NHKA Annual Meeting: New Places to Race

Two potential new venues were announced at the NHKA Racing Series Annual Meeting. NHKA owners, Lee and Mike Camarra, filled in racers on their recent conversations with Canaan Fair Speedway and another possible racing location. Both facilities are within a couple hours of NHKA’s home base New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Mike Camarra reported, “these are two sites that are very interested in having us there. Both have significant paving projects scheduled for the spring and are open to our input about what would make a good sprint road course for our karts to race on.”

“As soon as the snow melts I’ll be at Canaan with a kart working out a track that is fast, fun and safe,” said Camarra. “If all goes well, we’ll hold an open practice late spring. Hopefully we’ll be able to add a race at the track some Sunday this season.” Camarra sees the potential for good times and good growth at Canaan, “we’re invited to camp onsite for free on Saturday nights. We can check out their stock car races, set up a display of karts and even do a demonstration for the spectators on the oval. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with a new audience of race fans who might not know the first thing about karting.”

Racing at the other site has more potential further down the road. “Currently they are focused on hosting a major event in 2013,” explained Camarra. “That said, they also want to get an ongoing return on the investments they’re making to their property, and they see how NHKA could be a perfect fit for that.”

Mike and Lee Camarra also reaffirmed their long-running relationship with New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and touched on the club’s openness to collaborating with circle-track karters in their quest for a track and dates. They also spoke about potential new classes, race formats and conversations with other tracks. “We’re in the perfect position for explosive growth,” said Mike Camarra. “We just want to be sure not to grow too fast. We don’t want to overwhelm our racers, or take anything away from neighboring clubs, with too many dates. We want to make sure we have the right amount of staff to put on safe, well-run events for a steadily increasing number of racers. Without a doubt, 2012 will be our best year yet.””

The first race for the NHKA Racing Series is set for May 12th on the S3 Temp Track at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.