August 8-9 Road Course Event

August 8-9 Road Course Event

The July-August NHKA FlyerPre-Entry Form are on their way if you haven’t already received them. Pre-entries must arrive between July 24th and August 1st.

We will be racing the same schedule as we posted for June. All the June entries were returned, so everyone will be entering at the same time for the August event. Entry into the track on Friday evening is still undecided, so please check here for updates. Entry times will be posted when confirmed by the track.

As a result of the construction at the track, there have been changes made to turn 1 to slow the motorcycles down. How this will effect our racing will bring an interesting wrinkle to the August race.

August 8th Short Track Event

As we had planned for in June, we’re very pleased to bring back short track racing to the north end of the speedway. These races will be held at the conclusion of Saturday’s road racing program. This race has its own entry form, and classes will be listed there.

This is a great opportunity for anyone with a single braking kart, Junior Rotax drivers, and any variety of kid kart to race on NHMS.  Help spread the word so we can start making the next generation of road racers part of the NHKA Racing Series family.

Event awards will be given, but there are no championship points for the short track event.