A Day of Diehard Racers and Lying Weathermen

First they said the rain would end by 7am, then 9am, then 10am, and then they said “breaking clouds and sun” but it was still raining. But that didn’t slow down 50 of the heartiest, most dedicated, and downright craziest drivers ever to take to a track. This included many new drivers/members who all made a stellar first impression.

Thank you to the NHKA team who smoothed out more than a few glitches. And our crackerjack photographer Ken Repke who captured a pile of cool pics (including these) that you can view and purchase at www.kenrepke.zenfolio.com And a very special thanks to our volunteers and ace corner marshal team for spending the entire day out in conditions that defy polite description. Finally, a big fat raspberry to the lying weatherman whose breaking clouds and sun didn’t actually happen until the last of the trailers were pulling out of the paddock. Hopefully, that’ll be the last of the rain this season.