Lee Camarra Earns Nomination as WKA District 9 Trustee

NHKA Racing Series President Lee Camarra wants to thank everyone who supported him through the World Karting Association (WKA) trustee nomination process. WKA trustees get the final say on the rulebook that is followed by most kraters in the Eastern U.S. It is an important role in which Lee hopes to bring the views of Northeast karters to the table. While only current WKA members can vote in the upcoming election, Lee welcomes the input of all racers with the goal of making karting more accessible, fair and affordable for everyone… See Lee’s letter in the previous post to learn more about his plans if elected.

As always, you can email Lee at leec@nhka.net with your thoughts. And if you’re a WKA member, your Trustee Election Ballot will be mailed soon. Please return it right away with your vote for Lee Camarra!