World Formula Racers Given Option of
Two New Clutches in 2015

Briggs_Stratton_LogoAfter literally thousands of laps of winter testing, the NHKA Racing Series driven by (and in this case, at) Checkered Flag Indoor Karting has provisionally added two new clutch options for both Light and Heavy World Formula classes in the 2015 season: Hilliard Inferno Fury and Hilliard Inferno Flame (NOT the Blaze) in addition to the stock Premier Titan and Premier Stinger clutches.

Over the years, some NHKA racers have voiced concerns about the Premier clutches. So with the blessings and participation of the NHKA, World Formula racers Tom Prioli, Rick Brown, Dammit Dave Nadeau and Ken Repke took it upon themselves to purchase and test a variety of clutches in conjunction with Checkered Flag’s World Formula Indoor Karting Championship.

The Goal: Identify clutches that will preserve World Formula as a fair, fun, affordable, competitive and low-maintenance class to start or continue racing.

The Parameters: Reliability, performance and adjustability similar to the best Premier clutches, ideally at a lower cost.

The test drivers were unanimous in their recommendation of the Hilliard Flame for its perfect reliability, consistent performance, ease of adjustability, cheap parts and at half the cost of the Premier Clutches. While the Fury wasn’t tested at CFIK, it uses the same basic design as the Flame but with beefier shoes and an even lower price tag.

KenInWFatCFIKSo in 2015 all World Formula racers will be allowed to try the Hilliard Fury and Flame. “This should be considered a season-long test,” says NHKA Race Director Mike Camara. “We put a ton of laps on the Flame over the winter without any issues at all. The Fury wasn’t tested, making it a bit of an unknown, but its design is very similar to the Flame’s. We anticipate that both Hilliards will perform just as well outdoors as indoors, but the only way to know for sure is to get them into the hands of competitors in actual race conditions. Those who run them are expected to be open with club officials and their fellow racers about their experiences and lessons learned.” At the end of 2015 the NHKA will determine whether either of the Hilliards will be fully approved.

You may purchase the Hilliard Inferno Fury and Flame clutches from whoever you choose. Our test drivers had good luck with Rieken’s Racing. You can continue to use your existing driver gears, but you will need a Bully Conversion Kit. As is the case with the Premier clutches, racers are allowed to choose from various springs to adjust engagement. However, the weights available for the Flame are NOT permitted.

“The racers spoke and we heard them,” Says Camarra. “They invested their own money and time to identify a couple of high-quality, easy to work on clutches that cost less than $100. We appreciate their efforts and passion, and look forward to seeing how it plays out on track during the 2015 NHKA Racing Series season.”