Congratulations to the 2013
NHKA Racing Series Champions!

First-time champs in their first season and others in their 14th. Veterans taking home the big prize yet again. Two young ladies who put in a lot of work behind the wheel. A local racer who gives other local racers tons of support. Kids and kids with quite a bit of gray hair. All these drivers rocked it all season long!

Kent Vaccaro – Cadet
Oliver O’Brien – Micro Max
Mark Donato – Mini Max
Jonathan Teixeira – TaG Junior
Fast Freddie Fawcett – Tag Senior
Steve Hathaway – TaG Masters
Paul Bowin – 2-Cycle Senior
Anna Pellegrini – LO-206
Abigail Tobin – World Formula Junior
Rick Brown – World Formula Light
Tom Prioli – World Formula Heavy
Maximux G-Rod Legsdin – 125 Shifter