The Northeast’s Regional Championship –
Interstate Kart Series

IKS_Logo_UnifiedIf variety is the spice of life, the Interstate Kart Series (IKS) pours it on. The 2017 IKS season will give racers the chance to compete on different configurations of three different tracks – Canaan Motor Club, New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s Hill Course and F1 Outdoors – and do so against some of the largest grids of karts seen in the Northeast.

2017 IKS Schedule
May 20-21 F1 Outdoors
June 17 Canaan Road Course
July 15-16 F1 Outdoors
July 29-30 F1 Outdoors
Aug 27 NHMS Hill Course
Sept 16 Canaan Sprint Track

In 2014 the IKS hosted the first karting event at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. In 2015 IKS karters were among the very first racers to turn laps at speed at Canaan Motor Club. In 2017 we brought kart road racing back to New England at Canaan. What will 2017 bring? Stay tuned!

“There are karters who enjoy the challenge of more tracks and more competition – and they don’t mind crossing state lines to get it,” says Race Director Mike Camarra. “With IKS you’re racing for a regional championship. So you can go to other tracks and feel comfortable going hard against the local drivers knowing they’ll be doing the same when the IKS come to your home track. Plus, we’re always trying to get you access to facilities nobody has raced. As soon as we ink a deal, we’ll be waving you in the gate. The IKS is all about big grids and cool, new experiences.”

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• Same classes and weights as shared by the NHKA and F1
• Points calculated from the results of selected club races
• Same points system as NHKA (see below), plus…
• 2 bonus points for winning the pole
• 5 bonus points for winning the pre-final/heat race
• One drop race – five best of the six events will be totaled

1st Place: 100 points
2nd Place: 90 points
3rd Place: 85 points
4th Place: 80 points
5th Place: 75 points
6th Place: 70 points
7th Place: 65 points
8th Place: 60 points
9th Place: 55 points
10th Place: 50 points
11th-Last Place: 40 points
Pole Win: 2 bonus points
Heat Win: 5 bonus points

ONE DROP RACE: Your lowest finish of the season will be dropped in calculating the final championship points. This may be a race you do not attend, but will not be a race missed due to suspension or a disqualification.

DID NOT START (DNS): If for whatever reason you are unable to participate in the Final, you will receive 40 points. However, you must have been in attendance at the event, paid your entry, participated in at least one on-track session and present your kart at the grid for the Final.

DISQUALIFICATION: -2 points will be given in the event of disqualification, and will NOT be counted as your drop race in calculating the final season championship points. Disqualifications may be given for weight, tech or conduct violations.

POINTS TIE BREAKERS: In the event of two drivers having equal final season championship points (after calculating the drop), the tied position will be awarded to the highest finishing driver in the last race.