We’re Ending Our Best Season Ever
by Giving Next Season’s New Drivers Their Start.
That means you!

It’s time for you to stop watching other people race, and join the growing ranks of people getting out on-track themselves. The NHKA Racing Series driven by Checkered Flag Indoor Karting most recent race drew a record-setting number of entries. What do they know that you don’t? Come up to NHMS this Saturday and find out!

                                Try a Kart Lapping Session

9_1RichInKidKrtSaturday October 19th
New Hampshire Motor Speedway, S3 Lot Temp Track
$25 ($15 pit pass & $10 for lapping session)
Arrive by 3:00pm, or spend the whole day with us!
Try a Kart Lapping Session starts about 4:30pm

These are not the karts you see at amusement parks, you’ll get behind the wheel of true racing machines. You’ll get to try 28hp Rotax 2-strokes, 15hp Briggs & Stratton World Formula 4-cycles… our two most popular karts. We’ll also have a kid kart or two. Bring whatever safety gear you have, we’ll supply the rest.

The Try a Kart Lapping Session will be at least 30 minutes long. Everyone will be sharing karts, so naturally you won’t be out there the whole session. But not to worry, last time we did this, we had a ton of men, women, boys and girls. Some spent a lot of time in one kart. Others came in and out trying all the karts. Everyone understood that it was not a race (we have shops that rent karts for that), and respected the speed, equipment and each other. We had zero incidences on track, just a lot of people having a lot of fun.

You’ll also have the chance to hang out in the pits and talk to the racers. They are all very friendly and eager to help. So ask lots of questions! Oh yeah, because this is our last race of the season, with championships that won’t be decided until the last corner of the last lap, you’ll get to see some of the hardest racing of the year.

If this sounds like fun, that’s because it will be! So much fun, you might want to come back as a regular driver next season. For more details about a day at the track check out our information page. And to stay ob top of the latest NHKA event info, like us at: http://www.facebook.com/NHKAracingseries