Letter from the President

It was another great season, and I want to thank all the racers and their family and crews for their support throughout the year, and all of you who volunteered at the end of the day.

There are also several individuals I’d like to thank, people without whom this wouldn’t be the same series… or near as fun:

Brad Allen for sharing your marketing knowledge and snagging us the fantastic TV coverage.

Nancy Bowen for getting up at 5am to open the front gate, helping to keep registration flowing smoothly, and running down to the store to grab lunch for the track workers.

Paul Bowen for keeping us all safe with pre-race tech, and the hard hours of track set up and tear down.

Keith Buffo for translating these President letters from Lee-ish to English, our new logo and other promotions, and minding the grid when not out on the track.

Greg Clear for your hard work on track set up and being the first to congratulate everyone at the scales.

Doreen Simpson for this website, tech support at the track, and everything else you think of that doesn’t even occur to the rest of us.

Ron Simpson for all your help with tearing down the track… and bringing Doreen!

Jim Slade for all your time and efforts to make registration easier for everyone, setting up the scoring system, and pouring over the points.

Special thanks to my daughter-in-law Tina for getting up very early on Saturday mornings to open registration with a smile, and for spending the rest of the day babysitting the scoring computer with no other company than the beep-beep-beep of karts whizzing by. Thank you!

Now for my son, Mike. Thank you for joining me in this venture. Without you this wouldn’t have been anywhere near enjoyable as it has been for me. Thank you for all you do, there is far too much to list, but especially for sacrificing your racing to make this possible. Everyone knows how hard you work at this. Great job!

As for me, I truly enjoy doing this. The pleasure of putting on great racing, spending time with friends and seeing everyone leave with a smile is thanks enough for me.

Thank you for a great year! The conversation has already started about how to make next year even better… and I want to hear from you.