Time to Celebrate the 2022 NHKA Champions
and All Our Racers!

Everything is in place for the 2022 awards banquet at the beautiful Alpine Grove Events Center in Hollis, NH. There’s no threat of a major storm to throw a curve into our plans like last year. So we’re looking forward to having fun with 162 of our best racing buddies. Please remember that only registered guests may attend.

1:00pm Members Meeting We will be discussing rules and procedure changes for the upcoming season, as well as plans and ideas for the future.

1:00pm Raffle Tickets on Sale Once again we have some cool prizes ranging from tools, race day supplies, camping equipment, etc.

2:00pm Luncheon Begins

3:00pm Awards Ceremony Trophy presentations to our 2022 champions and top points finishers, as well as the picking of the winning raffle tickets.

Finally, and as always, be sure to join us in thanking Kenneth Repke for the photos of our champions and the great action shots of everyone all season long.

Wesley Clark – Briggs 206 Cadet

Caleb Jarvis-Comi – Briggs 206 Junior

Cruise Labrie – Briggs 206 Senior

Marcelo DeCampos – Briggs 206 Masters

Caleb Jarvis-Comi – TaG Junior

Mark Donato – TaG Senior

Rich Blanchard – TaG Masters

Mark Donato – KZ Shifter

Ryan Archambault – World Formula Light

Brett Repke – World Formula Heavy