Thank You for an Amazing Season!

The last race is in the books and the Final 2021 Championship Points Standings have been posted. Congratulations to the champions as well as all competitors for their efforts and dedication. We will all see you in Manchester, NH on Saturday, January 29th to celebrate your accomplishments at the 2021 NHKA Awards Banquet and Party. More details, including the venue will be announced soon.

This season was by far the busiest season to date. To all our family, friends, workers and volunteers we offer our sincere thanks for helping to make this season a success. Yes, we had some stressful times, but we had many more fun times. To all of you who took the time to offer advice or a helping hand, we thank you.

We are moving forward to the 2022 season. We have been in contact with NHMS and Canaan Motor Club in regards to race dates. We continue working to improve the issues we encountered during the 2021 season. We made a lot of adjustments, some good and others needing improvement, and we will be making more. For example, we are still refining the online registration o make it more user friendly.

We will also be moving forward with LOTS of rules updates, both in procedures and technical specs. We especially want to clarify kart and engine rules. We will also want to lock into a predictable race day format after experimenting with a few different versions. You will be fully updated well before the start of the new season.

Thank you again for another great year!

NHKA Staff