2017 Championship Classes and Weights

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World Formula Rules and Engine Program

Right out of the box, the affordable and reliable Briggs World Formula engine’s even performance makes them perfect for racers just getting started and seasoned veterans just looking for some racing fun. To ensure everyone continues to have fun we have implemented rules and procedures to keep the racing fair and affordable.

2017 World Formula Rules


Race Procedures

Practice and race groups are set by age and speed.

On-track sessions are as follows:
• Morning Warm-Up: NHKA members only, all groups (not for hot-laps)
• Practice 1: All registered competitors by group
• Practice 2: Timed qualifying session
• Heat Races
• Final Races

No starting race engines before 8:05am.

All karts and helmets must receive a pre-race safety inspection and sticker before going out on track, as well as proof of registration, or be subject to disqualification.

All drivers must attend the drivers meeting. Drivers who are minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Transponders are required for all on-track sessions. Those without transponders (or with malfunctioning transponders) during scored sessions will be scored in last place. Transponders are available to rent from registration.

Flag and track rules will be discussed at the mandatory drivers meeting. Flagging violations are at the discretion of the corner workers. If a flagging violation is protested, NHKA officials and the corner workers will confer. Final decision of violation will be decided by the corner workers. Penalties will be decided by NHKA Officials.

Drivers that do not meet the minimum weight and technical specifications for their class will be disqualified and will receive -2 points.

Protests for finishing results and disqualifications must be presented in writing within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the race. Protest forms are available at registration.

NHKA and New Hampshire Motor Speedway are not responsible for lost or stolen equipment and or possessions.

All NHKA officials, drivers, members, crew, families, etc. are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Disrespectful or detrimental behavior by any person will be subject to permanent suspension.


Rain Racing

All scheduled events will be held rain or shine. We may pause on-track activities to let an intense downpour pass. We may cancel the remainder of an event if it starts raining towards the end of the day, or if the race director determines that track conditions are too dangerous. Rain tires are required when a rain race is declared.

All rules and regulations are subject to change.


Helmet Specifications

All helmets must be full faced; designed for kart, motorcycle or open-wheel car racing; and approved at pre-race safety inspection.

Snell Foundation Specifications

SA and M 2005 12/20/2016
K2005 12/20/2016
CMS 2007 (Youth) 12/20/2016
CMR 2007 (Youth) 12/20/2016
M2010 12/20/2021
SA 2010 12/20/2021
SFI Specifications
24.1 (Youth) 12/20/2016
31.2a 12/20/2016
41.2a 12/20/2016
24.1/2005 (Youth) 12/20/2016
31.1/2005 12/20/2016
41.1/2005 12/20/2016
24.1/2010 (Youth) 12/20/2021
31.1/2010 12/20/2021
41.1/2020 12/20/2021

Snell SA 2000 & M 2000 helmets are no longer legal.
Condition, fit and fastening of helmets are the responsibility of the driver,
or a minor driver’s parent or guardian.