Off-Season Fun –
CFIK World Formula Indoor Karting Championship

Think the racing is done after October’s NHKA season finale? Think again! Just a couple weeks after the dust settles at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the World Formula Indoor Karting Championship revs up at Checkered Flag Indoor Karting.

WF at CFIKThe 11-round series is the perfect cure for the winter blahs. Last year’s championship was a bit of an experiment. CFIK had never had outdoor karts compete on their tight, slick track. Most racers chose to watch f to see if it was going to be a hugely expensive wreckfest. It was not! It was fun, and the few drivers who took part learned a ton about driving a loose kart fast.

Designed to give you maximum track time, each round will include two hours of timed runs followed by two-kart cat & mouse elimination races until there’s a winner. NHKA/F1 rules apply, so everyone races the some exact kart indoors as they do outdoors. One of the rounds will be part of the annual Race Against Cancer.

The entry fee is only $50 for each race, or you can save 18% by paying $450 for your entire season at once. (You might notice that’s only $50 more than leagues at other indoor tracks for more than twice the power, laps and events!) Click here for more details and to pre-enter today!

Thank you Checkered Flag Indoor Karting and Tom Prioli for helping to keep us racing all year long!