Will Ordering Tires Make the Season Come Faster?
Let’s Find Out!

While there will be naysayers who question the validity of the hypothesis, most of you feel like we do and are willing to try anything to make the season come faster. Ordering your tires now certainly won’t hurt.

NHKA is expecting fresh inventory of LeCont Reds and Whites in the latest homologated compounds. Shipping is available from our office, or we can bring them to the track for you. There will also be tires available for purchase at the track from NHKA and authorized dealers. Remember, all classes must run the specified LeCont tires, marked and scanned by NHKA. You can reserve yours today by clicking here to download and print the tire pre-order form. While it might not make the season come any faster, it’ll be here before you know it.

About those old MG Reds… With the shortened 2020 season, we realize that there are still some MG Reds out there. So long as they’ve already been marked and scanned, they’re legal to race. However, we will not mark ANY MG tires, new or used, for any reason.