Recap of the Annual Members Meeting

We tried something different this year by holding the banquet and members meeting before the holidays and we think it worked out well. Attendance was great, with 160 racers, friends and friends on hand to honor our champions and have some fun.

At the members meeting portion of the event we discussed adjustments to the class structure. Given the low participation in TaG Junior, we’ve decided to no longer offer it as a championship class. Drivers who participated in 2023 can race with us in 2024, but will be on track with another TaG class, and not race for position or points. The Shifter class has also been cut due to low attendance. Again, any shifter drivers who have supported NHKA consistently will have the opportunity to get out on track with another class.

The fuel rule for the 4-cycle classes was also discussed. We are considering allowing pump gas from a single source designated by the NHKA. Although pump gas requires more maintenance, the cost is considerably less. That said, the current spec racing fuel would still be allowed. Stay tuned for our final decision on this.

We also discussed an adjustment to race day procedures. We will be adding a Karting Safety Course session to the morning practice schedule. If it’s determined that the new drivers would benefit from more practice, a separate race group will be added.

The 2024 schedule was also adjusted slightly. While all of the dates are the same, May 4 will now be an open practice. (All NHKA legal karts are welcome. Other karts may be allowed per approval.) We will also offer new driver Karting Safety Course sessions and instruction all day.

2024 NHKA Racing Series
May 4 Practice Day
June 8 Race 1
July 13-14 Race 2 & 3
August 3-4 Kartmania/Race 4
August 24-25 Race 5 & 6
September 14 Race 7
October 5 Race 8

In the coming weeks we will be updating our membership form, rule book, class structure, new driver program, etc. We will also fill you all in on any other updates.

We are extra excited to welcome Tom Prioli on board as our new “Co-“ everything. Tom has vast knowledge of karting as a racer and as a karting businessman. He will assist with the race directing and as well as every aspect of the race day.

We are also gathering more people to help out on race days so our events run more smoothly for everyone. We have volunteer positions open for anyone who is interested. Most do not require a whole-day commitment – some are in the morning, others in the afternoon. And of course, we will make sure you don’t miss your driver’s race.

That’s it for now. We hope you too will be able to take some time to relax and enjoy the holiday season with your family. As always, thank you for racing with the NHKA!!! Have a great off season!!!