Congratulations to the 2023 NHKA Champions
and All Our Racers

What a season! Congratulations and thank you to all our champions for competing at a level that elevates the quality of the on-track action ever higher. Thank you to all our competitors who come back race after race a little smarter, a little quicker and just as determined. Thank you to all the family and friends who cheer us on as we chase our dreams. Thank you to our corner marshals who watch over us and keep us safe no matter what the sky is throwing at them. And thank you to the NHKA staff and everyone who volunteers to make all this crazy fun possible!

Jackson Blanchard – Briggs 206 Cadet

William Tyler – Briggs 206 Junior

Cooper Rettich – Briggs 206 Senior

Tom Rosenfeld – Briggs 206 Masters

Brayden Hatch – TaG Junior

Alex Gomes – TaG Senior

Tom Prioli – TaG Masters

Ryan Archambault – World Formula Light

Tom Rosenfeld – World Formula Heavy