Season Begins!

We hope everyone had great holidays. We also hope that you received, or gave, some really cool kart racing stuff.

It is now time to start our 2024 season. We will be making some minor adjustments to our race day scheduling, rules and procedures. Most of which were discussed at our annual banquet back in November. We will work to keep you all up to date through email and the website as we go along.

All 2023 NHKA members in good standing may renew their membership for 2024 on starting Monday January 8 at 5pm. It will close on Friday March 29 at 5pm.
That gives you plenty of time to renew your membership. 81 days. 1,944 hours. 116,640 minutes. So don’t wait until the last one to get it done!!!!

All non-members must send in a membership application. Current members may renew via the membership form if they prefer. Please make checks out to KEI.

Email to:
[email protected]

Mail to:
7 Renker Drive
So. Easton MA 02375

Please remember to indicate the class you intend to race. You’ll also need to indicate your kart number. We are still using a non-repeat number system, so will contact you if there are any conflicts.

New class structure:

New Driver Safety Course
Kid Kart
206 Cadet
206 Junior
206 Senior
206 Masters
World Formula Light
World Formula Heavy
TaG Senior
TaG Masters

Ready. Set. GO!!!!