With deep sincerity, thank you to everyone who participated in making 2022 such a great season for the NHKA Racing Series. Whether you’re a driver or the supportive family of one, whether you attended every race or were only able to make a few, we appreciate all of you who make this possible. We saw intense racing along with tight points battles that came down to the last race day. Our first double-header championship weekend brought triumphs and heartbreaks and a lot of inspiring sportsmanship. Our 4-hour, 2,345-lap endurance race (not counting practice!) turned rivals into teammates and was the first of what will be a new NHKA tradition with some improvements for the future.

Of course, a huge thanks to all our workers, volunteers, corner marshals, ambulance EMTs and host facilities – as well as to the weather gods for a dry season.

Save the date Saturday, January 21, 2023 for the Championship Banquet. We will announce the venue and details soon. This will also be our annual rules meeting. For the coming season you should expect us to continue making minor adjustments to our membership requirements, procedures, class structure and rules. We will be issuing updates throughout the off season.

We are also working on a 2023 schedule. Some dates have already been booked while others are pending confirmation. As soon as we’re fully locked in with the venues we will let you know.