Annual Members Meeting Topics

Every off season we take a good hard look at the rules to make sure we’re delivering the safest racing, fairest competition and best value for everyone involved with the club. And every year we carve out time at the start of the awards banquet to present our proposed changes to the membership for feedback. Here is the slate of changes we are strongly considering for 2020:

World Formula Light and Heavy:
• Header wrap or guard mandatory on WF and 206 exhaust.
• Require VP MS 93, VP MS 98 or local pump gas… no mixing.
• Scanning and marking procedure for transition to LeCont tires
• Allow the use of clutch adjustment weights designed specifically for the clutch being used.

Briggs 206 Classes:
• Reaffirm that all 206 classes follow the rules set published by Briggs and Stratton.
• Briggs 206 Cadet spec gearing: #35 17-57 or #219 20-67 These two options only.

All Classes:
• We are considering non-duplicate permanent numbers belonging to the driver.

Plus, there’ll be time for you to bring up your own proposals for rules and procedures you feel would improve everyone’s racing experience. So bring your ideas and positive attitudes to help us make the 2020 NHKA Racing Series season the best ever.