NHKA Race 6 at NHMS is On the Grid!
Let’s Go Racing!

Fuel for 206 and World Formula karts must be V.P. MS93 or MS98. We are not allowing pump gas any longer as there are too many variables in gas straight from the pump never mind detecting any additives. Also, the only crankcase oil allowed is AMSOIL Briggs 4T.
Please charge your transponders.
Numbers must be on all four sides of your kart. Numbers must be your registered number.
All drivers new to NHKA must attend a new drivers meeting before going on track at either 7pm on Friday night or 8am Saturday morning.

Friday Night Schedule
Entry for trailer drop off or overnight camping entry is 4-8pm. If you are meeting guests they must check in at the front gate and purchase (cash only) a NHKA pit pass wristband. NO ONE is allowed in the NHKA area without a NHKA wristband. Camping fee must be paid at the front gate directly to NHMS. Kart safety tech will be available 4-8pm… beat the morning rush!

Saturday Morning Schedule
Front gate will be open 6:30am-12noon. Absolutely no admission after 12noon.
Kart safety inspection will begin at 7am.
No starting race engines before 8:05am.
Drivers meeting will be at 8:15am at the podium. ALL drivers must attend. Late arrivals/no-shows will not race.
Kid Karts should be ready to go at 8:30am, their last session will be during the lunch break.

Practice Groups
1 Kid Kart
2 TaG Masters/Junior
3 206 Cadet
4 TaG Senior
5 206 Senior
6 Shifters
7 206 Masters
8 206 Junior
9 World Formula Light/Heavy
Groups may be adjusted for qualifying and racing. So be sure to check the posting at the grid towards the end of the lunch break.

Race Format
Two rounds of practice per group
Lunch Break
5-minute qualifying session
20-lap final race

This is the final update before the race. We will see you all this Saturday!!!!