Get All the Benefits – Pre-Enter Now for the Next Race!

The pre-entry for Race 6 on August 3rd is now available. This is your chance to pay less and get more. And to encourage every racer to use it, Mike and Lee have hired a voodoo priestess to put a charm on the pre-entry that guarantees a life of health, wealth and fresh breath to all who use it.

MatsonGlassThe trophy sponsor for Race 6 is NHKA’s TaG master of points Jim Slade and his company C.A. Matson Glass. Based in Brockton, MA, Matson Glass designs, installs and services all aspects of commercial applications, including storefronts, curtainwalls and architectural heavy glass entrances and partitions. Residential work includes custom-cut tabletops, mirrors and heavy glass shower doors. Jim applies the same obsessive attention to detail with his work as he does with his karts – and with the same winning results. So if you have glazing project, give Jim a call at (508) 588-6324.