Updated and Revised Points
(The “What the Hell Were We Thinking?” Edition)

Have you ever done something only to look later and wonder “what the hell was I thinking?!” It happened to us when we went to update the points and saw we had a couple mistakes to correct…

DNF now earns finishing position points, NOT an automatic 40 points. That means however you finish – even if you don’t make it to the checkers – those are the points you earn. Let’s say you’re running 4th but lose your chain with two laps to go… that’s the bad news. The good news is that everyone from 5th on back broke down even earlier in the race, so you still finish 4th get 80 points instead of an automatic 40 points. Now a DNF won’t take you out of the championship hunt. This is how other series do it, and we will too.

DNS still earns an automatic 40 points. If you paid for an entry and are at the track, but some kartastrophe keeps you from being able to take the green flag in the final, you will be scored with a Did Not Start (DNS) and earn 40 points.

Where you finish in a race on the track is where you finish in that race on the points – NHKA member or not. That means if you are a NHKA member and finish in 2nd behind a non-member, you will be scored in 2nd place and earn 2nd place points towards the championship.

“But I thought only NHKA members earn championship points?” Right you are. Let’s say that you finish every race this season in 2nd place behind the same non-member. When we total the points at the end of the season, you get all your points and he gets zero… congratulations, you are the champion! NHKA memberships are totally voluntary and only $40, so if that other driver doesn’t think it’s important to support the club in providing things like year-end awards, they won’t get one.

We have applied these changes to the entire 2013 season. That means we went back over the first three races, and applied these corrections to each driver’s points in each race. Yes, it was as tedious and time consuming as it sounds, but our racers are awesome and totally deserve the effort.

We have only adjusted the points. The results on MyLaps have not changed because the on-track results have not changed. So please look over the points, your points and place in the standings may have changed. If you are sure we goofed, or just have a question, let Mike know by email (include the date, class, what it says, what you think it should say, and a short explanation of why.) Despite occasional fits of boneheadedness, we really do want to get it right!