Saturday’s Race is Now on the Hill –
Just One in a Week of Surprises for NHKA Racers

SURPRISE 1: Race 5 of the NHKA Racing Series driven by Checkered Flag Indoor Karting has been switched from the S3 Lot Short Track to the Hill Course. Here’s an FAQ on the situation:

Where will NHKA Race 5 be on July 11th? The Hill Course.
Doesn’t the schedule say it’s in the lot? Yes, but now it’s on the hill.
Why didn’t you say so sooner? We’re men.
Why the change? Don’t know.
But you’re the communications guy, why don’t you know? See answer #3.
What will happen to the NHKA/CFIK Short Track Showdown? It’s still on! Just not this weekend. An announcement will be made shortly about what race will be counted as the third race. So get to Checkered Flag before September 7th to run your fastest lap. If you think you’ll need lots of tries, sign up for their 3-hour endurance race August 17th.
Anything else? CFMotorsports will be sponsoring Saturday’s trophies.

SURPRISE 2: Just how awesome the new track at the Canaan Fair Grounds is. Because you follow the NHKA on Facebook (right?!) and saw all the pictures, posts and videos you already know that a group of racers stepped away from their BBQs on the 4th of July to wake up this sleepy town testing variety of karts. We hope to have more to say about Canaan Motorsports Park in the coming weeks, but for now here’s an FAQ:

Where the heck is Canaan, NH? About an hour North of Concord on Interstate 89, take Exit 17 for Rte. 4 about 13 miles east.
What’s the layout? Super-flexible, it’s a 7/8 mile road course with a couple of crossover roads designed specifically for karts making eight possible configurations. Plus they intend to double the size of the road course over the next year or two.
Great! When do we race? Whoa there fella, they still need to install curbs and safety features, which will take until October.
So we race in October? That’s not what we said. The track is still working out things like fee structure. But we can say they are 100% committed to being the affordable home for grassroots racers (that’s us). So it looks very promising.
Is there anything sweeter than a freshly paved new race track? No. Nothing at all.

SURPRISE 3: World Formula racers were a pack of hooligans at the first short track race. Just kidding! Absolutely nobody was surprised by this, especially considering the fantastic prizes Checkered Flag, Apex Kartsports, CFMotorsports and DRT Racing staked for the Short Track Showdown. And it wasn’t just the World Formulas crossing the line. Don’t get us wrong, by and large it was a fun day of competitive racing. But there were enough specific incidents that it’s worth reviewing some basic rules:

Is it okay to run into cones: No.
Is it okay to run into barriers: No.
Is it okay to run into other karts: No.
What if they’re a lap or more down: No.
What if they’re annoying me: Still no.
What if they hit me first: No.
Then can I yell at them after the race? No.
But I can yell all I want once I’m back in my pits? No.
Lug nuts, do they work when loose? No.
If my wheel flies off, doesn’t maim a spectator or corner worker, goes into the woods and downs a six-point buck, can I keep the venison? No. You overcook it every time. It goes to Keith.
Does commonsense, sanity and restraint keep racing safe and fun? Yes!!!!