NHKA Racing Series 2013 – Mark Your Calendars

Here’s an early Christmas present from the NHKA Racing Series driven by Checkered Flag Indoor Karting…

NHKA Racing Series 2013
April 20 – S3 Lot
May 4 – S3 Lot
June 1 – S3 Lot
June 22 – Hill Course
July 6 – S3 Lot
Aug 3 – S3 Lot
Aug 24 – Hill Course
Aug 30-31/Sept1 – Hill Course
Sept. 28 – Hill Course
Oct. 19 – S3 Lot

To be honest, we’re re-gifting the dates that NHMS gave us. So take them, put all ten in your calendar, but stay tuned. We’re working on lots of fun stuff – including a blockbuster three-day event at the end of August. We want to make 2013 the NHKA’s best season yet.

Can’t wait? You don’t have to! On January 26 Checkered Flag hosts the 3rd Annual Race Against Cancer, which will be immediately followed by the NHKA Banquet. Last year’s race was such a huge success that it sold out. So get your pre-registration in now!

Want more? Checkered Flag is also the winter home for World Formula racers. The open practice was fast and fun. Tom Prioli and his crew will be running a five-race league that will take you to within a month of the 2013 NHKA kick off. Visit Checkered Flag’s website for more details and to join the fun.