Briggs 206 Tech Update

Back on March 14 we announced stricter tech for Briggs 206 classes. After inspecting several engines we have found a common area of non-conformance: valve springs. These springs are from the same aftermarket spring maker and do have a positive effect on performance.

These springs are NOT a Briggs part. The Briggs 206 Rule Set does NOT allow for the use of springs made by a manufacturer other than the manufacture that made the springs that originally came in your engine.

The NHKA will be conducting tech on top finishers and may also check engines throughout the field. Valve springs will be an area of special interest. There will be NO leeway or mulligans. As is the case when we find any non-conforming parts, the driver will be subject to disqualification and further penalties because the driver, and only the driver, is responsible for making sure their equipment complies with the rules.

We are always working to provide the fairest and safest competition possible. We expect all our competitors’ full cooperation in achieving that goal.