Wanna Race?

Do you have the itch to get on track and race wheel-to-wheel? Then it’s time for you to get a high-performance racing go-kart and join the fun of the NHKA Racing Series.

NHKA has been hosting races at NHMS and other area tracks for years. This is real racing at every speed and budget for everyone: Men and women of all ages, as well as boys and girls 5-years old up to teens who actually look forward to spending an active day with their parents. It’s a true family atmosphere where it’s not unusual to see two generations of racers pitted together.

With safety and fun as our highest priorities, the NHKA provides a fair and highly competitive environment for real people to enjoy real racing.

The Track is the Place for You

The best way for you to see what the NHKA Racing Series is all about is to come up to New Hampshire Motor Speedway or the Canaan Motor Club to experience an event for yourself. You’ll see some great wheel-to-wheel action, get to check out different types of go-karts, and feel welcomed as you walk around the pits and talk with racers of all ages. Don’t be shy, ask lots of questions! We’re eager to help you to be out there racing with us!