YES!!! At Last We Race!!!

Thank you to all who have entered so far for our first race of 2020. We’re on target to easily have more than 100 entries. If you haven’t entered yet, you only have until midnight Tuesday July 21st, so pre-register now!

Please remember that we will be following the NHKA Covid-19 Event Procedures. These are the result of hours of collaboration with everyone involved in running this series: the NHKA team, Canaan and NHMS management, local authorities, insurance companies and others. It is the implementation of these procedures that makes our events possible, which we feel is a small inconvenience to get to RACE!!! While some things will be different from a normal race day, we think most people who attended the Canaan practice would say the procedures quickly became less intrusive as they got used to them.

We also must remember that we are coming from all six New England states and beyond to small towns that have thus far been minimally impacted by the virus and would like to keep it that way. So we must be extra careful to wear our masks and follow social distancing guidelines when patronizing area businesses.

Everyone is expected to be familiar with all the NHKA Covid-19 Event Procedures, but there are a few we’d like to highlight going into Saturday’s race at NHMS…

  • There will be NO pit pass or race entry sales at the track. No exceptions.
  • NO ONE will enter who is not listed on a pre-registration form. This includes family and helpers, who must present themselves AS A GROUP WITH THEIR DRIVER at the front gate to sign in and collect their reserved pit passes. We will not hold pit passes for late arrivals. And no substituting guests from those listed on the pre-reg form.
  • The front gate will open at 7am and close at 9am for NHKA attendees (or as soon as everyone in line signs in.)
  • Social distancing in accordance to the NH State guidelines will be expected. This includes the wearing of face coverings in all common areas, including the grid, spectator area and the pathways to and from your pit areas.
  • You do NOT have to wear face coverings in your pit area. Please do not approach anyone else’s pit area without a mask or asking first.
  • You may leave the facility and come back, but be sure to follow the social distancing and face covering guidelines set forth by the state.
  • This is an OFFICIAL RACE DAY and all rules and kart regulations will apply. So please check with your team/shop to make sure you’ll have the correct tires for your class.
  • Watch later this week for an updated race day schedule and class structure.