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2015 Championship Points

2015 NHKA Championship points standings through Race 4.

Championship Points System
Points are awarded for your eight best results in “final” races only, not for qualifying or heat races.

1st Place: 100 points
2nd Place: 90 points
3rd Place: 85 points
4th Place: 80 points
5th Place: 75 points
6th Place: 70 points
7th Place: 65 points
8th Place: 60 points
9th Place: 55 points
10th Place: 50 points
11th Place: 45 points
12th-Last Place: 40 points

Championship Points are Awarded to NHKA Members Only.

One Drop Race: Your lowest finish of the season will be dropped in calculating the final championship points. This may be a race you do not attend, but will not be a race you were suspended or disqualified. If a race is cancelled, that race will be everybody’s drop.

Did Not Start (DNS): If for whatever reason you are unable to start the Final, so long as the day’s entry fee has been paid and you personally present the kart when the Final is called to the grid, you will receive points for the position after the last kart scored on the track. If more than one kart is to receive DNS points, they will be sorted by finishing position in the Pre-Final, then by Qualifying result, then by least annoying. Special circumstances may apply at the discretion of the race director.

Disqualification: -2 points will be given in the event of disqualification, and will NOT be counted as your drop race in calculating the final season championship points. Disqualifications may be given for weight, tech or conduct violations.

Tie Breaker: In the event of two drivers having equal final season championship points (after calculating the drop), the tied position will be awarded to the highest finishing driver in the final race of the season.

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