Letter from the President

What a great start to the NHKA’s Granite State Kart Championship season. Tons of karts and lots of bumper-to-bumper racing. The rain threatened, but didn’t stand a chance against the vortex created by all those karts flying around the S3 track.

Thank you to Jim Slade for all his work on the pre-registration, and to all the racers who took advantage. It really helped the morning go much more smoothly behind the scenes. Unfortunately, standing water on the track prevented us from starting practice at 8:15, but we still got in every scheduled lap.

As always, thank you to everyone who pitched in throughout the day. And a special thanks to Paul Bowen for his work on track set up this weekend and every weekend. I could not do it without him.

Our next event is June 25th on the Hill Course. Click here to download and send in the Pre-Registration for this race. You’ll spend less time in line, save a few bucks while saving the folks in registration a few gray hairs.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the July 30-31 doubleheader weekend. Saturday is the third GSKC race, followed on Sunday by the Northeast Rmax and Shifter race — a chance for GSKC racers to go head to head against some of the region’s best drivers on your home turf.