UPDATED: 3-Hour Team Endurance Race!

NHKA Racing Series has announced that the special event on October 8 will be a non-points team endurance raceon Half-Track 1 at Canaan Motor Club. Details are still in the works, but here’s what we know so far:

Junior Race
• 1-hour timed race
• 2 drivers required
• 1 mandatory pit stop

Senior Race
• 3-hour timed race
• 2 – 3 drivers per team
• World Formula karts at 390lbs
• Briggs 206 karts at 360lbs

Note: Solo drivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. There will be no official class and no awards.

All NHKA rules will apply (engine, exhaust, fuel, tires, etc.) There will be event-specific rules for pitting, refueling, driver changes, breakdowns, etc. which will be announced at the Double-Race Championship Weekend. Current NHKA members who are junior, senior and masters age are welcome to form/join teams. The number of teams will be limited. Registration will be per team and open after the last race of the regular season.