Checkered Flag Indoor Karting steps up as title sponsor of NHKA

We are very pleased to announce that Checkered Flag Indoor Karting is the 2012 title sponsor of the NHKA Racing Series.

It is hard to imagine a partner with more passion for karting than CFIK’s Tom Prioli. A long-time NHKA racer, Tom took the reins of CFIK a couple years ago. He’s played host to a number of great off-season events with NHKA, including the wildly successful Race Against Cancer. He is tireless in his efforts to introduce new people to the sport, especially kids. Next time you see Tom, be sure to thank him for supporting all of our racing.

CFIK special for NHKA members

From now until the NHKA’s season opener on May 12th, just show your 2012 NHKA Membership card to get Pro Speed races for just $8 each! With the karts at their fastest setting on CFIK’s very tight track, this is the perfect practice for our first race on the S3 Temp Track.

To get your NHKA membership form click here.

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