Don’t Put That Kart Away Just Yet!
Two Weekends at F1 Outdoors
A Whole Winter at Checkered Flag Indoor Karting!

F1__OUTDOORS_Logo_Oval_CropJust because the NHKA Racing Series has wrapped up 2013, that doesn’t mean the NHKA racers are ready to call it a season. That’s because there’s still lots of competition to be found down at F1 Outdoors.

November 2nd & 3rd – The F1 Club Series holds open practice on Saturday, then closes out their series on Sunday with a full day of racing.

November 9th & 10th – Saturday is open practice for any kart. Sunday is the annual F1 150 Endurance Race for TaG Juniors, Seniors, Masters, and Sportsman teams of two drivers. And for the first time there will be a 75-lap race for World Formula Light and Heavy drivers. These races always draw strong grids, offer tons of on-track excitement and a long winter’s worth of bragging rights. You can read the complete rules by clicking here, and everything you need to know about racing at F1 by clicking here.

CheckIndoorKartingThen barely a week after things cool down at F1 Outdoors, Checkered Flag Indoor Karting cranks up the heat with their World Formula Indoor Karting Championship. If you want to learn how to drive a kart slide-ways (and you should!), spend your winter trying to figure out how to lay down 15 HP on CFIK’s tight and slick track. Read all about it by clicking here.