NHKA Racing Series Partners with LeCont Tire for 2018

After a season of testing by experienced drivers in both practice and race conditions, as well as observation from competitors at both F1 and NHKA, we are proud to name LeCont as the official tire of the NHKA Racing Series in 2018.

“Our primary goal was to provide our club racers with value and consistency,” says NHKA Co-owner and race director Mike Camarra. “It was a decision we wanted to make without undue outside influence or karting politics. We wanted the tires to speak for themselves out on the track. We found that LeCont Tires demonstrated the best durability and most consistent performance. We expect drivers to get two or more races out of a set with little to no compromise of competitiveness.”

LeCont White
TaG Senior
TaG Masters
Stock Moto
KZ Shifter

LeCont Red
TaG Junior
TaG Mini
TaG Micro

LeCont and MG Rains
All Classes

World Formula and Briggs 206 classes will continue to run MG Red label tires. MG tires will be available through your current supplier. Also, all classes will continue to run the same sizes.

To ensure our racers always get the same fair price, and to protect our local shops, NHKA will serve as the exclusive tire distributor for both the NHKA Racing Series and F1 Outdoors Club. All tires will be bar coded and scanned to ensure they were purchased through the club or an authorized local dealer.

“LeCont has stepped up with the consistent, long-lasting tires that club racers have been longing for the last several seasons,” says Camarra. “By offering a tire that helps keep club-level karting simple and affordable, NHKA looks forward to working with LeCont to grow the sport in 2018.”