Schedule for the Pre-Season Practice Day

6:30am: Gate from the street opens (the first one with the NHKA sign!) You’ll be directed to form two lines of vehicles. Do not arrive early and park in the street. Do not turn around in the neighbor’s driveways.

7am: Check-in begins. You’ll be signaled when it is your group’s turn to exit your vehicle to get your pit passes, sign the waivers and submit your NHKA Covid waiver that you filled in at home this week. Remember: One helper per adult driver or up to two parents per minor driver. All helpers must check in with their driver. No late arrivals. No spectators.

8:30am: Kid Karts begin their first round of practice.

8:45am: Drivers meeting – mandatory for all drivers. New drivers will remain for a second meeting and lead/follow session.

9am (approx.): We will begin the first round of 8-10 minute practice sessions. The groups and order will be:
1. Kid Kart
2. 206 Cadet / TaG Mini
3. World Formula Light and Heavy
4. TaG Senior / TaG Junior
5. All Shifter / TaG Masters
6. 206 Masters / 206 Junior
7. 206 Senior

12:30pm (approx.): We will take a short break for lunch after we complete 2-3 rounds.

4pm: Practice ends.

REMEMBER: You are required to wear a mask whenever you are not in your pit area. This will be strictly enforced. However, you are allowed to wear your helmet without a mask to and from the grid.