We are Ready for Our Favorite Event of the Season!
Kartmania 6 is Here!!!!!

We want to thank our members and staff for making the NHKA Racing Series possible. This weekend is what it is all about. Getting to know all of you is part of what makes kart racing so special to us. We appreciate everyone who volunteered to bring side dishes and desserts to share. NHKA will supply the burgers and hot dogs, and just as in years past, I am sure that there will be some interesting grilling of some tasty meats from some of you.

Weekend Schedule

Friday Night: Entry between 4pm and 8pm for camper parking and trailer drop off. Gate will close at 8pm. No entry after 8pm.
Kart safety inspection will be available.

Saturday Morning: Gate opens at 6:30am and close at noon. $25 cash only for pit passes. Only two-day passes will be sold in the morning.

Saturday Afternoon: Gate will re-open between 3-6pm for Sunday-only racers. $15 one-day pit passes for Sunday will be sold at that time.EVERYONE ON THE PROPERTY MUST HAVE A PIT PASS.

Saturday Night: Gate will close at 10pm for anyone who is not staying at the track.

Sunday Morning: Gate will be open 6:00am-10:00am. No entrance after 10:00am.

Race Format

Saturday: Drivers meeting at 8:30am. ALL drivers must attend.
All day practice by groups. 10 – 12 minute sessions. Sunday race qualifying will be the last practice session on Saturday. Points will be awarded per qualifying position. Points value is 1/2 race points per position. Non-qualifiers on Saturday will start at the rear of the field on Sunday.
Kid Karts will use the infield kart track
206 Cadet will use Half Track 1.

Saturday Practice Groups
1 Kid Kart (Saturday Only)
2 206 Cadet
3 TaG Senior / TaG Junior
4 206 Masters
5 All Shifters / TaG Masters
6 206 Senior
7 World Formula Light + Heavy
8 206 Junior

Sunday: Drivers meeting at 8:30am. ALL drivers must attend. Any driver found not to be at the drivers meeting WILL NOT RACE. 2 rounds of practice in the morning. Sunday afternoon 25 minute races by groups. Note: We will combine or separate classes from groups Sunday based on data gathered during Saturday’s practice.

We are expecting very high temperatures and we will make any adjustments to the practice and race schedule in the interest of safety for our drivers. PLEASE STAY HYDRATED!

50/50 Raffle
On Saturday we’ll start selling tickets for a 50/50 raffle to raise money for a special cause we’ll be announcing Saturday night during the party. The drawing will be Sunday at noon, just before we run the finals. The Pro Dry racing team will be raffling a new Dehumidifier also for the cause. Info on the unit will be on display.

Thank You All!!!! See you at the track!!!!!!!