NHKA is now sprint racing AND road racing

I am pleased that we have at last secured dates for the road racing series on the long track: April 3rd and October 16th-17th. Rest assured that we are working hard to add more road racing events for the 2010 season.

I’m also very excited about NHKA hosting half the dates for the new Granite State Kart Championship. I believe this will be a lot of fun for our racers and do much to help support our road racing program. Last year’s two sprint races helped the NHKA to financially weather the exceptionally weak turn-out on October’s stormy Sunday. Those sprint entries also kept us in the hunt for dates on the big track for 2010. But it is critical that the road racing series grow to support itself once again.

Running on the big tracks is at the heart of everything we do. The sprint program will help make it possible. But the future of the NHKA as a road racing series requires the active participation of racers at the track, and away from the track too. I’m asking everyone come out in force for an important membership meeting at the January 30th awards banquet. This is your series, and it is your involvement that will make it grow.

– Lee Camarra