Tighter Tech for Briggs Engines in 2023

Over the winter months, NHKA and Archie’s Kart Shop have been working on tightening tech for Briggs 206 and World Formula engines. This is in response to the discovery of modified and non-stock internal parts. One action we are taking is the establishment of a parts database with reference measurements from known stock engines and parts. Done in accordance with the Briggs rule set, it is a tool we will be utilizing and expanding in 2023.

NHKA Racing Series follows the latest Briggs technical rules for the 206, and its own box stock rules for the World Formula. Any and all infractions will be subject to disqualification from that event’s results, and exclusion of the engine from competition until it is able to pass inspection by Archie (at the owner’s expense.) Additionally, the driver may be subject to suspension for the remainder of the season.

It is the responsibility of engine owners and drivers to make sure their engines comply with the rules. We will not hear any “I didn’t know” excuses. We strongly recommend that you contact your engine supplier/builder/tuner to make sure your engine is legal. Do it now while there’s plenty of time to find and correct any issues before the season starts.

The NHKA works hard to provide the fairest competition possible. Deliberate rules violations are not only detrimental to our sport but disrespectful to other drivers and event organizers. Cheating will not be tolerated.