Good Times at the Banquet and Fun Race


Our day started at Checkered Flag Indoor Karting doing what we do best. It was rare opportunity for sprinters to go head-to-head against enduro drivers. Oh it got rough out there at times — Tom Prioli was a busy guy — but it was all in good fun. We ran three heats to determine the line up for the 100-lap final. In the end it was Taylor O’shaunessey taking the win, and the day’s fastest lap as the only driver to break into the 9-second range. Keith Buffo followed up in 2nd, and Tyler Guilbeault took 3rd. There were also a number of junior racers on hand, with James Sorrentino coming out on top, chased by Adam Trumbley and Mike Holman.

Next up was the banquet at Michael’s Function Halls. NHKA put out a fine spread for all the racing families. Once Lee Camarra completed his third pass of the buffet, the next order of business was an open discussion of the up coming season and beyond. There were many good ideas put forth worthy of further exploration.

The April race will be a one-day doubleheader. And due to the increase in track rental costs, it was decided that we need a minimum of 100 pre-entries by February 23, 2010 to hold the race.

There was a strong positive response to having the October race be a “Kart Fest” with long-format races for all classes and more opportunities for juniors to go racing.

Also announced was the retirement of David Whitesell from his official NHKA duties. He received a well-deserved round of applause for his years of service to the Northeast karting community.

trophiesThen it was time to honor the 2009 champions and class sponsors. To check out their photos click here. With club business out of the way, we wrapped up the festivities with the annual raffle, in which “Fast” Freddie Fawcett and Chris Hines wore ruts into the carpeting with repeated trips to collect prizes.


NHKA would like to thank the folks who went out of their way to make the day and the entire season a lot of fun for everyone:

All our generous class sponsors.

Barbara Whitesell, Diana and Emily Trumbley for their work in registration.

Jim Sorrentino and Eric Stockford for keeping us safe with pre-race tech

Paul and Nancy Bowin for everything they do from track set up to scoring and more.

George Smith and Eric Whitesell for keeping us in line on the grid.

Doreen and Ron Simpson for photography, pre-registration and this website.

Keith “Oh Copyboy!” Buffo for his help with promotions.

Bill Price for manning the scales.

Bruce Gray for serving as our post-race tech official.

Checkered Flag Indoor Karting and Tom Prioli for the fun race.

And our raffle sponsors: CFMotorsports, DRT Racing, AllRacer, Bonded Transmission, and Sue Gray for the lovely handmade afghan.

And everyone else who waved the checkers, pushed a kart stand back to the scales or found some way to pitch in – thank you!