The Miracle of Canaan

New England grassroots racers truly are blessed to be part of such a great motorsports community. NHKA, Mass Tuning, USCRA, SCCA Solo and other groups all had members who volunteered significant time and energy to the clean up and repair of Canaan Motor Club. Of course Dave Delgenio and crew did a masterful job of orchestrating the effort to make this miraculous recovery happen so quickly. We must also thank track owner Tillman Gerngross for his continued passionate dedication to providing grassroots racers a track to call home.

Of course, thanks to all who attended the event. The racing was excellent across all groups. The new configuration was tricky, but all drivers did a great job. At the end of the day we had three first time winners and a bunch of new faces on the podium.

The flood forced us to cram a lot of racing into a short period of time. We sincerely appreciate the commitment of our members and families help saving the season. Stay tuned for updated points standings and the latest information for Race 7 at NHMS on September 7. You can pre-register right now.